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My brother's first fitting on his second NSM jacket. It will be 2 hip patch/barchetta.
I tried the 38 SC on when I visited Jamison to pick up the brown captoes and I have to agree about #2. Whereas most jackets are cut with the front being longer than the back, these jackets appear to be cut straight, thus still making it tougher for a taller guy to wear them. As for #3, you are correct in referring to that as "gorge."
These are listed (not again as this listing isn't new but from over 2 weeks ago) as what they were sold to me as by the sales associate at the brooks brothers flagship store.
Price is shipped CONUS (I no longer ship internationally), please PM me for payment details. All sales are final. Sartoria Partenopea guncheck SC, size 38R (Drop 7), $575 --- > $545. Insane burgundy/navy/rust/cream 100% lambswool guncheck fabric, Full floating canvas, Fully lined. Soft, unpadded shoulders, 3/2 roll button closure with notch lapels, handsewn buttonholes, 3 patch pockets, 3 button non-working cuffs for easy alterations, side vents. Tons of handwork...
Patch Pockets are made in Italy and semi-canvassed, Flap pockets in China and fully canvassed.
Not true - These were purchased a few seasons ago before Brooks used Loake.
+1 but personally I feel that the Napoli look works better than the S. Row look on everyone
Foo might be the only person on the planet that would look good in Thom Browne.
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