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We didn't make the maremanna for spring 15. It comes back into the fray for fall 15.MP3 is amazing and that shirt is so very dear to my heart for a variety of reasons. I created that print from artwork off of an old kid's tourist T-shirt that my parents got for my brother in the 70s when they went to visit our family there (its where my great grandmother is from). Secondly, the shirt model is based on the single greatest beach shirt of all time:Thus the name - the...
The idea for the contrast collar was to try to make it feel like an italian rugby shirt!
I pmed you availability in Minneapolis (one of our best representations actually). In regards to your other question - this will not be happening any time soon. Eidos is two people and the collection is massive. We simply do not have the resources to deploy something like this.
And just so no one has a conniption about my casualness in the MC thread today - here is last Friday. Head to toe Eidos.
All Eidos sportswear that was designed to be worn with tailoring, just not worn that way today. That and Barbanera Gatsbys because they are awesome.
At the beginning of Eidos I set out to design a few foundational, signature sportswear pieces that would always be available from season to season. When I woke up this morning I did not set out to wear them all in one outfit! That is, however, exactly what has happened. The best part is that they were all designed to be primarly worn with tailoring. I love that they can all be combined casually as well as with our jackets and suits. Navy/black birdseye flannel nail...
We are currently also in Bloomingdales Century City in LA and Michigan Ave. in Chicago. For next fall we also added Saks in 3 doors and online and Nordstrom for sportswear in 3 doors and online.
just trying to move product.
This is it so you can see the color in daylight.
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