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Its all love man!
My shirt jacket in the wild.
Wasn't feeling a tailored look today. Shirt jacket and denim - Eidos Old thermal - Rugby
Head to ankles Eidos including our basket weave cardigan that all my coworkers tell me I wear too much.
Its not about what we make - its about what stores buy.We can make any size a store wants to buy. I have a size run in our showroom with samples ranging from EU 44 to EU60.
This model is incredible. trust me. I havent been able to take it off since I got it.
Correct. We actually sell a model called the pintuck that we did in moleskin this season. Its my favorite pant at the moment. Edward Sexton does this on a lot if his tailoring as well.
@Tirailleur1 FTW obviously.
All Eidos erraythang with Peal chucks.
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