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It's hard to describe how awesome the hemp/silk quality from Tallia Delfino is without wearing it for an afternoon. Its a gusty cloth that drapes beautifully and folds in the wear spots (as opposed to wrinkling), yet its open weave allows it to breath really nicely.
Martin Patrick has in white and teal.
Thanks! Glad you liked what we put together. The hat is mine and it is old.If it was only this easy. Washed garment production has been the bane of my existence since we started EIDOS. I have tried everything possible with our current supplier. As of next season, we will be producing all shirts in a new facility and they seem to have figured out what we need.yes XL
That shirt definitely came in short - I would size up.
Wearing them now and they are indeed. My advice is to size up on this model.Nordstrom bought the tenero (full canvas) and the augusto (shirt jacket construction).
These?I believe AK RIKKS has them as well. Give Jordan a call and he can help you out.
Soon on Martin Patrick 3's site: [[SPOILER]]
Its the Tenero, which I think is pound for pound the most versatile silhouette we make. I love the NMWA cut (which will obviously only be available at NMWA) but it is distinctly more sartorial. They are both valid - I tend to favor the NMWA for suits and the Tenero for jackets because its easier to wear with jeans, boots and a tee shirt.
For all you London and EU-based guys. Trunk now has their assortment for spring live.
two incredibly different models. The first is our classic camicia polo (that we are now offering without chest pocket) and the second is our new gianni polo, which has a one piece construction like the lupo but its a different shape. The Giannis fit really large for some reason. I would size down 1-2 sizes. Comics should fit like Lupos.
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