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Like it or not, the irregularity was deliberate as I wanted it to look like patchwork.
The names refer to collars, not fits!Aldo is the name of our buttondown collar (it was father's nickname in college and the collar itself is based on one of his original 1963 brooks brothers oxfords), marcus is the name of our spread collar.
Its a short sleeved sweater (fully fashioned, not cut and sew) knit from loro piana linen yarns. I sampled them long sleeve but, oddly, many of the retailers wanted to buy them short sleeved.
yep - we'd just fit off a 52 but take the waist in.
This has been well documented here before but our MTM process is like this:You pick your model, fabric, trim and we can alter the point to point, back length, waist, and sleeve length on the jacket. For the trouser we can alter the waist and bottom opening.We offer the Tipo in a shawl option if you didn't like the shoulder and lapel width of the NMWA model then we have one other one you can try (slightly more padded in the shoulder and a narrower lapel).I'm not familiar...
nope, you just caught me on a wierd day.
looks to me like you need to size down.
The breakdown exists and its quite detailed. It takes too long to recap again but I will say that the bloomingdales model is the closest to the S body and has roomiest upper sleeve.
No. The model in the store is the Tipo. The photograph on bloomingdales' site is the primo, which is not what you will receive if you buy it.
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