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The boots in the middle did not. The apertures are not black, those are midnight navy suede on a black crepe sole and they are available exclusively at Martin Patrick 3 (call to order).
Where did you buy it from? Bloomingdales? I have to double check but we may have sold them the original "Aldo" button down collar which is the original replica of the BB collar.
We do pre wash - If you are washing on cold and hang dying you should see very little, if any shrinkage. Did you pick up the smaller stripe or the traditional breton? I had never really been a stripe guy either until very recently. I think it has a lot to do with the scale and stripe itself. Most striped tees have weird or overly complicated stripe repeats and the more classic one often come with big wide boat necks that aren't the easiest to pull off. I think we...
Marcus has it in beige and I believe there are also chocolate brown and emerald green ones out there somewhere but I don't remember where.Saks in Raleigh and Tyson's corner have the mid and the light. They can be seen here (Saks has all this product)Bloomingdales has the light wash in store and online.
Which colors did you get?
One of the goals for this season was to try and find the deepest shades of all our seasonal colors without taking them to black. This was the deepest emerald green I could find. Capturing the beauty of most of these colors has been really hard to do online as flash photography blows out the nuance. Another really good example of this is the midnight navy overdyed plaid flannel button down. The fabric is INSANE in person (which is why basically every store we showed...
Many of the best denim companies in the world (read Japanese) started out by attempting to create exact replicas of the original - the Levis 501, which had gold/lemon yellow stitching (depending on the years produced) throughout. I appreciate the quest for authenticity, I've just always liked my denim to look more tonal.
The concept for Eidos denim is this: American fit and fabric with Italian production and detailing.We currently produce it in a small workshop in Casalnuovo (just around the corner from the Isaia factory) from a 12 oz. Cone White Oak denim. For the sake of simplicity and consistency we have focused on one fit that will always be available in the 3 washes we think every guy should have. This fit is derived from a well worn and shrunken pair of vintage 501 shrink to fits...
It should (although the sleeves shouldn't be as narrow at the cuff).Gentry still has one size L left.
Slighlty larger through the body I believe.
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