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you should check out carsonstreetclothiers.com. They buy the nero - our shortest model and are having a 30% off sale on tailoring right now.
Wear whatever you want but as the designer of these pants I'm having a hard time imagining any boot looking good here - certainly not how I envisioned them.Loafers to dress them up or espadrilles to dress down would be my first two choices.Navy or cream canvas supergas could also be nice here but that is really where I would stop when it comes to sneakers on this pant.
If they have in a 46r you should consider it because its the tenero model which is shorter than the tipo.
It should have done all the shrinking its going to do by now and the lawrence covell (and carson street) one is the same fabric.Happy to. The ties are four fold and hand sewn in Como and all the fabrics are exclusive to us. I develop all of our woven tie fabrics with Mantero Seta, which is one of the oldest silk suppliers in Italy. Their archive is has to be seen to be believed. I could spend a month digging there nd would make it through a quarter of it. I usually...
This jacket and the one that you see in Saca's earlier photos which is the same swatch as the brown window from nmwa) are two different jackets. This is a much paler brown with a light blue window and the Bloomingdales DB/NMWA SB is a deep chocolate with cream double window. IMHO brown sportcoats are very easy to wear and par with basically anything in your wardrobe. This jacket would look great with dark gray, cream, white and khaki trousers as well as any shade of...
I believe the NMWA suit trouser is 20cm on a size 50 but Greg would need to confirm.
That's our Pablo coat (named as such for obvious reasons). There were lots of Picasso references in the spring collection but I always loved this jacket so I thought I'd take a stab at recreating it.
True to size with arms that fit deliberately slightly slim as they are knit in an english rib cotton and will stretch out. FWIW - this is absolutely a one and done, seasonal style.
Simply, lupo translates to wolf in Italian although the meaning is a somewhat long story.My father grew up on 13th St. in South Philadelphia. At that time (the 50s & 60s) all of the men in his neighborhood treated the corner of 13th & Wolf Street as their village piazza, congregating there daily. I spent my own childhood listening and loving stories of his youth on that corner. He described it as the cross section of the old world and new America. Its where he opened...
You should check out the tailoring selection on carsonstreetclothiers.com - they carry the nero model which is essentially a tipo short - The 52R Nero will fit like a 52S Tipo.Lawrencecovell.com and stanleykorshak.com have short sleeve camicia polos and Lawrence Covell has lupos.
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