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Just opened my bottle for my birthday. CHEERS!EDIT: This was the last bottle in a little known whiskey shop in some random part of Texas. My buddy who likes scotch found it and sent it to me.
Finally got a bottle. Mmm..I missed this. Aged in oak, light, with an enjoyable nose and with creaminess, fruit and spice all present in the smooth, long finish.
Had dinner at Trois Mec in Mid City LA. This was the dish of the night: dungeness crab, grapefruit and gelatinized ceviche, topped with avocado. Would go again.
I've only discovered lowlands lately, really in to them. Auchentoshan is very drinkable.
Amen. I was serrrioousslly underwhelmed at Red Medicine. Beautiful plates, but the taste was just not there.
Wooh, glad to see some LA people up in here! Veal brains at Animal
I was wondering if anyone has a bottle, or has seen a bottle of the Glenmorangie Ealanta around? I know theres a lot of Jim Murray is a shill yadayada going around, but I'm inclined to agree that it is one of the most unique scotches I have had the joy of tasting. Please tell me if you have a bottle you are willing to part with, or know of where I can procure one.
Uh, so I've been reading the comments that the SB murderer made, and a lot of the stuff he said sounds like it came out of my friends mouth: I'm scared.
I'm really loving this vest: But its from a few seasons ago and I can't find anything similar. Has anyone seen something similar floating around lately?
I'm really loving this vest:
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