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Can't do la bernadin, the gf doesn't eat seafood (to my everlasting sorrow). If anyone from CA has had santouka, thats the type of ramen im looking for.
I know I said motorino and keste, but it seems the GF wants something more NY pizza vs. neapolitan pie, if you get what I mean. Any ideas? It seems like every pizza place I look up is "the best in New York".
Hey guys, I'll be in NY in September and am overwhelmed by the number of choices of restaurants to try. This is what I have so far: Anniversary Dinner Daniel 11 Madison Jean-George (brunch here looks better though) Pre-fixe lunches Sho Shaun Hergat Ai Fiori Jean-George Momofuku Bouley Breslin Upscale Dinners Luger Lupa Kajitsu Marea Cheaper NY Must Trys Toto/ Ippudo Halal Cart Shake Shack Motorino/Keste for pizza (really need help with pizza...no idea where to...
Good options for a blue linen sportcoat under 500 bucks preferably with wider or natural shoulders?
Someone posted this on facebook, and I thought the choice of background picture was ironic.
If you are on their waitlist, they will call you if a place opens up. There is a forum somewhere where people trade/ give away their reservations so you might look into that. AMEX platinum holders may be able to use their concierge service to help in grabbing a spot.
Who was investing in Zygna again? Yikes
Woahhh NFLX. Time to buy or falling knife?
lol same exact thing happened to me. High five.
My shoulda coulda stock was definitely AAPL. I had a chance at around 350 as well, but as an avid apple hater, I didn't want to compromise my personal (irrational) vendetta against Steve Jobs and co. But looking back, definitely should have ate crow and bought the 50k worth of stock. Live and learn, pride is for losers.I've been feeling a huge market correction, but like idfnl said, its not in the technicals. With the shitstorm in Europe you would thing we'd crash, but its...
New Posts  All Forums: