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Overcoat, sweater, shirt jacket, polo and jeans are Eidos Napoli Shoes are RL
This is a beautiful suit.
Suit and shirt - Eidos Napoli Tie - Vintage Shoes - ROTM
I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! Jacket - NSM Shirt -Eidos Napoli Tie - 60's Brooks Brothers Trou - Isaia Napol=i Shoes - Edward Green
The "C" in CBD stands for conservative, no? That said, nothing with shine is particularly conservative, outside of formalwear. I think that ties with sheen are seen as part of the widespread business wardrobe lexicon thanks to the prevalence of the Brioni look in finance. That look isn't particularly conservative either.
Suit is a raw silk so the stripe is an uneven, slubbed yarn. Shoes are indeed suede - its raining in NYC!
PM sent.
Already married with kids my friend!Shoes could be darker for sure but I like more casual nature they add to the suit (which is actually 100% raw silk so it has a tone of texture IRL). Rise could be a tad higher, although the rise itself is pretty good, the main problem is my love of pasta...The button point (and jacket length) should be about 1.5 - 2cm lower so that they meet in the middle better. The suit is a sample 48L, not MTM so the fit isn't perfect but certainly...
Suit, shirt and square - Eidos Napoli Tie - Drake's for The Armoury Shoes - Edward Green
Peacoat - Camoshita Sweater - Gutterage Shirt - Eidos Napoli Jeans - Old 501s that started raw Shoes - Belgians
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