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Bloomingdales' online offer is literally 1/3 the size of what they have in store. There is SO much more of the collection available at the actual locations.
Zeph and I are both wearing the primo in that video, which is only really available MTM.
Yessir - the base of the placket is now mitred. It was always supposed to be like this but our manufacturer produced it incorrectly the first couple seasons. If you look the through the collection in general you will notice the mitred bottom is a design detail we utilize across all categories for plackets and pockets except on classic suits, sport coats and topcoats. This is a nod to the name Eidos, which is something's true form or soul. Plato said that we could only...
Bloomingdales NYC should have in store by now!
Just so you guys know - this is why I do what I do. Thank you for your support. I'm glad you are finding value in our work and making it a part of your life.
Thanks for this Tweedy.Our spring campaign launched today on glenallsopxeidosnapoli.com for those interested.
The ciro is unlined too.The only jacket we offer lined is the tipo (although we made an exception for greg - he basically can do whatever he wants.)
None of the jackets are actually constructed with a spalla camicia (meaning that the seam allowance is folded inwards and stitched through to the top of the shoulder). The tipo is the only model that does not include some grinze (the slight uneveness that comes from having a sleevehead have a larger diameter than that of the armhole). The effect is more pronounced on some fabrics (usually lighter ones) than others.
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