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wheres los angeles, dammit?!
suit supply. I think this will be my go-to answer to "new suit under 500"
I have disproportionately larger shoulders for my chest size and the Washington cut fit better than the Napoli. Softer shoulder for less bulk.
I went into the NYC Soho store recently and have some pretty good things to say about it: The store: Well organized, simple floor plan, just a long row of suits/jackets, a small section of wide spread collar shirts and a small tie sections. There was a large number of things to try in my size (42S), but they did not have all the fits to try on. I wanted to try a London cut, which has a lower buttoning point, but they had none in stock I could try. This is disappointing if...
I'll be in town on the last day of the fashion week (thursday), is there anything worth seeing in regards to this?
There are other options in the Banana Republic Monogram line that fit this. Some of the stuff had fuller notch lapels, with 2 buttons in navy blue. If the fit is great, it might be a decent deal. It took a 50 percent off the entire suit that made BR monogram worth it for me (300 bucks or so after tax). At 500 bucks, Suit supply might have some better options.
Which of these suggested pizza places has less wait time? I don't think we want to spend an hour or two in line, no matter how good the pizza is.
gonna check the store out in NYC while i'm up there.
pants can't be that low, they are starting to break and pool already. But yeah, not really a morning suit, it actually reminds me of something out of a hong kong cop thriller or something. Been playing too much Sleeping Dogs I guess.
Friend works there gave us codes, but sale ended sunday. 300 bucks for a decent beater I can wear to the office, I'll take it.
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