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Has anyone, Canadians in particular, heard of the brand Arnstein? I picked up the below waxed, fishtail parka in the hopes we'll eventually get some rain here in California. Probably women's in that it's a medium, but fits me like a slim XS. Doesn't have all the details that some of the nicer coats in the category have, but has nice buttons, good double steel zipper, and thick leather pulls. Anyways, just curious as I can't find anything on the brand.
Found this at a Goodwill today. Seems legit. I wonder if he signs stuff, then donates it for fun.
There's some good bits of info in the blog section, and the tag guide is nice for when you're unsure:http://www.defunkd.com/blog/vintage-t-shirts-103-the-brand-gallery/
Thanks. Yeah, the zippers and the sizing definitely lead me to believe they're vintage 70s. Just wish I could find info on the maker.
Found what seem to be legit vintage jackets, but can't find much info to back it up. The tag for the maker is the only thing that trips me up as the graphic seems more modern that what I'd expect from something 70s. I'm not finding anything online about the maker. A couple of old auctions that can't be viewed pop up, and the Springsteen one is being offered in Australia as the real deal at a record store. Anyways, maybe someone else knows more [[SPOILER]] And this, which I...
I'm pretty sure Gran Sasso isn't Kiton related. You might be thinking of Sartorio Napoli, or MP by Massimo Piombo (manufactured by Kiton)
I've been meaning to post these for awhile. I've never seen Aldens marked "Bespoke" or "The Bespoke" before. Is this just the name of a model or a particular customization service they offered? Maybe someone knows more: [[SPOILER]] I can't find much info on Morris Bootmakers, except that they were in Beverly Hills, and that they are one of two stores connected to the origin of the Alden tassel moccasin.
Does anyone know if there is any significance to the Simon Ackerman label, as opposed to Chester Barrie or d'Avenza (who made the suit, according to the content tag)?
There was a good 15min today where I thought I'd found something truly special. But it looks like there was another Jules Verne: [[SPOILER]] Regardless, I now have an old picture documenting the "largest deer killed in that county".
I actually had a celebrity sighting in Goodwill today. Andy Dick was shopping with a friend. He rode off on a bike. He was brilliant on NewsRadio (one of the best shows ever). I wish he could get it together where someone would cast in something good.
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