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Yep. Its Michelangelo's production of the Isaia S Body.Primo isn't slimmer in the shoulder or arm than the Tenero - only in the waist.
I also own tailoring in this quality and color fastness has never been an issue.Also, just so you all know, it seems like Isaia/Michelangelo sold all the Eidos tailoring stock they had to this guy in Naples. These are mostly samples from the Milan sample collection we produce every season. Enjoy it while it lasts. Also, I'm jealous of whoever nabs the Tallia Defino solaro in 50 Primo...that was supposed to be my suit but they never shipped it to the US!
Its an unlined cotton field jacket. Same weight as a classic M-65. To me its the perfect 3 season jacket (Spring through fall) and can be taken into winter with heavy knitwear.
Thanks. Its no easy thing to make one that is tough and wearable without being an exact copy of vintage military. There are things about it I plan on tweaking for next fall but, all in all, I think we did a pretty good job here.Unionmade and Barney's will definitely both have as well. I believe Gentry and Meyvn might also.
I present the Matera vintage sateen field jacket.- Hidden snaps at pockets and storm flap- Vintage two way antique brass zipper with antique nickel pullers- Oversized top/side entry cargo hip pockets- Angled chest pockets with quilting at edges- Rope dyed cotton waist cinch with leather pullers- Hidden internal cellphone pocket- Stowable hood in SELF fabric (I hate the lighter M-65 hood fabric)Its hard to choose what outerwear style I like best this fall. The new raglan...
Please, please, please, beat the shit out of that thing. Wear it in the rain, the snow, the shower.The fabric is a midnight Japanese cotton sateen that is an exact replica of the American cotton sateen that M-65s were originally made out of. It is super compact and basically bulletproof.
Couple things. First, the primo was never really meant to be sold RTW as it only really fits tall, skinny guys. Second grinze is something that is nearly impossible to sell in RTW, particularly at a lower pricepoint.We are now focusing on the following:1. The things we like2. The things we sell wellI personally think that the tenero is the best, most versatile and wearable expression of our canvassed tailoring. For myself, I only really wear the Augusto now as I tend...
The primo model is the slimmest we've ever made. It was developed basically as a sample models so that we could do photoshoots and have to alter the samples. 48 fits like most brands' 46 but longer.
This makes me smile - I know Victor well but he's ill-informed. Cook got it from Agyesh, who got it from me. We used to call that the "button-back," but what you see in that photo is the strange evolution of something I started doing around 2008 for a very real purpose, which was to try and make double breasted jackets easier to wear open. I started doing this with peacoats - I had all the interior buttonholes cut so I could button the jackets back onto themselves and...
I developed the patterns and the primo has never existed with any bemberg on the inside. The jacket in the photo is a tipo. You can also tell because the shoulder has more structure than the primo, which is completely soft with grinze. The only thing I can think of is that the jacket pictured is not what you will receive if you order.As for model breakdowns, Ive done this before. If you search my posts you can find it.
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