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Had dinner at Trois Mec in Mid City LA. This was the dish of the night: dungeness crab, grapefruit and gelatinized ceviche, topped with avocado. Would go again.
I've only discovered lowlands lately, really in to them. Auchentoshan is very drinkable.
Amen. I was serrrioousslly underwhelmed at Red Medicine. Beautiful plates, but the taste was just not there.
Wooh, glad to see some LA people up in here! Veal brains at Animal
I was wondering if anyone has a bottle, or has seen a bottle of the Glenmorangie Ealanta around? I know theres a lot of Jim Murray is a shill yadayada going around, but I'm inclined to agree that it is one of the most unique scotches I have had the joy of tasting. Please tell me if you have a bottle you are willing to part with, or know of where I can procure one.
Uh, so I've been reading the comments that the SB murderer made, and a lot of the stuff he said sounds like it came out of my friends mouth: http://www.policymic.com/articles/89953/elliot-rodger-s-internet-history-reveals-something-more-sinister-than-just-misogyny I'm scared.
I'm really loving this vest: But its from a few seasons ago and I can't find anything similar. Has anyone seen something similar floating around lately?
I'm really loving this vest:
Nothing wrong with it, I think it says a lot about his character. I just thought it was a nice little way for the costumer to give some depth to Bond through how he wears his clothing.
SF made me notice something as I watched the movie yesterday: Bond leaves the first of his 3 sleeve buttons unbuttoned.
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