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I've gone back and forth on this a lot, so much so that I have a prototype coming in to check. That said, I'm leaning towards no. The proportions and structure of this jacket are such that it is deliberately not at home with clothes that you would wear with a normal sportcoat (flannels, dress shirts, ties, etc.). So many guys are looking to dress up their casual clothing but make the mistake of wearing their regular, more structured sportcoats with jeans or khakis. This...
Saks has the midwash, you just have to call their Raleigh store and ask for Dustin. He'll sort you out.That's the exact Augusto Mr. Porter has.
The thing about chunky, super warm knitwear is that it can feel like it is suffocating you when its too tight. This sweater was designed to accentuate an athletic v shape so that its still slim looking without being tight. Sizing down will just make it restrictive and uncomfortable.
The size 32 should have a 33 waist
TTS to wear with knitwear.
They run TTS. Call their Raleigh, NC store and ask for Dustin - they should have your size and he is the man.
If you are looking for a classic overcoat in size 46 you should check out Marcusmalmborg.com - he has two of the nicest traditional overcoat fabrics we ran in the Palermo model now.Fabric is a whipcord and the color is actually matched from the lining of a vintage army field jacket, it much more sage than army, which I think "civilianizes" these nicely. From a make perspective, these are quite simply the most complicated trousers we've ever produced. If your tailor is...
Exact same fabric.Bloomingdales has the shay coat in this fabric in SF:
If you want the courtier version there is one left on Mr Porter in size S.
Not sure if you all saw, but Marcus is running a digital MTO event for trousers right now . 7 different fabrics (including the coveted stone corduroy) and you choose your size and either UAB, Sal or Lorenzo model.
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