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Wow - classic bloomingdales. The description is correct for the sweater (army tribal diamond) but they seemingly photographed the wrong sample. The sweatshirt you are looking for is from Spring 16 and not coming back. You may find it on eBay or grailed though.
two of my favorites for next fall. Left discharge printed indigo herringbone lightweight flannel in our kurta model. Right is a new model called the Contra band (contrast band collar, get it?). in tonal indigo oxford in two shades.
I would say TTS. I'm 6'3" and change and sucking in...Would be happier with a L for myself but am very very happy with this as a M for the market. We tried it on a few guys and it looked great on everybody. It makes me really excited for spring shirts - some amazing fabrics coming and now they'll actually fit.
first half of the fall samples just arrived in NY and I'm happy to say shirt fit has been fixed. Size M (sadly I am more of a L these days) Albiate stonewashed indigo oxford button down for those keeping score.
Hi Hans - Isaia took control of our production starting with fall 16 and changed the fit of our shirts without asking me. This is something that I've been promised will be remedied for next season (all the shirts will fit more TTS and be substantially longer). Sadly, at 6'4" I think all the shirts will be too short to be worn tucked in.Not really showing anywhere this season. We will have a 40 look lookbook (30 mens, 10 women's) hit at the beginning of February and am...
No - the idea was a lightweight coat for warmer climates/transitional seasons. The fabric is one of the Japanese mill Sevenberry's classic natural indigo discharge prints on canvas. We ran it inside out so that the pattern is internal. We also used the fabric for an augusto jacket, which is available exclusively at Supply and Advise (I think this was the most underrated item of the season).
Not this season but they're available in stone via Lane Crawford right now.Barney's also has them in army green in store for 50 off.
Yes they can for sure. I've been washing mine on cold and tumble drying on low and they've been fine.
No. We are retiring that model for a while and that fabric color was seasonal. we'll definitely have that fabric again though, just in different colors.
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