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@Tirailleur1 FTW obviously.
All Eidos erraythang with Peal chucks.
All Eidos with Belgian hooves.
THIS HAT. THIS SCARF. Gray heather casentino ulster coat - Eidos Brown donegal Lorenzo suit - Eidos white/blue box check spread - Eidos Wool gun check tie - Cruciani e Bella Peal Chukks
The flex on that frontside disaster was rugged. Not usually a fan of people skating in tailoring but at least the guys know how to actually ride a skateboard.
From earlier in the week - just forgot to post. pine/stone/terra cotta/ brown guncheck Lorenzo SC - Eidos navy turtleneck and denim spread collar westernshirt - Eidos winter white 5 pkt. cords - Save Khaki Peal Chucks
Just me on a Thursday. PU coated slub cotton/linen raincoat - Eidos Wool/Cotton flannel DB windowpane suit - Eidos THIS SQUARE Navy turtleneck - Eidos Navy camica polo - Eidos Snuff Suede Chucks - Peal
http://vimeo.com/27397162Start at 0:40
Feeling fall. Army wool/silk/cashmere donegal herringbone jacket Unlined spread collar Japanese oxford shirt Wool/cahsmere donegal knit tie Moleskin pintuck trouser (an ode to Edward Sexton) All current Eidos fall with Belgian hooves.
OGGI. Eidos navy flannel "Ragosta" filed coat Isaia gray cashmere worsted suit Eidos graded stripe shirt THIS TIE. Peal & Co. Snuff Suede Chukkas
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