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Show me where you can get a new Isaia suit for under $500 and jacket for under $400? A suede jacket of similar make for under $1K? Jackets and suits are gone.You never see Stubbs this low either.
Are you in Milano? Eidos won't be offered in Isaia stores. We want to keep the branding entirely separate.
The majority of the behind the scenes imagery so far can be seen on my Instagram akciongoli. Tumblr and SF thread to follow but I've been too busy designing next Spring to get started.
I'm the creative director
RTW - Eidos is a new brand concept from the Isaia family launching next fall, much like Sartorio for Kiton: slightly younger, full canvas construction with less handwork but a really tremendous value. Suiting starts at 1295 and jackets start at 895.
Super soft - French faced, full canvas, no shoulder. Most comfortable jacket I've ever owned.
Eidos Napoli jacket & tie Kiton shirt Isaia trou ROTM chukkas
Dressed for a casual dinner in Napoli. NSM Beams+ Gutteridge Eidos Napoli
@stupendous - blame Bastian, he has gorilla arms and is his own fit model. That said, sleeve alterations are easy from the bottom and a really good tailor can take from the shoulder with no problem. If you're located in NYC I know Sam Wazin does this all the time with great results.
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