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OK last time I'll bite.Gianluca and Barbara Isaia, two Neapolitans, branded Eidos - their company - as European because they are European. Before I was hired.We've shown the product in Milan every season and the feedback has been the same. Our lapels are too wide. Our rises are too high. We are too expensive. Nobody cares about full canvas in RTW. We should just make the garment fused and lower the price. This has been the feedback from nearly every Italian store...
So here are the facts.1. The factory we own is in Italy and every employee (Over 100) who works there is Italian.2. The holding company that owns the name Eidos, La Biga Alata, has 2 employees. One runs all of our sourcing and production, one is an accountant. They are both Italian.3. This company also owns The Winged Chariot, which is the American distributor for Eidos. There are 2 employees -myself and Quinton Clemm. I design the clothing. Quinton handles sales. ...
These are new rtw doors, not strictly trunk show venues. We are primarily a RTW brand. Our MTM is still in its infancy and we have zero plans to roll out any new doors short of our upcoming Stockholm partner. If anything, we are trimming back places where we offered it previously.
Some exciting things on the horizon for next spring....We will be available at Trunk Clothiers (London) in store and online. We will also be coming to Stockholm in a BIG way. More details on that to come.
Isaia produces their tailoring, tailored outerwear and dress shirts in-house. The entire rest of their collection is produced outside of the company with small artisanal suppliers.We utilize many of the same suppliers but not for knitwear at the moment. Our sweaters are knit in a 3rd generation, family run facility (attached to the owner's home) in a small Neapolitan suburb.
Just FYI - This is flat out wrong. Our shirts, polos, sweaters, sport pants, denim, outerwear and leather goods are ALL produced in Naples.There is no deception and no conspiracy.
apparently not enough,
This thread is making my mind melt. Eidos product was produced in Italy for a very long time before my involvement. It was ONLY sold in Italy and Japan. The Japanese market was never large and the Italian market shrank basically to nothing due to the state of the Italian economy. Michelangelo, the factory that owned the rights to the name, were trying to find a way to increase their production and realized that the main reason they were doing poorly was because their...
Hah! Very little chance of that (winning cdfa, not forgetting SF)...Two of my favorite photos. The one of Zeph in particular. Gentry has an exclusive on the Ulster in that fabric. It ain't cheap ($2300), but the fabric is unreal.
Haberdash has their knits and sweaters for the season up now.Speaking of things being live... The Correspondent Teaser from Eidos Napoli on Vimeo.The full fall campaign is now live on our site and tumblr.
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