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Its the tenero jacket and uab pant. The fabric is the 100% wool solaro from tallia delfino. In my opinon its the best of the Italian solaro qualities. Beautiful drape - wears well. I've owned it in its navy iteration for 2 years and its never let me down. I also think Tallia's tan/red colorway is the most wearable when compared with the LP, Ormezzano and Barbera.
This. You can thank me later.http://m.bloomingdales.com/shop/product/eidos-pine-bark-reverseloopback-terry-crewneck-sweatshirt-?ID=1632428
No one said anything about abandoning tailored offerings. It just isn't the focus. Bloomingdales will still offer a deep assortment and the specialty stores that specialize in tailoring will still sell the models they've done well with.
This. We never sampled the burgundy one - it as exclusive to NMWA. The one above is the a new model for ss16 called the trapunto and it was bought in washed/dyed cottons by almost everybody except Barney's who picked it up in that amazing army/brown/gray basketweave from Ferla. The fabric is bananas.
Its finally up. The best version of this jacket, by far.
Tipo is all but extinct at this point. Its only left in a handful of specialty stores. This season Saks and Barney's sell tenero, bloomingdales sells 2 button balthazar. Nordstrom NYC will not carry Eidos but Barney's will have a much more substantial offering next season, though very little of it will be tailoring. Next season all tailoring at saks will be switched into the Augusto (very casual shirtjacket model that is completely unlined with no canvas or...
This one runs slightly small because it is washed and dyed. If you eant to layer it with anything substanial you should size up.
Its not camel and wool, its hemp and wool.
Simply, their stores run a promotional business. Its built into the dna of how they sell. We've had to adapt our strategy with this in mind to give them something that is both easy for their associates to move and that is unique to the market so that it won't compete with our other silhouettes. The reality is that if you are looking for a jacket with the kind of details you'd expect from us, you aren't going to be able to find it on sale in March.
Its precisely the reason they only carry the balthazar.
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