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Tenero is the only tailoring model sold at the following stores (with this in mind - if you see a jacket they are selling online - it is a tenero)AK RikksGentryHaberdashMartin PatrickLawrence CovellSaks ( tyson corner va, short hills mall nj, raleigh nc, online)Garmany (Red Bank, NJ and down the block from my house)PocketsStanley KorshakSteven GilesSy DevoreUtah Woolen MillsButch Blum
I noticed this on the tenero garments from this season as well. Isaia produced all our tailoring this fall, not Michelangelo and I think that plays a part. While the patterns didn't change the people that cut the garments did and that can effect the final outlook. FWIW I think the jacket looks great on you.
Probably OTR 52 but yes its a good deal regardless. Its most likely half canvassed but Barbera has always used beautiful fabrics. If it fits you well then you got lucky!
1. It was orange, not pink.2. Sadly no one bought it.3. The sample was a 48 and it was sold at the sample sale.
I would never try to sell Sid tailoring for all of the reasons you cite above. He has no need for our tailoring when he could make longer margins getting exactly what wants from his own producer.My understanding is that the shop is rapidly moving towards complete monobranding, which is amazing.
Regarding your overall question I would say that, simply put, tailoring as fashion is no longer trending. Carson Street's shift is more based in ideology than pure fiscal profitability (we had strong sell throughs there our last season and Eidos was the most frequestly searched word on their website). The Carson street guys have always been in the business of selling the "coolest" product. There was a solid 2-3 years where the people who set trends for the industry were...
The reality is that balthazar seems to fit most people really well.
Busted...One day we'll look back on this, and it will all seem funny.
All jackets at bloomingdales (no matter what the photos look like online) are the Balthazar now. The balthazar is what we developed the Tipo off of - same exact fit just a cm shorter with slightly more narrow, bellied lapels and a two button closure.I designed the cloth in my favorite fall quality from Lanificio di Pray - their mid-weight wool flannel. Really nice scale on the tooth.We probably won't get into Atlanta any time soon as the only store I would consider being...
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