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The ties are designed to be worn with a double 4 in hand knot and to have the back blade be the same length as the front blade. They won't be getting any shorter.
Only a handful of specialty stores. Off hand, Garmany in Red Bank, NJ has it this season but is switching to the Nero (same fit, 1.5 CM shorter) in future seasons. Will check today and post. I know Blommingdales NYC still has a good amount of our basic navy and basic gray suits in the tipo cut from last season. If you are interested I'm sure Marc Etlin would help you track them down in your size. Sadly, the reality is that almost every retailer has said the Tipo is...
Fairly similar to yours! They've done a good job of shooting it, which I think is more than half the battle online.
No vents as we wanted to give it more of a sweater-like vibe.Small: EU48Medium: EU50Large: EU52X-Large: EU54This is a good rule of thumb for more tailored things. The knitwear (polos and henleys) are a bit more flexible.
Thought some of you guys might like to know that Nordstrom's entire buy is now online. As I look at it, I'm remembering that Nordstrom actually picked up a bunch of my favorite sportswear pieces. They did a pretty good job of shooting it all too, aside from buttoning all 3 buttons of our knit blazer...btw, if you guys haven't seen that style in real life it is epic. The fabric is an insanely lofty and warm chunky knitted twill wool blend and the silhouette is fantastic....
Nobody bought the maremmana in navy this season. Those doors of Nordstrom (and Vancouver) carry Eidos,
Did you call them? I'm fairly positive they will have in their Santa Monica or Oakbrook, IL store.
All NMWA tailoring is exclusive to NMWA as they are the only store that sells that model. If you like that fabric it is available now at bloomingdales in the balthazar model (slimmer bellied lapel, shorter fuller body, 2 button closure).
Nowhere. We do sample a ton of it though so if you are NY based you should check out our sample sale the furst week of Dec.
sizing down solves that problem on our garments, not up. The divot you are getting is partially caused by the jacket's canvassing that extends up to the top shoulder seam. On some of our models, you get that divot when the shoulder is slightly extend past your natural shoulder because the canvas needs a bit of time to fall and mold to your shoulder shape. When you size down, your should fills out the sleevehead and often negates the divot. On some people though, the...
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