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Check the Eidos thread.
Does walking into Pitti count as real life?
I'd size down a half size in the barbanera tassel. I wear US 10.5 medium width in just about everything and these were too big. The 10s were perfect.
As awful as the word has become to use now, that's sprezzatura. Put the collar up once and forget about it.
Today's kit featuring our thermal stitch shawl pullover and white militia pant with one of my favorite outerwear pieces of all time, the Kapital Ring Coat.
I appreciate the feedback but there are plenty of people that make the ties in the dimension you are looking for.All double four in hand, not a single tie worse for wear.
The ties are designed to be worn with a double 4 in hand knot and to have the back blade be the same length as the front blade. They won't be getting any shorter.
Only a handful of specialty stores. Off hand, Garmany in Red Bank, NJ has it this season but is switching to the Nero (same fit, 1.5 CM shorter) in future seasons. Will check today and post. I know Blommingdales NYC still has a good amount of our basic navy and basic gray suits in the tipo cut from last season. If you are interested I'm sure Marc Etlin would help you track them down in your size. Sadly, the reality is that almost every retailer has said the Tipo is...
Fairly similar to yours! They've done a good job of shooting it, which I think is more than half the battle online.
No vents as we wanted to give it more of a sweater-like vibe.Small: EU48Medium: EU50Large: EU52X-Large: EU54This is a good rule of thumb for more tailored things. The knitwear (polos and henleys) are a bit more flexible.
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