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I also haven't really had the time to dedicate to trying to get the business off the ground there. I will be at Pitti for sure. If you come please stop by and say hello!
FYI - Fairly certain all of Eidos went markdown yesterday at Bloomingdales NYC/SF.
They bought our other polo model, the "camicia," which came in a little longer than the lupo but also a hair off spec.There is considerably less handwork in Eidos tailoring than Kiton, Attolini and Rubinacci, which is a big part of the reason for the price disparity. I'll put our sportswear up to theirs any day of the week though but that's just me liking what I do Most European stores we have shown the collection to say it is too American and too expensive. Go figure.
This fabric is incredible.
Man was I hungover in that photo.They came in off spec and short the first season - Next season they will be perfect!
Head to toe: Sunglasses - Warby Parker Wool/silk shepherds' check jacket - Eidos indigo v-neck sweater - Club Monaco Army one piece collar polo - Eidos Chocolate croc belt - Bastian White canvas militia pant - Eidos Hooves - Belgian
CSC can do a MTM tuxedo for you no problem! Call Patrick and he should be able to help out.
Description is correct - its a greyish green houndstooth from lanifico di pray and it is awesome IRL.Check out the photo of me in the interview I did with unbelragazzo for SF - Im wearing it!Not really, no. At least not yet. I want to do it right and havent had the time. We did a tumblr based microsite for our spring collection which can be seen at thisisrome.netThis is a very good summation of our factory's history, although much of the correale and michelangelo...
@9thsymph Tie looks great!
Yessir - Maybe we can organize a trunkshow with NMWA once fall hits. At this time pant alterations on MTM are minimal - we can adjust the waist and leg opening - because we are focusing our attention on RTW.
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