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In theory, all outerwear, jackets and suits should come with our hanger although stores do what they want with them. The crazy part is that many stores actually throw them away!
You are not going to see where this is let out at all. The weave is large and really open whereas most linen is more compact and flat.
Scoop has in navy.I would steam the sleeves and let rest so the wrinkles can settle.
No.Goodness gracious there were a lot of typos in my response to you. Glad it worked out. Enjoy it!
No need to apologize, I'm happy with it. But I'm also interested in trying various other cuts as Antonio continues to refine his aesthetic.At this moment there will be no new models (the ones we have seem to confuse people enough as it is). If you are after the cut that best exemplifies the Eidos point of view in tailoring, I would stick with the NMWA model.
So Eidos uses the same silk supplier as Rubinacci and the same shirt manufacturer as Liverano.
Who produced this tie? We use the same silk supplier!Navy knit.IMO You are easily the most inspiring contributor to this thread.
Most Neapolitan shirtmakers I know deliberately cut shoulders their patterns with a more narrower point to point and a larger sleeve head so that your shoulder sits comfortably inside the sleevehead. Do you have any Ingress shirts? He does this as well.My worry is that you won't notice the shoulders being more narrow but will notice the roomier body.
I own this fabric as a regular washed sport shirt and have never noticed it to be particularly transparent. As for sizing, its sounds like you should be getting a 39.
1. Where it is made: we produce all of our shirts in a small workshop just outside of Naples. The space is actually the ground floor of the owner's house. There are 3 tables and 8 employees. Everything is cut by hand. They also produce for E. Formica and Liverano. While a Liverano shirt will run you about $375 to start these days, our shirts start at $250.2. How its made: Again, there is a considerable amount of hand labor in our shirts from hand-cut patterns to...
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