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The augusto in action today on Q (see how luxurious the eidos offices are...) This was one of my favorite swatches this season (its available at SAKS in Raleigh and Tyson's now, soon online). It's an exclusive I developed with Di Pray - midnight flannel oversized glen plaid in charcoal with a chocolate deco.
The jacket from supply and advise is not in any of the photos. Those are just pictures of the model.
I would say yes but people's opinion of TTS can vary substantially when it comes to tailored goods.
These are all augustos:
All natural indigo crocks a bit but it washes off very easily. Further, this tends to be more of a problem with pants (as people sit on things) but its a jacket so I wouldn't think it will be rubbing up against too much. I wear indigo clothing basically every day and often with white and have had no persisting issues. The worst thats ever happened is that an indigo jacket has made the beltloops on white trousers slightly blue but one trip to the wash and the color was...
Only thing I'll say here as that the yarn here is dyed with natural indigo so it is going to fade and take on your own unique wear patterns like raw denim.
nope - but at 6'3" and change I wear a regular. Again, this is not a jacket to be worn with a tie, trousers, etc so the traditional rules about length don't really apply. It should be thought about like a piece of outerwear.
The fabric isn't even remotely sheer, its just an open weave like fresco so when you hold it up to the light it passes through. I would take your normal sportcoat size. As the majority of my wardrobe has gotten more casual, the Augusto is all wear. Its not a jacket for ties, but for tees, polos, henelys, etc. Its a slightly more refined top layer option for any outfit that you might wear a field jacket or bomber with.Thanks for the kind words about the Mr. Porter...
Supply and advise in Miami actually bought that fabric as an augusto jacket and it is epic. I believe AK Rikks bought the shay in the discharge indigo too. Not sure where else. The vendor list is on the website though if you want to call some of the sportswear stores.You and I are the only ones with that one...its a sample that showed up the last day of market so no one picked it up. Its cotton/linen and I would dry clean only.
Its a super dense cotton but it is cotton. That said, if ai had to choose I'd go with the matera.
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