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None of the jackets are actually constructed with a spalla camicia (meaning that the seam allowance is folded inwards and stitched through to the top of the shoulder). The tipo is the only model that does not include some grinze (the slight uneveness that comes from having a sleevehead have a larger diameter than that of the armhole). The effect is more pronounced on some fabrics (usually lighter ones) than others.
I believe they are the only ones. Sadly, it is one of those things that I designed thinking that we would almost certainly not sell, based on what is happening in the market.What's funny is that its the model we sell for MTM almost exclusively.That said, if you like how it looks you should try the NMWA as I would wear them interchangeably.
The Tipo/Tenero/Primo were the only models developed for the first season and they all have the exact same lapel/gorge. We tried to make our lapel distinct so that you could recognize an Eidos jacket without looking at the label (what I was taught is called branding in design). It is wider than most of what is being marketed by our competitors with a defined arc that cuts inward dramatically. This draws the eye up from the button point to the shoulders making them look...
This is my favorite summer quality we offer. Its not really a hopsack more of a panama/fresco. Very open weave. Breathes amazingly well and wears really light. Just so you know, its the same quality and weave as the brown suit separates, brown windowpane and black tuxedo on NMWA.Just out of curiosity - what is an acceptable length for you? The tipo is literally 2-3cm longer than any other Italian RTW jacket I know. The tenero is the same story - most of our stores...
All of spring deliveries have shipped and should be dropping soon!
It is the Nero - the shortest model we offer.
I would say its darker than both actually. This is the best representation (and a preview of our spring campaign)
CROSS WAYWRN POSTIt's been a minute - largely due to the fact that its been a minute since I've worn anything resembling proper tailoring. That said, I'm (semi) respectable today because I'm headed to Bloomingdales NYC's tailored clothing event tonight at their 59th St. store from 6:30-8:30. If you're in the area and would like to chat please stop by and say hi. [[SPOILER]]
Nope - because he played the fiddle while the city of Rome burned.
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