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This has been well documented here before but our MTM process is like this:You pick your model, fabric, trim and we can alter the point to point, back length, waist, and sleeve length on the jacket. For the trouser we can alter the waist and bottom opening.We offer the Tipo in a shawl option if you didn't like the shoulder and lapel width of the NMWA model then we have one other one you can try (slightly more padded in the shoulder and a narrower lapel).I'm not familiar...
nope, you just caught me on a wierd day.
looks to me like you need to size down.
The breakdown exists and its quite detailed. It takes too long to recap again but I will say that the bloomingdales model is the closest to the S body and has roomiest upper sleeve.
No. The model in the store is the Tipo. The photograph on bloomingdales' site is the primo, which is not what you will receive if you buy it.
Its the Tipo.It is, sort of. The jacket in the store is not the same as the one photographed for online. That one, while made in the same fabric, is the primo.
I can bring some lorenzo trousers (I have limited sizing available 48-52) but I think greg has examples of the rest at the shop. I can't speak to the differences between the sal/lorenzo and the NMWA because I haven't actually tried them on yet! We went straight to production on them and I never saw a sample. I'm as eager to try as you because its sounds like they may be a new go to for me as well.
Yessah. Same as the infamous dinner jacket you love.If you're referring to the close up photo I think its a bit of an optical illusion due to the angle and width of the lapel. Its no different from all our jackets.
This is good.The sentiment in the Boyer quote is the first thing I thought of when I saw rules of dress being compared to grammar. To be a competent writer you must be know and understand the rules but nearly all truly exceptional writers develop their own style and consciously deviate from them.
Lid by Agyesh Brown boiled wool marremana jacket (coming, in some form or another, to NMWA next fall) - Eidos Tan covert cloth DB suit - Eidos White/blue striped Japanese typewriter cloth spread collar shirt - Eidos Navy/royal dotted cashmere knit tie - Eidos Suede chukks (I don't polish these either.) - Christian Kimber x Eidos
New Posts  All Forums: