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Simply, their stores run a promotional business. Its built into the dna of how they sell. We've had to adapt our strategy with this in mind to give them something that is both easy for their associates to move and that is unique to the market so that it won't compete with our other silhouettes. The reality is that if you are looking for a jacket with the kind of details you'd expect from us, you aren't going to be able to find it on sale in March.
Its precisely the reason they only carry the balthazar.
whitewoven suede aperture sneakers and brown suede deconstructed crosshair loafers with a stepdown heel. All going to MP3
If you are talking about the belted robe, we bought it for ecomm exclusively. It should be leaving Italy next week. If you there is anything you guys want from the assortment (which you can see in the link I posted, you should call Martin Patrick to preorder.
Barney's and Trunk Clothiers should have them both online soon.
What!?! That's not right...
its the one shown.
Nordstrom in store and a ton of specialty stores. Barney's will have them for fall.
the field jacket is available on nordstrom.com now and will be on barneys.com (in an amazing exclusive fabric) in like a week
BUSTED.You can see the shell site here. The images were just placeholders for a beautiful shoot that sadly won't happen now. That said. You can get a rough idea of what will be sliding towards Martin Patrick shortly.
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