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Happy to say we are receiving our fall MTM books next week.At this point, we only ship our MTM garments to the retailers that we sell it through.Eidos MTM is more like a highly customizable MTO program. You pick your model and base size, your fabric and trim (buttons, undercollar, lining, suede for elbow patches if you want). Then we take measurements to adjust the following:1. jacket point to point2. jacket length3. jacket half waist4. jacket sleeve length5. trouser...
No button fly. Ever. On anything. Including denim. Huge personal pet peeve. Sorry.
Have been getting a tremendous amount of positive feedback regarding the suit trouser so we won't be changing it any time soon. That said, the way to go for you will be mto with the next size up or one of the other models.
you've seen correctly. we offer 2 models of trouser with a higher rise, side tabs and a marginally fuller leg - The lorenzo pant has double forward pleats and the sal pant is flat front. The sal is new for next spring and the lorenzo is available now via mtm/mto and through Steven Giles in Oklahoma City.If I remember correctly NMWA had some Sal odd trousers in their order for next spring.
Yep. It changes the front of the coat substantially, making it cleaner through the chest and waist, removing the drape.
Been waiting on the fabric books. I think we will have the first set in our hands this week just in time for Quinton's trunk show in Philly this weekend.
you realize that there is about an 8cm difference between those two jackets right?What's funny is the very first thing I did when I took the reigns of Eidos was lengthen all of the silhouettes, much to the chagrin of many stores who said that the more classic length that I wanted to offer wasn't "cool enough." Its impossible to please everybody.This jacket has very rounded, open quarters, consistent with the florentine style of tailoring, and that will always make a jacket...
I don't understand the vitriol. It's a classic pattern and silhouette that happens to be a bit too short for him OTR.
Looks a bit short on you for sure but for an off the rack jacket with no alterations you are almost there. In RTW I would probably size you up and alter down taking in the waist and slimming the sleeve.The Lorenzo is a shorter coat than the tipo coming in at 74.5cm (or 75cm i cant remember right now) vs. 76cm on a 50.We sold them both. The orange casentino maremanna can be found at A.K. Rikks in Grand Rapids, MI, although they only have 3 or 4 and when they are gone,...
youThanks for this feedback. you get the guy's name?? Quinton is heading out there for a seminar shortly and I want to make sure he talks to him.
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