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They are wrong. I am the designer. I developed the pattern....All our dress shirts fit the same. They are all slim.
There is only one fit in Eidos dress shirts. I've heard our fit is similar to Eton slim.
should be a ton of 38/48
At 6 in the morning no less. Jet lag...
Just so you all know, Gentry is not a store we plan on expanding our tailoring offering in. They will have 1-2 sleeves in the tenero model each season, max. There are plenty of places to get our tailoring online at this point and additional tailoring does not really fit into how I want Eidos presented along side brands like Visvim, Our Legacy and Engineered Garments. In general, you all should expect to see our brand taking a much more broad approach to our collection...
No MTM/MTO is available in the US at this time.
qthis is a complicated question. First, eidos sport shirts should now all be alpha sized (s,m,l etc). They are supposed to be cut more fully but darted in the back so that the overall shape should be the same. Where it gets complicated is that our sport shirts come garment washed (and thus preshrunk) and our dress shirts dont. The sizing varies from fabric to fabric because each fabric shrink differently.
For those looking to pick up Sal pants, Gentry has 2 styles (the army green cotton twill and a charcoal flannel) live online now: http://www.gentrynyc.com/collections/eidos-napoli/products/eidos-napoli-soft-wool-sal-trousers-charcoal http://www.gentrynyc.com/collections/eidos-napoli/products/eidos-napoli-cavalry-twill-sal-trousers-sage Not psyched on the styling here but the fabrics are great.
Greg bought our ulster model in a few different fabric options...they are all the same model.
Check the Eidos thread.
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