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BUSTED.You can see the shell site here. The images were just placeholders for a beautiful shoot that sadly won't happen now. That said. You can get a rough idea of what will be sliding towards Martin Patrick shortly.
The only bloomingdales store that will carry sportswear from now on is 59th st nyc. eidos ecomm has been cancelled by the higher ups for the next two seasons. The assortment will probably slide to Martin Patrick.
That sweatshirt is superlightweight - it just looks heavy because we ran it inside out to make it look more like a sweater. One of my favorite spring pieces. The garment under the jacket in the bottom picture is actually a cotton and linen sweater that no stores picked up...bummer.
Hahah - all our polos are pigment dyed so that they fade with each wash....its deliberate!
Just so you know - its the exact same coat.
You want the khaki chiaia...that thing is epic.
The shirt will be in Barney's very shortly and I believe NMWA bought the pants as sal trousers (i could be wrong about that though).
The shepherd's check isn't green, its a petrol/indigo and brown with a cream deco.
get on the 25 off now because I just called bloomingdales and we are stopping that immediately. no one bought the pajama shirt.
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