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Its the Tipo.It is, sort of. The jacket in the store is not the same as the one photographed for online. That one, while made in the same fabric, is the primo.
I can bring some lorenzo trousers (I have limited sizing available 48-52) but I think greg has examples of the rest at the shop. I can't speak to the differences between the sal/lorenzo and the NMWA because I haven't actually tried them on yet! We went straight to production on them and I never saw a sample. I'm as eager to try as you because its sounds like they may be a new go to for me as well.
Yessah. Same as the infamous dinner jacket you love.If you're referring to the close up photo I think its a bit of an optical illusion due to the angle and width of the lapel. Its no different from all our jackets.
This is good.The sentiment in the Boyer quote is the first thing I thought of when I saw rules of dress being compared to grammar. To be a competent writer you must be know and understand the rules but nearly all truly exceptional writers develop their own style and consciously deviate from them.
Lid by Agyesh Brown boiled wool marremana jacket (coming, in some form or another, to NMWA next fall) - Eidos Tan covert cloth DB suit - Eidos White/blue striped Japanese typewriter cloth spread collar shirt - Eidos Navy/royal dotted cashmere knit tie - Eidos Suede chukks (I don't polish these either.) - Christian Kimber x Eidos
Clag - Nail hit on head.Caustic man - Frankly, you don't really know what you are talking about. Its not about plebeian and patrician. Its about the industry being healthier and the general level of quality being higher in the past. There used to be three times as many mills in Biella. There was a time when our factory ONLY produced fully canvassed garments and did much more business. What you seemingly doesn't know or understand is that the tailored industry is...
Supply and demand. If there is no demand for quality rtw from the next generation there won't be a supply for anyone.
+1 to all this. Silk, when woven more open, is far and away my favorite summer fabric and does well in spring and the fall.
I alI always love your fits.
I don't take your comments personally. I'm going to dress the way I dress whether you think its affected or not. I'm only responding because I feel like your general tone in this debate is symptomatic of a problem that I think is, in general, damaging to the future of my industry. The world is getting more casual and most young people have little need for fully canvassed suits. If we want the things we love to be around for us to enjoy them, we need to be more open...
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