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You know, I noticed this except it was a button protrusion. Hmm seems more common than a "one time thing"
I always wondered why a lot of girls hit on my friend as I never thought he was traditionally good looking. After he got one of those "hitler youth" haircuts, I understood what they saw in him. The haircut brought out key features that I had overlooked when he had his old japanese guy haircut. But apparently girls still saw it before he got his haircut, so maybe it was just my myopia that is to blame.
They let you exchange pants for different ones? Did you get one of the models that they sell separately? I've been bugging them to buy an extra trousers for my suit, but they wont sell me any unless I go in and get MTM custom pants, haha.
The 42S washington fits me pretty well off the rack. We can compare measurements if you like. I wear a 16.5 neck/ 32 shirt, 42.5 inch chest, 33.5 waist, I'm 5'9 but my inseam is only 29ish, shoulders around 18.5/19. My only complaint is the button stance is a tad high for my proportions. If you have the same inseam or longer than me(since you are 5'6), it might be better for you however, however.
Is this the washington? When I get some time I'll try to take some pictures. I have super monster thighs, and my pants dont pull like that in the thighs. very odd unless you have 27 inch+ thighs.
That does look like a light pin stripe. I have a cashmere blend double breasted jacket that I cannot wear when its over 80 degrees. And we have dry heat here. Probably not the best fabric for a humid heat
Me! I got the washington cut 2 piece and am interested in how other people fill it out.
hmm, im going to call and see if i can do an extra pair of suit pants then. fingers crossed.
Yeah, you're right. Damn you los angeles!
Suit supply!
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