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Both run TTS, I would suggest M.
Me too. The sample was completely different than production and I wanted the reference for my archive.This is the only suit I picked up this season. The fabric (Lanificio di Pray's classic, gutsy flannel quality) is one of my favorite we've ever run and the model (the new 2 button peak Ciro) is, I think, the most beautiful we've made up to this point. It's the kind of thing I imagine my great grandfather wearing.Woven shirts ran very large this season. I imagine you'll...
A psa for you all - Marcus just moved to 50% off for this weekend only.
The morgan is best fitting pant we made this season.
I'd say the c-coat fits TTS.
For sale is a pair of deconstructed black suede ankle boots from GUIDI, size 44. They've been worn for a total of 1 hour. They are beautiful but the last thing I need is more shoes at the moment. They retailed for $1020 on Mr. Porter before they sold out. Price is set at $545 CONUS. Please feel free to PM me with any questions as all sales are final.
Next fall we are launching a chunky knit watch cap vintage racking at the fold edge.
Yep - one left at Gentry.
A few things. First, that picture was taken by Glen, but it is actually the Iranian writer Hooman Majd.Second, have you ever owned a lighter color outerwear piece? I think the notion that it washes its wearer out doesn't take into consideration what you are wearing under it. As a neutral, that color specificially goes with every dark color in your wardrobe. These colors can be worn as knitwear underneath and that counters any washing out may think will occur, unless...
Yeah - those must have been mislabelled by the factory because they are completely different than the size 30s I was just looking at last week (and I saw multiple pairs).
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