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Yep. Just an FYI though, duties will end up making them cost basically the same.
Double, always. On anything EIDOS with a zipper.
Water resistant is a more apt description as the fabric isn't treated. It is incredibly densely woven. I've been caught in a good amount of rain and its held up pretty well - that said, if you stand outside in a storm for a while you are going to eventually get wet.
This is why I continue to do this. Thank you all for allowing us to be part of your every day lives.
Agreed. The Matera was developed after 3 years of wear testing the Ragosta. It is an evolution of the style that is substantially more functional.
for all you tailoring guys this is one worth checking out. In addition to the samples and stock we normally offer we actually cut about 100 extra sleeves of tailoring and outerwear with fabric liabilities we had in our warehouse (things we had like 5-20m on). I was told theres a good diveristy of sizing as well.
We'll see how the sample comes in. I may allow store to buy it either way.
Its why I did the shoot. Jacket is a 50R, not pinned at all or anything. Its my jacket and I'm 6'3".
I'm still kicking myself for not getting this fabric for myself.
I actually have't tried on the final production of the denim so I would say that the feedback here is more reliable than my comments on how the samples fit. The genral consensus seems to be to size down at least one size.
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