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I started investing after the 2008 crash with 3000 dollars. I bought SIRI with half my money at around 15 cents, and AAPL at around 94. Within 2.5 years my money had gone from 3k to almost 18k. With such a small amount of money to start, I realized that many multiple trades would ultimately eat away at my profit, so I chose to buy and hold. During those 3 years, I played with fake money, and did research by reading some books/ investopedia.com. When I cashed out my...
Almost same exact position: 24, newly placed in a high responsibility management position. What I've seen is that if you can be reasonable with your staff and be able to tell them exactly why things need to get done, they are much more inclined to do something, even if they do it begrudgingly. Employees aren't going to like everything you tell them to do, but if you outline exactly why it has to be done, it is much harder for them to shirk their responsibility. Or I could...
Dividends usually signal the end of the rapid growth of a company, which is what I am mostly interested in at this stage of my life.
agree about apple dividends, that would be the signal for me to jump ship.
Just made a ton on selling GERON today. Bought at near book value 1.40, sold at 2.00 bucks today. Starting to jump after hours, hopefully it wasn't a mistake to sell at 2
this is what I've been saying.ANYWAY, for a bit of humor (or not) this morning:I woke up to see 900 percent gains on a stock I had, almost shit my pants, but then I realized it was some idiot who accidentally bought a .09 cent stock for .99 cents. I think he bought around 20k shares. I wonder if the guy is dead now.
aapl hit 450 after hours o.O, but ill take that as being high due to low volume.
Wow, look at that volume.
Did you guys see the NPR article: Because of the disease, she could no longer recognize faces, read, cook or even go outside on her own. But within six weeks of the procedure, Freeman started to notice she could see landscapes better. Tests showed she could read more letters on an eye chart. Soon, she was making her own breakfast again and even has gone shopping alone. "One day, I looked down and I could see my watch," she said. "I probably hadn't seen it in about a year...
hmmm i might go to the stockholder meeting tomorrow...lets see how the stock handles dilution
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