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I hate button fly pants.
The Michelangelo factory (which Isaia owns) closed for a year, and is now reopening. Isaia produced the first interim season but did not have the capacity to support us so they moved it to Partenopea for spring. The cost to produce at a factory that we do not own is substantially higher than producing in our own facility. We more or less ate that cost for two seasons but would not be able to do so going forward. With this in mind it makes more sense to run production...
Just to be clear, nothing did change from our side last season. We didn't adjust the pattern at all. The difference was all in the maker.This season's jackets look the most like I have always l envisioned them to look.
Barney's has a tight but great assortment.
You should try the medium - shirts run small.
That's what real solaro looks like. If you google Solaro and the names Matteo Marzotto, Gianni Castiglioni, Lapo Elkann you can see what it looks like.
Also - Just a heads up for you guys. The Solaro quality that NMWA has (exclusively I might add) is made by Smith Woolens. Its the real deal.
To be clear, we have never and would never make cargo pants. I imagine you are talking about our cambio pant - a discontinued model based on a WWII RAF paratrooper pant. Ours had an enlarged flapped coin pocket on the front left leg, just below the waistband.
Gentry first drop is up and is awesome in its simplicity.
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