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Gentry first drop is up and is awesome in its simplicity.
I would say to wear it with a striped boatneck tee and jeans but We all know that caused WWIII last time...
The same.
Nordstrom has hem live right now in navy, army green and super pale blue.
Its more nantucket red than orange irl.
That is this - stone/white micro houndstooth linen from Canclini in our military shirt model.
Only tailored model not made by Partenopea this season is the Augusto shirt jacket. Next season production is moving back to Michelangelo.
You should try the tailored jacket on this season. All the tailoring was produced by Sartoria Partenopea and they finally nailed the shoulder.
I haven't really sampled it since we developed the NMWA, which I think is better. If someone wants to buy the Ciro, they can but we don't push it because most stores just don't get it.
Yes, that was bloomingdales ad look suit from SS15. They bought the fabric in the Tipo model. The first photo above is the fabric made up in the Ciro, which nobody bought.
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