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Can't wait for you guys to see our new field jacket model, the Matera. Its a mixture of a 60s pattern British combat smock and a classic M-65. One of my favorite silhouettes that I've ever designed. We did it in a midnight navy cotton sateen from Japan. Should be hitting Barney's and MP3 very soon.
You guys have no idea... We started working with Takihyo in Japan this season and they represent a handful of small Japanese mills that specialize in unique fabrics made with natural indigo. Two of these mills produce many of the textiles for 45rpm. The cloth you see above is from one of these mills. Its a natural indigo and black slub wool boucle. Absolutely unreal.
Reposting original description below. Last I checked there were 2 left (that was last week):After months of battling with our suppliers, I'm happy to announce our Ajrak medallion cardigan has finally arrived. The knit jacquard pattern is based on tradtional Rajasthani indigo textiles that are block printed by hand in the Ajrak style. We spun together four different colors of cotton yarn (navy with black and cream with ecru) to give the pattern a suble depth of texture....
can I hire you for website copy?
Not dated or hard to wear in any way. A beige cotton suit will always be a summer classic, more than anything due to its versatility in being able to be worn as separates. The jacket looks great with jeans and the trousers go back to almost any sport jacket.
Changes have only been made to the Tenero so the size for your NMWA preorder will be fine.We only tweaked the tenero.
After a week of reviewing all 4 different iterations of the model from 3 different manufacturers, Isaia's head pattern maker made the following changes: 1. He tweaked the pitch some more to remove the diagonal lines that some guys have seen at the top of the shoulder 2. Removed the grinze and tidied up the extra sleeve fabric that hung out at the back of the sleeve head so its now a simple, clean, natural shoulder 3. Altered the pattern of the chest near the arm hole so...
We dropped for increased specialty distribution and Barney's
Thanks for the heads up. I updated the list and also added who offers ecom and gave a list of what tailoring models are offered in each store. This model list is off the top of my head and might not be 100% accurate but its a good indicator of where we are model-wise. The Tenero - which has undergone some major modifications to correct the shoulder - is what we believe in for proper, full canvassed tailoring. We are also actively pushing the Augusto, which has also...
Very excited about the direction our distribution is heading as it is much more in line with our brand. Beginning in Spring 17 we will also be available at Jack Straw in Seattle and Magasin in Los Angeles.
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