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I see a lot of people doing this these days but its much more of a "fashion" thing. My advice is to go with the a white spread collar shirt with a white pique bib, removable buttons for studs and french cuffs. I'd recommend ours but they aren't carried by anyone currently. That said, you can make a great one with Proper Cloth for a good value.
These seriously arent wide enough?
Nearly every DB we've shown since the Florence collection has been the Ciro DB. It is indeed awesome. I same a to. of it but stores rarely buy DB. NMWA bought it in brown wide wale cord (just like we showed it in our presentation) for this coming fall along with matching pant separates.
This is from the first spring bloomingdales buy (This is rome collection).The fabric is the same. Its 100% cotton for both, just listed incorrectly by one of the stores.
I don't but Quinton does. He not exactly lying, he probably just doesnt know better. I know that this is how Canali operates at Bloomingdales (ship everything on plastic hangers and display them on wooden ones). Our hanger is built into the cost of our garments so you should absolutely be getting one.
This is 100% not true. Every garment is shipped with a new hanger.
In theory, all outerwear, jackets and suits should come with our hanger although stores do what they want with them. The crazy part is that many stores actually throw them away!
You are not going to see where this is let out at all. The weave is large and really open whereas most linen is more compact and flat.
Scoop has in navy.I would steam the sleeves and let rest so the wrinkles can settle.
No.Goodness gracious there were a lot of typos in my response to you. Glad it worked out. Enjoy it!
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