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Ieri. Eidos wool/cash/silk donegal herringbone jacket My father's old scarf Michael Bastian tattersal shirt Eidos Denim Polo suede wingers
both are great options for leightweight layering. The gray is actually a fine jacquard knit from albini and the army is a lightweight flannel from albini as well. I wear mine over a henley or tee all the time. I would defintely say its appropriate for all season wear.This model was a one and done - It won't be in future seasons so if you like it I would get it.
That swatch was the sleeper of the season. Its so, so good.
looks great on you!
Its almost entirely US 38R, 38L and 40R. There is a group of 3 jackets and 4 suits that have a complete size run.
Yep - a lot of the best things AKA that orange casentino maremanna!
I sample basically everything I plan on shooting for our campaigns in 48L because that what size most models are.
Also - just wanted to let you all know that we will be donating a group 1 MTO sportcoat to this season's Styleforum auctions. Check out this thread for more details.
I actually have no idea on pricing but I imagine things will start around wholesale AKA about 60% off retail. There will mostly be current fall samples (lots of one of a kind things that were never bought) with a bit of some of my favorite things from last spring that I was holding on to for reference but Isaia asked me to sell. Most of this will be size 48R, 48L and 50R for tailoring. There will also be a small but really great selection of suits and sportcoats that...
We will have a bunch of that suit because bloomingdales ordered it but it got cancelled for lte shipment.Nothing online.
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