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OOutside of shirting, I don't really believe in year round fabrics. Most people eat seasonally these days, I think you should dress seasonally as well.
Nope - The style is constructed in the same manner as the nearly all military coats I have seen, without canvas or fusible.
I think we have covered that what we are doing isn't your taste. You said previously that you don't like a nipped waist. With that said, you will like nothing we do.
There is no padding in the shoulder of this model at all - literally nothing except canvas.I think you would benefit from MTM like you said as I would move you up one size to lower the armhole and increase the sleevehead but narrow the point to point as those divots are coming from a combination of a slightly extended shoulder and a tight sleevehead. That would push your shoulder into the sleevehead to give it a rounder line while still providing room for comfort of...
None left and sold through at martin patrick which is the only place I remember buying it although I know there was at least one more store. Will find out.
Top swatch is a brown linen glenplaid from Ormezzano and bottom is a garment dyed cotton/linen from Di Sondrio (the idea here was to play with idea of classic yellow foul weather gear). NMWA will have the brown.
Same jacket. I guess I like the way it looks over a DB!
I would say that if you wear a 36 typo the 38 will be right on the border for fit. I wear the 38 primo (much slimmer than the tipo) and have worn both 38 and 40 field jackets with no problem as the internal waist cinch negates sizing up. I think the navy one is $895.
For those of you that wanted the Eidos field coat but missed it in your size its available in a navy twill flannel and an emerald casentino at bloomingdales We are also doing it with Greg again as a special project!
Our factory sells Michelangelo-branded garments all over Italy but the feedback we've gotten from our Italian agents is that our jackets are too long and too expensive. What's worse is that the stores we do sell to don't pay for anything they order. Its more sad than anything else.As we grow we will be able to focus on Europe more in general but at this time Quinton and I barely have time for the US market. That leaves the EU in the hands of our factory's Italian agents...
New Posts  All Forums: