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Yesterday. Vintage sunglasses from a whole in the wall place in Naples wool and silk "raffia" jacket - Eidos white camicia polo - Eidos brown linen puppy tooth trou (part of a suit but broken up) - Eidos belgian hooves
Award for worst photo ever goes to this listing. That is actually a beautiful brown and charcoal gingham check jacket from Bloomingdale's first season buy (before I designed the collection). The model is the precursor to the typo model but it is shorter (75cm on a 50) and has a slightly narrower, more bellied lapel. Still full canvassed though and an amazing deal at that price.
We are a primarily RTW brand that offers MTM through a select group of our retailers. We are primarily forcused on the US market at this time with no retail outlet in Naples currently.There is no one currently stocking anything that small. You would have to do MTM or MTO via Carson Street for that.At the moment, Carson Street stocks 3 different models from us. The first being the single breasted tipo model (back length is 76cm for a EU size 50), the second being the...
It is indeed. Only available in stone this season however (no stores bought the navy).
That jacket looks fantastic with stone or very very pale khaki trousers, as well as any white and raw denim.
That is actually a sample 48L in our slimmest cut.
Dinner at Rao's tonight! All Eidos errrythang except the hooves and Umbrella - thems is Michele Negri and Maglia.
Stone cotton pseudo solaro, with cotton/linen spread and brick/khaki cotton knit all Eidos. Belgian hooves.
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