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No tagged size, but the p2p measures 22.75"
Nothing special about this jacket aside from the name on the label. Based on Carroll & Co's founder's connection with Warner Bros, the apparent period, and my finding it close to Beverly Hills, I'm pretty sure it once belonged to Jack L. Warner of Warner Bros. Studios.
Thank you. That's what I was told, but wanted to double check. I appreciate the quick response.
Can anyone tell me what the US size on this pair of Edward Green Beaulieus is? The 9/9.5E is confusing me. Thanks.
Sorry if this was already posted; I may have missed it as I only lurk the thread from time to time. Anyways, this was posted a few weeks back on the Rick Owen's Online Tumblr along with the tag "RICK’S 1990S SCHOTT JKT" LINK
Sorry, I only posted site as reference for locals who might want to check it out. Also realized I made a mistake. $450 was CAD, so boots actually came out to $360 USD after everything.
Haven't posted here in probably close to a year, but, I took a work trip to Toronto last week and stumbled in to a shop that had some really good deals. I purchased a pair of Guidi boots in donkey that would have put me back $1130 CAD after taxes for $450 USD; after taxes, sale, and exchange rate. And as I'm typing this, I got a call from someone I recommended the store to who was walking out with a $1600 CAD retail Guidi boots for $400 USD. Everything but their recent...
Has anyone, Canadians in particular, heard of the brand Arnstein? I picked up the below waxed, fishtail parka in the hopes we'll eventually get some rain here in California. Probably women's in that it's a medium, but fits me like a slim XS. Doesn't have all the details that some of the nicer coats in the category have, but has nice buttons, good double steel zipper, and thick leather pulls. Anyways, just curious as I can't find anything on the brand.
Found this at a Goodwill today. Seems legit. I wonder if he signs stuff, then donates it for fun.
There's some good bits of info in the blog section, and the tag guide is nice for when you're unsure:
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