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Exact same fabric.Bloomingdales has the shay coat in this fabric in SF:
If you want the courtier version there is one left on Mr Porter in size S.
Not sure if you all saw, but Marcus is running a digital MTO event for trousers right now . 7 different fabrics (including the coveted stone corduroy) and you choose your size and either UAB, Sal or Lorenzo model.
We overhauled the entire fit of this jacket as we had many complaints about a few aspects of the gen. 1 coat and the 2nd generation pattern needed even more work. It seems like most guys are are taking it TTS if they are planning on wearing it with midnight sweaters or less and sizing up if they plan on wearing chunky knitwear and tailoring. As for the Shay, I would recommend going TTS and Nordstrom still has the 50.Also, for those of you guys looking to grab a thompson...
Inspiration to reality:
all the wovens ran large this season.
This was the very first iteration of our "ollie" cable knit crew. The idea here was to take the classic cableknit crew and try to make it feel a bit tougher. Instead of running classic double twist cables across the whole thing we used a triple aran braid (which I think feels rugged) and spaced the cables out with a large nido d'ape (honeycomb) stitch section between each. I don't remember the yarn quality specifically but I believe it was a merino mouline (two...
A bunch of new fall things live on Nordstrom.com this week, including the ragosta field jacket in the same midnight cotton sateen that used for the Matera and the navy donegal denim shirt in a band collar (which looks fantastic).
If you are looking for a solid navy Augusto, the indigo canvas from Supply and Advise and the wool/silk basketweave that Unionmade and Mr. Porter have are the only available options this season. Just to be clear, the fabric on the jacket at unionmade is substantially darker without any visable pattern or business IRL. It just looks like a textured navy with a bit of depth of color. This photo is a good example of what I'm talking about:Since this is our sportswear...
The boots in the middle did not. The apertures are not black, those are midnight navy suede on a black crepe sole and they are available exclusively at Martin Patrick 3 (call to order).
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