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So I started going to the bloomingdales online shoots to style all the clothes. New drops are up now. Do you guys want to play the fun game of "Which looks did Eidos style themselves?"
I liken it to buttoning the top two buttons on a 3/2 roll jacket - people do it but you lose the charm of the silhouette. You want that placket line to form a long roll, not an angular, sharp pull.
Its a different coat than the one in those vintage photos. I would strongly recommend getting your normal size for the chiaia (the cinched raglan bal coat).
the eidos field jacket and hunting jacket should be taken in the same size as your normal suit size.
PSA to all lupo wearers out there. That placket button is there for decoration - no need to button it! The placket is deliberately cut to overlap in a way that stops it from opening and exposing too much chest. Buttoning that button changes the line and shape of the collar.
If you're a 48 the m should be good.
A little fall 16 preview from our Milan showroom.
It should be noted that the retail cost of the Carlo Barbera piece goods here is nearly cost of what this is listed for. Its also one of a kind.
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