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Belted field jacket is here. The whole look will also be available at Bloomingdales.Silk and linen.
A few spring showroom shots as we gear up for the upcoming deliveries.
The Tipo was our version of the base S but we have essentially transitioned this model out in lieu of a more casual assortment. As of SS18, we will only be offering the following tailoring models:1. Bathazar (based on the Isaia Gregory) - Available exclusively at Bloomingdales2. Locust (The replacement for the Tenero) - Available in tailoring-driven accounts3. Vincent (The replacement for the Ciro) - Available exclusively in Scandinavia4. NMWA - Available exclusively at...
Tenero.Also - just so you all know, I put into development two brand new models for spring 18 that will take the place of the tenero and ciro. Thise two models have never been perfect and the lapels have changed over time as we've moved production around. The biggest reason for this will be to perfect the upper chest/shoulder. Waiting on prototypes now.
They don't.
All these comments were part of the nightmare that was woven shirts this fall. Bloomingdales uses our sample set for their ecomm shoots (much to our chagrin because samples are often not perfect and change for production). Last fall's shirt samples all came in TINY becuase they were all garment dyed and Isaia had never tried this before so patterns weren't adjusted for shrinkage. When they fully took over our production their head of woven shirts adjusted the pattern...
Exact same fabric quality from Moessmer - just different patterns and yarn colors.
Go 52. Shay is shorter than the chiaia with side entry pockets, a smaller collar and no waist cinch. Both styles are unlined. Not sure which fabric you are talking about re:Bloomingdales but the one Gentry has is the same as what Mr. Porter had. Sample quality as the large herringbone we always run.
Agreed - further it looked great one everybody that I saw try it on! The slow retail performance of this piece really surprised me.I believe they are the only ones that bought it in the navy/black color way. Nordstrom (now sold out) and Gentry had it in the charcoal/chocolate mouline. Our photographer Glen got that one and wears it as much as I wear the navy.Best is subjective and while I agree that it is a good collar, the market did not. Direct negative call outs...
If you wear a 52 in the field jacket I would go for the L.Chiaia is TTS.
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