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We dropped for increased specialty distribution and Barney's
Thanks for the heads up. I updated the list and also added who offers ecom and gave a list of what tailoring models are offered in each store. This model list is off the top of my head and might not be 100% accurate but its a good indicator of where we are model-wise. The Tenero - which has undergone some major modifications to correct the shoulder - is what we believe in for proper, full canvassed tailoring. We are also actively pushing the Augusto, which has also...
Very excited about the direction our distribution is heading as it is much more in line with our brand. Beginning in Spring 17 we will also be available at Jack Straw in Seattle and Magasin in Los Angeles.
Definitely not for next spring - they may have a small order for fall coming.Both done I believe, although burrows might have fall coming.
I beieve this is the complete list for Fall - I many be missing one or two AK RIKKS - Grand Rapids, MI - Tenero & augusto Barney's - Uptown NY, Chicago, Boston, ECOM - Tenero & augusto Bloomingdales - 59th St, Century City, San Francisco, ECOM - BALTHAZAR ONLY, ALWAYS By George - Austin, TX - Augusto offerings Charles Speigel - Pittsburgh, PA - Tenero & Ciro Coachman Clothiers - Knoxville, TN - Tenero & augusto Garmany - Red Bank, NJ - Tenero Gentry - Brooklyn, NJ, ECOM -...
Bloomingdales will never have the tenero. Saks and Barneys will have tenero suits. Will post an updated vendor list soon.
Pretty much every retailer that sells full canvased tailoring carries the tenero at this point except bloomingdales.
That's true indigo...Its always going to transfer until its light. The good news is soap and water usually takes it right off what it transfers to.
This model is true to size but deliberately cut a bit short as it is a sportswear model mean to be worn casually.
Its only available in one size as it cut to be full and cozy like a robe!
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