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My entry for the rule breaker Friday Challenge. Blue/black puppy tooth fresco suit - Eidos Ice blue Cotton/linen shirt - Eidos Vintage Indian madras tie Beat to sh** Alden tassels
Nope its a charioteer being pulled by one white horse and one black horse. A nod to Plato's allegory of Phaedrus.
Just FYI - the suit at Bloomingdales that you have is not the same one as the one in the photo above.Did you try to let the trouser out??
We are operating an Eidos MTM program now. Prices are 20% upcharge from standard off the rack.
Thanks for pointing this out. Will reach out the floor manager and make sure he is properly informed.We have about 8 different pairs of odd trousers coming to bloomingdales for fall in some incredible fabrics.
TNot true - we are greatly expanding our range of Eidos in Bloomingdales SF for fall.
Greg - I think he's talking about the jacket that the mannequin with the green plaid is holding. Its not actually a glen plaid. Cannot remember for the life of me if you picked that up or not.
It applies to all unwashed jackets and suits. Our lavato model is fused because it is washed and dyed (washed jackets cannot be produced with canvas because the garment fabric and the canvas fabric shrink at different rates).
Just as a frame of reference, Cucinelli used the same fabric in their collection and retailed the jacket for $2730. Their's was also fused where ours is fully canvassed.
You guys realize that you are comparing button stances from two photos where one doesn't have buttonholes cut or buttons even applied (ethan's pic v. greg)? Look at the photo of me wearing the jacket unbuttoned in comparison to the one of Ethan and you'll note that the line of the lapel rolls in essentially the same spot. Our button stance isn't insanely low. Its all about balance and the trouser you wear has a lot to do with that (the lorenzo trouser has a 12" rise to...
New Posts  All Forums: