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Full fall stockist list is now on the eidos website.
To put how good of a deal this is into perspective - that fabric is from Lanificio Ferla and runs about 100 dollars a meter in the open market.
The balthazar model is only 1 cm shorter than the tipo and the fit is otherwise extactly the same.
They are those!These are amazing as well.Again, unlined and on a crepe sole. Some of the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn.
They run big and stretch. I normally wear a US 10.5/ EU 44 and I have been wearing 43s.
I don't believe so. This coming fall is our last season with Christian (wait until you guys see the unlined house slippers we made for Unionmade out of my collection of vintage indigo blankets - each pair is different). Christian may choose to reissue that style if it performed well but his business is moving away from more classic shoes so I would be surprised if it came back.
Couple things.First, glad you like the assortment as I didn't give them a choice and did the whole thing myself this season.Second, we pulled out of Bloomingdales in Chicago to pick up Barney's and two great specialty stores - Morris and Sons (for the guy who is interested in more tailored goods) and Meyvn, which is one of my favorite stores in the country. Its assortment runs along the lines of Unionmade and Gentry - much more focused on the things I love and put the...
1. Fight on.2. It is great to see this thread finally reflecting a more complete picture of our brand.
Its two different qualities (one thick yarn one thin yarn) of natural Loro Piana cashmere knit together in a herringbone pattern and then garment dyed a rich emerald color.
Just a heads up - these pants should be in before Oct. and they will also be available in more sizes in store in Barney's uptown NY, Barney's Boston and Barney's Chicago. All stores will take phone orders.
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