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Usually they are too expensive to be worthwhile. However, if you expect extreme changes of the price of an established stock I see how they could be worth it. Warren Buffet has a 10 year call on Bank of America for 7ish dollars for 500 million shares.
What factors do you believe groupon has that differentiates it from the competitors who can do pretty much the same thing? (Living social, facebook, yelp, amazon)
ACTC hits 0.146 this morning..yowza. Quickly corrected though, probably a bunch of shorts taking profit.
lol, I don't understand why reevolving is being so aggressively trollish on this thread. Probably trying to boost up SF traffic somehow.
ACTC up again. Needs to stop tempting my trigger finger. I still don't get why it is rallying. Isn't dilution at 4 cents coming around the corner?
I've been on a selling spree lately. I'm fearing a big market wide correction soon. That end of the year/beginning of the year rally seems unfounded with how the eurozone has been handling the situation. Expecting a parabolic correction in coming weeks.
holy fuck, my options sold for SIRI. I got them at 1 cent 2 dollar call, sold at 8 cents. BESPOKE TIME MOTHERFUCKERS GUHH FUCK im gonna take today off and buy a stripper dance and some john lobbs.
ACTC fuck yeh! cost basis .083 here. 50,000 shares!!
EK is the primary printer of film reels for film projection. EK i still believe can be viable if they restructure and focus only doing this. However, there has been a huge shift to digital 4k projectors across america, which may make film reels more obsolete. I don't think film reels will completely disappear anytime soon, though, so I still see a market for that particular printing service for the next 10-15 years. Got my ACTC letter, I will vote for as well.
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