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That's the exact same quality as the navy. I've worn it year round without problems. Fun fact, there are only two of those suits in the world and the other one is owned by Brad Pitt.
That car coat fabric is a Japanese indigo cotton that is discharge printed (like vintage bandanas). We did it inside out so it felt like a lining. Really great outerwear piece for lighter climates.Glad you like the new branding! I created it all myself from scratch and it is what we are running with from now on.
The pattern was completely overhauled this season and I am very happy with the results.
You mean this?It's an Albiate donegal denim and it is awesome. As I said, every button down collar shirt this season has this collar/placket construction. This one was one of my favorites as well. I custom developed a super soft flannel check with Grandi and Rubinelli and then overdyed it navy.One of the things you'll notice when all our offerings drop is that there is no white in the collection this season. We overdyed most sport shirts that had a light ground for a...
Our Courtier button down - A new model that will only be available this season. All button-down collared shirts have this collar/placket construction this season. Think of it as the Lupo version of a classic OCBD.The collar shape itself is based on my father's college brooks brothers oxford from 1964. The collar is completely unlined (like all our collars) and the one piece construction is something you don't often see in a button down collar. The fabric is a natural,...
Man I used to run the newsboy hard.
Very strange. I believe Barney's NY has it in shop as well.For all you Minneapolis-based fellas out there - I'll be at Martin Patrick on Thursday afternoon. Come say what's up!
Call Unionmade - they should have it now.
thats point to point.
There's a good chance the fabric you picked wouldn't have been in the mtm bunch!
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