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First off, its important to note that this is all subjective. My opinions on evening wear are my own, although I do pride myself and the collection on a strong understanding of what has come before. Many designers do things just because they think they are "cool." I make an effort to consider the historical antecedent and ground our clothing and silhouettes there. Great dinner clothes are descendent of white tie and tails, which has broad shoulders and a waist so...
For the record, I sampled tons of navy.
Agreed - It definitely works. That said, I'm inclined to think a chocolate grenadine or linen knit would knock it out of the park.
With such a pronounced window I would make the case for forgoing pattern all together and sticking with a brown or navy solid tie here.
"So in that way I guess that I have succeeded."Sarcasm. Remember two posts ago where you talked about people at Pitti taking themselves too seriously? You can't make everybody happy and I don't aim to. If I managed to convince unbelragazzo to forgo a bespoke dinner jacket for an Eidos one, I've done my job.
You disagree that a dinner jacket should have an extended shoulder and a narrowed waist?Its not about costume, its about context. My goal with our booth is to tell a story with mannequins and cloth - to place you directly into that setting. What is shown here is supposed to invoke an emotional response. So in that way I guess that I have succeeded.
One of the benefits of RTW like ours vs. bespoke is access to fabrics not available to tailors. You just aren't going to find the some of the truly special things we offer via Holland and Sherry, Draper's, etc.Either way, Bloomingdales bought the swatch as an SB one button peak jacket which means we will probably have extra yardage left over which means we can take care of you at our MTM trunk show we will be doing with No Man Walks Alone starting in the fall.
As always, bloomingdales was very supportive of the entire collection and basically bought 90% of the sportswear offering. Starting in fall they will offer 4 to 5 "looks" that are largely sportswear based. This will continue into next spring where their assortment will grow into 7 or 8 looks and staple suiting (basic navy and charcoal tailoring). The mannequin with the sweater you like in the photo above just happens to be one of their exclusive ad looks and that will...
Always happy to get a dialogue started. First of the jacket is not a plaid and reads as a highly textured solid IRL that is also less bright than the photo as well.The styling here was never meant for a traditional formal setting and it is certainly not meant for every guy. That said, if you take a look back at some Apparel Arts resort sketches, you'll find looks like this were fairly commonplace. You think it looks bad and tacky. I think it would look incredibly...
Thanks fellas!
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