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Not surprisingly, We didn't sell a ton of the Ciro to stores but we do it almost exclusively in MTM. Greg is really the only retailer to get behind the idea of a fuller lapeled jacket. The Ciro came from me wearing the Lorenzo and finding things I wanted to change about it i.e.: closing the quarters, giving it the long Neapolitan chest dart that runs to the bottom of the coat to clean up the chest, etc. As it is now I love it but I wanted to make sure that Greg had...
I don't want speak for Greg but I doubt it since we are in the process of developing a new model exclusively for NMWA (the only store we have and will do this BTW): A hybrid between The lorenzo and ciro but longer with fuller lapels, a darted chest, more closed quarters and lower buttoning point. It will also have a corresponding trouser based on our current pant but with a higher rise.
Our shirts are an amazing value. Made in naples on the ground floor of the manufacter's house. 3 tables, 6 employees. Everything cut by hand. Fabrics are all albini group, canclini, grandi and rubinelli and a small japanese mill that does small batches of really interesting things. I've yet to find a rtw shirt that stacks up to ours from a quality to value ratio.
Sam Wazin is the best tailor in NYC.
The sizing is more or less the same to other slim Italian brands (Borrelli, Finamore, Etc.) A slim true to size to what you would normally buy.
Have fun fellas. Eidos is sitting this one out this season, and probably next too. It really is too bad as I have some formal wear that would surely have my inbox flooded with hate PMs again.
Almost everything above is available online at bloomingdales.com right now.
GotStyle? That's a great swatch that we didn't sell a ton of!
As close to CBD as I get these days... This Hat. Portolano cashmere scarf Dents Eidos navy ragosta field coat Eidos navy donegal herringbone SC in the Primo model Eidos slub grenadine repp tie Eidos blue/white mouline pencil stripe spread collar shirt Eidos MTM pleated lorenzo pant cut from a bolt of vintage bulletproof charcoal flannel that was my father's. Belgian hooves
New Posts  All Forums: