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Nope.We can alter:1. Point to point2. Half waist3. Sleeve length4. Back length5. Pant waist6. leg openingYou obviously can pick your cloth, lining, buttons, model.No CMT.
PPS: You'll all be happy to know that Isaia decided yesterday that we will reintroduce MTM for spring. It will be extremely limited (Probably just NMWA and Martin Patrick).
You are correct 100% but this is the pant version of the longer jacket argument. I can try to win arguments and end up losing accounts or I can just do tailoring the right way with NMWA and move on.PS: Marcus is doing a great job with the tailoring as well.
Nope. There is literally zero demand for this outside of NMWA. Not a single other store has requested it because our classic trouser model and Sal both move really well.
The very first season of suit we just ran the classic trouser then greg suggested thatbwe develop one with a raised rise (which I am totally on board for). Thats the only difference.
When people speak about the different models they are only referring to the jacket. 90% of suits get the UAB pant. Oddly enough, the model trouser is one of our best selling items on its own. The pant model you are looking for exists...its called the NMWA and its only available through Greg.
Its not treated in any way, just really really tightly woven (as is all sateen). This means you'll be good in a drizzle, not a downpour.
Yep. Its Michelangelo's production of the Isaia S Body.Primo isn't slimmer in the shoulder or arm than the Tenero - only in the waist.
I also own tailoring in this quality and color fastness has never been an issue.Also, just so you all know, it seems like Isaia/Michelangelo sold all the Eidos tailoring stock they had to this guy in Naples. These are mostly samples from the Milan sample collection we produce every season. Enjoy it while it lasts. Also, I'm jealous of whoever nabs the Tallia Defino solaro in 50 Primo...that was supposed to be my suit but they never shipped it to the US!
Its an unlined cotton field jacket. Same weight as a classic M-65. To me its the perfect 3 season jacket (Spring through fall) and can be taken into winter with heavy knitwear.
New Posts  All Forums: