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Late entry to the jeans/jacket/tie "tranwreck" contest with a focus on deliberately textural and casual items i.e.: navy knit tie, old bandana in lieu of a handkerchief, oxford BD and well worn alden tassels. Jacket and jeans are Eidos.
I find that I wear our 1 piece collar polo 4 to 5 times a week at this point with everything from jeans to db suits as it walks a nice line between casual and formal. A normal shirt would certainly be more by the book but I have no real need to dress that way.
Head to ankles Eidos including our 1 piece collar polo and the wool/cotton flannel DB suit which is perfect for today's transitional NYC weather. Belgian hooves.
Regarding whats in store at this moment there are three different jacket models available:Tipo - If you are familiar with Isaia, its a mix of the S-Body and Gregory. Fully lined with a minimally padded shoulder. A classic length (76cm on an EU size 50) with a trim half waist (53cm), a high armhole and slim sleeve. This is what most stores stock.Tenero - Our soft model. Unlined with a completely natural shoulder. 1cm shorter in length and 1cm narrower in the half...
Tell that to the founders of Turnbull and Asser. I'm inclined to agree with you but solid suit/crazy shirt/solid navy tie is a pretty standard look in the UK no?
The first and last time I'll be wearing this fully bespoke Attolini gray flannel suit (on B&S soon) that landed in my closet recently. 1 piece collar polo and cardigan are Eidos. Hooves are made by some belgians.
Award for weakest photo quality of the day goes to this guy. All Eidos (suit is raw slik fresco chalkstripe!) except the hooves which are Alfred Sargent.
We are just shipping so things wont be online for a little while but Carson will have a much bigger offering online shortly. CHCMshop.com will have some sportswear as well as Haberdash and Lawrence Covell's webshops.
Its just the angle, although that model is based on the Liverano silhouette so it lacks the standard front darts you find on most southern Italian jackets. Instead, it has a single diagonal dart that runs from under the arm to mid pocket. This allows the jacket to have a defined waist while maintaining a cleaner front of coat. The overall feeling is almost that of an Italian sack jacket but with much more shape. Its just one of the 4 different models we offer, although...
The yoox stuff was a different make than what we are doing now. Originally, Eidos was the name of the washed and dyed and soft jacket fabric collection sold by our factory. All the jackets were made with a fused construction to be a soft as possible. I changed that when they hired me so that they only fused jackets you can buy with an Eidos label are washed and dyed (which have to be fused because the canvas and jacket fabric shrink differently).
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