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Eidos isn't carried by anyone in Japan at the moment.
Thought some of you might like to know that a preview of our upcoming fall campaign shoot is live on eidosnapoli.com now. A small taste:
Ciro jacket and sal pant mtm
This is something that never left su misura tailoring in Naples - If anything its an anti-fashion thing.
I see this all over Naples. Well done Mitchell.
The first, second and fourth image are all the same trouser. Its called the "Nonno" and it is based on an old workwear trouser that belonged to my grandfather. Super high rise, full leg, applied suspender buttons and patch back pockets.The third pant is our new drawstring beach pant Which is a little slimmer but still easy through the leg with a more mid rise.The last pant is the NMWA trouser which is the pant we developed exclusively for Greg - its an updated version of...
Its a Julian Schnabel reference but, like much of his work, I ended up dissapointed as well. One of my favorite suits in the collection though.
The solaro is the NMWA model that we sampled with beasom pockets. The brown chalkstripe is a custom developed raw silk we made exclusively.That's actually a sweatshirt made from a Japanese loopback terry, we just cut it inside out so that the texture is on the outside.
For anyone interested, here are the images from our New York Fashion Week presentation yesterday.
not sure at this point. I'll need someone to buy it rtw to make that happen...I'm looking at you Greg...
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