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I believe so.
We are just doing a better job of shipping now! First drop should be hitting all our retailers any day if its not there already.
Sam is no longer offered although there are some amazing things that have taken its place.
This has been my experience as well. I would recommend taking the same size as sal (bottom opening on the 32 should be 19cm).
Shirts we cut large and on the shorter side this fall. We've advised everyone to size down at least one if not two sizes from their normal size. Thankfully, this issue has been resolved and the shirt fit should be really good for spring.
Its not that we don't offer it, its more that stores aren't interested in buying it.
We wish Christian nothing but the best!That said, we are really excited about what we have coming next season. We will be filling the one season gap in EIDOS footwear with two new, more focused collaborations for next fall. First up is two styles with Barbanera that are based on shoes that Basquiat often painted in. There's an unlined deerskin moc loafer with a handstitched toe (available in black and brown) and a rugged work boot with a removable ankle strap (available...
They are a normal boot - they actually arent even as soft as I wanted them to be! How you see them in the Mr. Porter shoot is how they will look.
The boots dont do that at all unless you fold them over. I have never once done that and would never have styled it that way. FWIW I would also never describe them as a summer boot. I suppose you could wear them in the summer but I designed them as a deconstructed winter boot. I've worn them all the way through this winter and they have not let me down.
No store has ever ordered 48L. I used to make samples up in this size in the Primo model but have discontinued that since we now focus on the augusto and tenero.
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