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You were told incorrectly. ALL our tailoring is full canvassed except for our washed jackets, which cannot be produced that way as the fabric and canvas shrink differently in the wash. The primary difference between Isaia and Eidos is handwork as Isaia utilizes much more than we do. Did Mr. Sid tell you this?
Pricing on our basics is at $1295.
Waxed jacket is old Rugby. Suit is Eidos - fantastic cotton double faced herringbone inspired by solaro but stone with a chocolate back side. Shirt is old Finamore and tie is old Rose and Born.
Our ties are 8cm which is roughly the same width as our jacket lapel. If you are wearing that lapel comfortably your tie should be in proportion to it!
Head to ankles current season Eidos including my favorite navy suit at the moment made from Tallia Delfino's fake wool solaro (no red backside) and our cotton dot knit that all the stores told me was too wide for them to sell.
Thanks - I'm 6'3" and this jacket is a 38L in Eidos' slimmest model (that is only carried by Haberdash), not MTM. I've actually gone out of my way to lengthen our RTW jackets and basically every store we sell to fights me about it. The model we sell the most of is 76cm (about 30 inches) long on a 40R and most stores have asked that I shave it to 73 or 74cm. That said, I've add a shorter model into the offering for Spring 15 but I don't plan trying to focus the business...
Head to ankles current season Eidos. Jacket is a wool and silk window that we had woven just for us.
Pants were my grandfather's (who happened to be a few inches shorter than me) from the 20s. They have an incredibly high rise and full leg - definitely not contemporary but hardly fashion forward. If anything fashion backward. There's belt loops there as well, they're just wide set and hidden under the jacket. As for the casual thread versus this one - just trying to liven things up a bit and show tailoring from a different perspective.
I personally make a selection of suiting and jacketing fabrics every season which are available for MTM. For an additional 20% of our retail cost, you can choose modeling, fabric, trim, lining, etc. We can then alter the point to point, back length, sleeve length and half waist for the jacket. On the trousers we can alter the waist and bottom opening.
Pushing summer a bit. Jacket and lupo polo are current Eidos spring. Pants were my grandfather's (and close to turning 100). Hooves are belgian as per usual.
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