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Its going to fit everyone a bit differently. My jackets tend to stick out from the bottom but I don't care in the slightest as I wear it with casual tailoring and sportswear. It is okay to not have everything perfect sometimes.
What size are you? The Lawrence Covell Web Shop has a Medium in stock right now.44 will only be available MTO in the NMWA promotion that ends tomorrow.
Nope - the brands are separate and sold as such. There will be no Eidos product in the two upcoming Isaia stores.
The quarters are substantially more closed on the NMWA cut than they were on the Lorenzo.
Its the NMWA pant and it has a higher rise than the Tipo pant.
What he said!
This. The fabric is an irregular Japanese cotton that they call shantung due to is extremely slubby nature. It is amazing. The jacket below is carried at Gentry.I believe strongly in having a core sportswear collection to base the foundation of our collection on. That's why the lupo polo, ragosta (field coat) jacket, the marremana, basketweave cardigan, work shirt, etc. are available every season. That said, I also think it vital to our business to offer exciting,...
Nope - its gone and not coming back. shouldn't have slept! That was the ormezzano linen suit from last spring. No longer available. You were on the right trach with the brown silk from nmwa. That is the best separates suit out there. The 100% silk quality we use is literally unbeatable for spring/summer. Its super hard wearing and wrinkle resistent but has an open weave so it breathes really nicely (unlike most silk fabrics). The color brown is seriously the most...
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