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They have a ton more in store - nearly all exclusive but I dont know if its going on their site. I think it is bit will find out.They have it in store - just havent posted it yet. Im sure you can call and order.
Someone was looking for our spring basketweave cardigan. Its now live on gentrynyc.com
I feel like a proud father.
Yesterday: Showing the versatility of the Eidos Lupo polo with next fall's Italian covert cloth (VBC) DB Ciro suit, a Stoffa hat and Barbanera spectators. Today: Dressed for a board meeting I don't have. Eidos Italian tweed herringbone military balmacaan, charcoal/army printed scarf, chalkstripe flannel suit, white chambray marcus dress shirt and forest/gray madder tie. Shoes are the mitered captoe in black calf from our upcoming collaboration with Christian...
Not intended but awesome none the less.Outside of how we styled it for our campaign (the white linen sal pants on NMWA) I would wear this shirt with pale gray or white shorts, or your favorite light wash, sun faded denim. For more ideas, go watch The Talented Mr. Ripley a few times. Just be sure to turn it off when Tom and Dickie take their boat ride up north...That is our old showroom space. Its been rented to some else and they still haven't taken the sign down!
Eidosnapoli.com is live. Finally. Full Stockist list to come next week.
We can do 44 if someone wants to.I cannot state this enough though, this jacket should be purchased true to size. If you are a 50r in Eidos, you should buy the 50r.
We didn't make the maremanna for spring 15. It comes back into the fray for fall 15.MP3 is amazing and that shirt is so very dear to my heart for a variety of reasons. I created that print from artwork off of an old kid's tourist T-shirt that my parents got for my brother in the 70s when they went to visit our family there (its where my great grandmother is from). Secondly, the shirt model is based on the single greatest beach shirt of all time:Thus the name - the...
The idea for the contrast collar was to try to make it feel like an italian rugby shirt!
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