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That is the classic navy window wool flannel from vitale barberis canonico. Its one same same fabric card as the gray "agnelli" flannel that everyone knows and loves. Whats funny is that its actually sold really well in stores. I think the large size offering has more to do with how poorly it is styled in the photo than its versatility because that fabric is incredibly easy to casualize. The jacket looks great with a cashmere crewneck, tee shirt and jeans. The suit...
15 styles. Its what I feel every guy needs for spring plus a bit of fun. Our takes on the following:1. a navy field jacket (not the ragosta)2. a khaki rain coat3. a blue blazer4. denim work shirt5. a blue and white striped cotton linen washed spread collar shirt6. the perfect indigo tee shirt7. a white lupo8. a navy lightweight basketweave cardigan9. an easy lightweight cotton crewneck10. a belted robe (for lounging about)11. the perfect relaxed vintage khaki work...
Code:Yep - its the same fabric that Greg had last spring in cream. Its the only piece of tailoring we have coming in for the eidos ecom store launching mid march...
No more casentino indefinitely. The fabric was a seasonal idea for me relating back to our Florence collection. I only added it back in for this fall because Greg asked to do it again. Neither of us are interested in continuing it. As I've said previously, when you see something you like its best to jump because there is no promise its coming back.
Christian is definitely not getting more.The saks coat is actually incredible (Greg bought the same one). Greg also has it in a sand and white bedford corduroy.
Always cotton.There's one on Saks.com now. Truly atrocious styling but the fabric is awesome - army green cotton/linen chambray.Casentino is a wrap. Sorry.
Glad to see you took my advice. This model is absolutely sized TTS.We don't make hats...yet. Watch cap is indeed drakes. First two newsboys are from a small shop in Florence that no one knows about and the one in the bottom photo is RRL.
Barbaneras are TTS for lace ups but you should go a half size down in loafers.
they photograph our samples and i rarely samples 2 button anything.
New Posts  All Forums: