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Good god you had me so scared for a second - I thought our supplier was making the same model with two different plackets! Oddly enough, I'm changing mine over to have a mitred bottom, albeit a bit more shallow. That polo model did come in short for spring so you aren't alone. We have tweaked for fall.Actively looking for a permanent stockist in London although I should not that the Eton flagship store will be carrying a good selection of tailoring and sportswear in...
Where did you pick this polo up??? The placket is different than our model.Also, when wearing that polo with tailoring be mindful of the fabric texture. I wear it with casual odd jackets or very casual suits (linens and the raw silk chalkstripe I have that is tremendously casual IRL).
I actually have a DSLR at the office but its in the Eidos temp showroom and I always forget it over there.
The shirt actually has a blue stripe that is the identical color of the tie, you just can't see it because I can't take a decent iPhone shot to save my life.Thanks for the kind words about Eidos and you needed change your body to fit our clothes. We have sold up to EU size 60!
Solid navy knit or grenadine and that look hits it out o the park. Nothing wrong with the coat - it just has a lot of white in it. With that in mind you need to ground it in a solid dark color.
True Story.
Yesterday. Brown linen glenplaid suit made up in our new Ciro model - Eidos Napoli White/Blue linen BD - Tie Your Tie My father's decade's old linen tie - Cruciani e Bella Pocket Square - Christian Kimber Hooves - Belgian Shoes
Trainwreck tip number 1 - Stay out drinking with my brother, Salvatore Ambrosi, Phillip Carr, Andrew Seibert and the entire Armoury team until 4 in the morning. Pass out. Wake up 15 minutes before your appointments. Throw on some clothes and a cap and walk out the door.
The stone Solaro! From a couple weeks ago:
Coincidentally, Vox posted this on tumblr today:I think anyone that tries to argue against the elegance conveyed by the silhouette of the Nicholas brothers' jackets (typified by an extended shoulder and narrow waist) is fighting a steep uphill battle.
New Posts  All Forums: