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Nowhere sadly, the light gray yarn was a sub for the dark, which we had some problems with.Martin Patrick has them now and Unionmade will have them online shortly.
send me photos of which buttons they are via dm and i'll try to get you some new ones.
Depends on how you want your pants look. This is a relaxed chino. It is supposed to be full, a little bit loose, comfortable. I would not recommend sizing down. The waist is cut with a bit of room so you can alter down if you like a tight waist but I would recommend your actual size.
For those of you that are sick of all the low rise, tight pants that have flooded the market in the last 10 years, you'll be happy to know that our two higher rise, full leg chino models just hit Mr. Porter. They can both be seen in the editorial I did for their site last week here: I wear some version the stone Nonno chino like 5 days a week but the Ambro belted pant in sage corded cotton pant is my favorite silhouette for the season. Funny story with how these...
I believe Bloomingdales and NMWA are the only stores that offer variant sizing.
I think that the strength of the collection is that by focusing on simple, interesting design it can be taken both ways. There isn't a single piece here that I would consider streetwear. It's all in how you put it together.
A bit deeper on our first Gentry drop... The Horizontal Aran mockneck - The most beautiful thing about this is the continuous knit pattern that runs from the cuff, up the sleeve, across the chest and down the other arm without breaking. Not easy to achieve. The Horizontal herringbone garment dyed cashmere robe - I know some of you have asked where this was available. The evolution of the Ajrak cardigan but knit longer and out of Loro Piana Coarsehair cashmere. It is...
The matera isn't waxed, its cotton sateen.I am so psyched on the styling here.
All augustos are now 3/2 roll. The supplier screwed up production for spring and produced a crazy 2 button with the middle button missing. We caught it at the store level for barneys and added the middle button but those who ordered it online from them and a handful of other stores got it that way. This is the kind of thing about producing in Italy that has been incredibly tough to swollow for me personally. I have been consistently shocked by errors on things that...
New Posts  All Forums: