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Did you guys see the NPR article: Because of the disease, she could no longer recognize faces, read, cook or even go outside on her own. But within six weeks of the procedure, Freeman started to notice she could see landscapes better. Tests showed she could read more letters on an eye chart. Soon, she was making her own breakfast again and even has gone shopping alone. "One day, I looked down and I could see my watch," she said. "I probably hadn't seen it in about a year...
hmmm i might go to the stockholder meeting tomorrow...lets see how the stock handles dilution
It would be hard to stop myself from selling at 10 bucks. It all depends on the situation though.
Maybe if the 2 test patients started getting mutant powers it could jump that high.
Yeah, if ACTC pays off, I will personally fly to maryland to buy you a drink
Small news. I've been to Will's Eye Institute before as a stop on a health care sales conference, it is a really legit place. The fact that they would approve stem cell research there is promising, but it's not like ACTC would choose any random clinic to perform their test. Good for a nice boost, but not anything I would call substantial.
Had to sell some shares in the wee hours of the morning. Hoping to buy back in at a better price point
I initially opened at .105, was tempted to sell at a loss when it fell to >.084 but I decided to load up instead. Fortune favors the bold I guess. Oh yeah, and look at that kodak ralllyyy, once again, I regret not buying more shares ;_;.
I bought more shares today at .165, hopefully I don't regret it, haha.
It really depends on the stock if you ask me. A big mature stock like pepsi, this kind of call option would not be worth it. Say you wanted 30 percent return on your initial investment of buying 1 contract of call options. At 13 bucks a pop, you would need a price of 86.90 to hit your goal within 2 years. For the year option you need the stock to hit 85ish, 80ish for may 2012. If you look at the history of pepsi (besides 2008-2009), you see that the price generally stays...
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