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In Eidos, S=48, M=50, L=52 etc.
I would go TTS on the peacoat. For guys who haven't been able to see it in person and try it on, Its hard to describe how cozy it wears.
It's one of Pray's spring qualities that I started running year-round in exclusive color ways. I think it is totally wearable in LA winters.
The top two photos you showed here have the exact same construction, one is just a much lighter fabric and therefore less 3D. Your "preference" photo was made from the Moessmer donegal herringbone and was only made that way because the fabric was too thick for the original construction. The two colors of that same Moessmer fabric that are available WILL be made that way, as it it impossible to sew the pockets the other way.See above - all jackets will be made like this...
Fabric is amazing and SUPER warm.
Went to Barney's NY last week and photographed their sportwear and furnishings buy. The sportswear is below (furnishings to be posted later) and should be available in their NYC, Boston Copley Square and Chicago locations and they take phone orders. Sorry for the bad lighting - I figured it would be better for you all to see something rather than nothing since they've been so slow to get it online. Japanese indigo boucle peacoat Reverse knit Japanese indigo breton...
I will try to do this from memory (as Im in Naples) later today.
You're a handsome devil - what's your name?Great lookin coat.
Basically impossible.
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