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I think that saying someone has a contempt for the earnest because they don't follow another person's definition of what caring for clothing is, is nothing but your subjective opinion.You should ask my wife if I care for my clothing properly... Just because I don't like the look of shiny shoes doesn't mean they aren't moisturized regularly and kept with trees.My objective to make tailoring more available certainly won't be aided by me telling people how they have to wear it.
That's the very first time I've been accused of having contempt for earnestness.I'm trying to broaden the appeal of great tailoring, classic lines, etc. by making it less stuffy. If you want to shine your shoes and iron your shirts, that's great, I certainly have no contempt for that. That said, if you want to look more casual in your clothing we are all for that too.I'm happy that people like you think our clothing deserve to be honored with crisply pressed shirts and...
These kinds of comments are part of the reason a lot of young guys who were wearing tailoring 2 years ago are now wearing all black.
I don't shine shoes.
Deets: Brown linen newsboy from Dexter Firenze Old waxed jacket from RL Rugby (RIP) This suit - NMWA x Eidos Brown/blue/navy cashmere/silk repp tie from Eidos blue/brown stripe (Grandi & Rubinelli) marcus dress shirt from Eidos Brown pebbled grain mitred captors from Christian Kimber x Eidos
Cross post for WIWT since the suit is live on NMWA right now.Breaking out my puppy tooth fresco suit today for the first time (probably preemptively). [[SPOILER]]
Nope. That will be my right hand man Quinton. You should definitely go see him if you are around as he is infinitely less curmudgeonly than I am.
Wasn't produced as it didn't hit the fabric minimum required to be cut. It will be in the upcoming sample sale as a size 39 work shirt popover.
The lawrence covell one is the indigo one. I would definitely not recommend sizing up here. Cotton sweaters are much more prone to growth.
bahahahahaha.All kidding aside, I said its okay not to have everything look perfect, this is different than saying you don't always have to look great. The majority of people that I think look great in clothing almost never look perfect. I actually think this is a huge problem on SF. There is too much emphasis and deference placed on looking "correct."
New Posts  All Forums: