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As always, bloomingdales was very supportive of the entire collection and basically bought 90% of the sportswear offering. Starting in fall they will offer 4 to 5 "looks" that are largely sportswear based. This will continue into next spring where their assortment will grow into 7 or 8 looks and staple suiting (basic navy and charcoal tailoring). The mannequin with the sweater you like in the photo above just happens to be one of their exclusive ad looks and that will...
Always happy to get a dialogue started. First of the jacket is not a plaid and reads as a highly textured solid IRL that is also less bright than the photo as well.The styling here was never meant for a traditional formal setting and it is certainly not meant for every guy. That said, if you take a look back at some Apparel Arts resort sketches, you'll find looks like this were fairly commonplace. You think it looks bad and tacky. I think it would look incredibly...
Thanks fellas!
Used the last bit of this vintage Ormezzano linen we had for something summery and fun. British khaki/tobacco window DB suit - Eidos MTM Brown Grenadine - Eidos Pale blue lightweight twill spread - Eidos Hooves - Alden I need a haircut.
Bloomingdales never bought a solid gray from us. We did a pearl grey tonal microcheck instead.
If that is how you launder your shirts I would try one on and see what fits!
I believe these are what was leftover from last fall's sample collection, which I came in and sold but didn't put together. Lots if beautiful fabrics but I redesigned all the branding, streamlined the models and raised the baseline for quality. At C21 the models are likely all over the place and so is make - everything from fused to full canvas depending on the model. Here's a tip if you're trying to find the good stuff: "Bazar" on the inside label model code means...
Have you tumble dried them yet? The shirts are cut with a 3% allowance for shrinkage so the collar will get tighter and the sleeves shorter.
Love that jacket.
Yesterday. Vintage sunglasses from a whole in the wall place in Naples wool and silk "raffia" jacket - Eidos white camicia polo - Eidos brown linen puppy tooth trou (part of a suit but broken up) - Eidos belgian hooves
New Posts  All Forums: