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Deets: Brown linen newsboy from Dexter Firenze Old waxed jacket from RL Rugby (RIP) This suit - NMWA x Eidos Brown/blue/navy cashmere/silk repp tie from Eidos blue/brown stripe (Grandi & Rubinelli) marcus dress shirt from Eidos Brown pebbled grain mitred captors from Christian Kimber x Eidos
Cross post for WIWT since the suit is live on NMWA right now.Breaking out my puppy tooth fresco suit today for the first time (probably preemptively). [[SPOILER]]
Nope. That will be my right hand man Quinton. You should definitely go see him if you are around as he is infinitely less curmudgeonly than I am.
Wasn't produced as it didn't hit the fabric minimum required to be cut. It will be in the upcoming sample sale as a size 39 work shirt popover.
The lawrence covell one is the indigo one. I would definitely not recommend sizing up here. Cotton sweaters are much more prone to growth.
bahahahahaha.All kidding aside, I said its okay not to have everything look perfect, this is different than saying you don't always have to look great. The majority of people that I think look great in clothing almost never look perfect. I actually think this is a huge problem on SF. There is too much emphasis and deference placed on looking "correct."
Its going to fit everyone a bit differently. My jackets tend to stick out from the bottom but I don't care in the slightest as I wear it with casual tailoring and sportswear. It is okay to not have everything perfect sometimes.
What size are you? The Lawrence Covell Web Shop has a Medium in stock right now.44 will only be available MTO in the NMWA promotion that ends tomorrow.
New Posts  All Forums: