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Please add $5 for CONUS shipping. Please PM for payment details. M. Bastian for Bergdorf Goodman White w/blue & pink stripe cutaway collar shirt, size 38/15. $85 ---> $75. Real MOP buttons handset sleevehead with neapolitan "grinze" pleating. Measurements: Shoulder: 18" Chest: 20.25" Length BOC: 30.5" Sleeve Length: 27.25" M. Bastian blue/white puckered cutaway collar shirt, size 40/15.75. SOLD. Real MOP buttons handset sleevehead with neapolitan "grinze"...
CONUS shipping is an additional $5 for all purchases under $100. Spend $100 and shipping is free. Please PM me for payment details.From Left:1. Polo Ralph Lauren brown/white/green silk repp tie, $35.Width: 3"Length: 59.5"2. Polo Ralph Lauren navy silk knit tie, SOLD.Width: 2"Length: 58.5"From Left:1. Rugby green unlined silk repp/club tie with owls, $25.Width: 3.25"Length: 55"2. Rugby navy/white/green unlined silk rep tie, SOLD.Width: 3.25"Length: 55"3. Rugby green...
CONUS shipping is an additional $5 for all purchases under $100. Spend $100 and shipping is free. Please PM me for payment details. From Left: 1. M. Bastian Gray/brown wool glenplaid tie from Fall 2009 collection, $65. Width: 2 5/8" Length: 61" 2. Alexander Olch gray flannel chalk stripe tie, $50. Width: 2 3/4" Length: 61" 3. NWOT Gant Rugger navy/red/white wool/silk repp tie, $65. Width: 2 5/8" Length: 62"
That's a barney's thing...they have them made up slimmer than normal.
I thought about doing the same thing...one heck of an investment! The raw silks are killer.
Nothing - just canvassed in the chest and lapel with no fusable down the jacket front. I know that brands like boglioli use this construction on some of their higher end things that they want to keep soft. The guys at suit supply said their MTM was the same construction. I haven't taken one apart and didn't do the pull test to be sure so I"m not certain but that's what they said. Either way, I know what factory they're making their stuff with in Portugal and I own a...
Okay, Here's my list of places that are interesting and somewhat unique to NYC, broken down by neighborhood: Upper East side Ralph Lauren Flagship at 72nd and Madison Peter Elliot Blue at 72nd and Lexington Gentleman's Resale at 81st between 1st and 2nd (This is NYC's best kept secret, seriously - shoe offering is incredible) Michele Negri at 79th and Madison (beautifully soft tailored Italian tailored clothing) Midtown Bergdorf Goodman Men 58th and 5th ave. (This is...
If you're in NYC I think it would be worth it to check out suit supply MTM for the following reasons: They offer a very good suit for the money (starts at $899 - semi-canvassed with no fusing, made in Portugal). They offer many of the same fabrics as ISAIA MTM (Ariston) They have many different styles including one called the Roma which has all the SF approved details such as soft shoulders, wider lapels, high gorge, more open quarters, etc.
Again - not sure on measurements but I know that boglioli usually runs pretty true to size/slim. If the shoulder measurement is on point you could always tailor it! This coat is a steal even when you factor in alterations!
Price drop - open to reasonable offers.
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