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SF made me notice something as I watched the movie yesterday: Bond leaves the first of his 3 sleeve buttons unbuttoned.
Got it in the mail. 40% off + 15% off coupon on top of that!
You're right. I just checked the email they sent and it is indeed $42. Anyway, I ordered the medium travel bag. Do you think I can switch that strap off with the 257, or will it be too long?
Anyone want to sell me an unused strap? They are asking 70 bucks for a replacement :\ Also, any recommendations for a duffle bag that can hold clothes for a weekend? Is the medium large enough for this?
Tay zonday?
I love my junghans max bill that I just got. They are around 1050 here. Go to the max bill website and use the locator to see if you have a vendor by you. Really recommend the watch as a cheaper version of the nomos, which i haven't seen for under 17k. They both have that bauhaus minimalist style.
any room to let out pants?
chest measurement?
You know, I noticed this except it was a button protrusion. Hmm seems more common than a "one time thing"
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