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Thats the strange part. There is literally no one else doing what we do at this price in te wholesale market. The feedback from the european stores has largely been that they dont care about quality of construction. Mist stores would prefer I sell fused jackets.
I also haven't really had the time to dedicate to trying to get the business off the ground there. I will be at Pitti for sure. If you come please stop by and say hello!
FYI - Fairly certain all of Eidos went markdown yesterday at Bloomingdales NYC/SF.
They bought our other polo model, the "camicia," which came in a little longer than the lupo but also a hair off spec.There is considerably less handwork in Eidos tailoring than Kiton, Attolini and Rubinacci, which is a big part of the reason for the price disparity. I'll put our sportswear up to theirs any day of the week though but that's just me liking what I do Most European stores we have shown the collection to say it is too American and too expensive. Go figure.
This fabric is incredible.
Man was I hungover in that photo.They came in off spec and short the first season - Next season they will be perfect!
Head to toe: Sunglasses - Warby Parker Wool/silk shepherds' check jacket - Eidos indigo v-neck sweater - Club Monaco Army one piece collar polo - Eidos Chocolate croc belt - Bastian White canvas militia pant - Eidos Hooves - Belgian
CSC can do a MTM tuxedo for you no problem! Call Patrick and he should be able to help out.
Description is correct - its a greyish green houndstooth from lanifico di pray and it is awesome IRL.Check out the photo of me in the interview I did with unbelragazzo for SF - Im wearing it!Not really, no. At least not yet. I want to do it right and havent had the time. We did a tumblr based microsite for our spring collection which can be seen at thisisrome.netThis is a very good summation of our factory's history, although much of the correale and michelangelo...
@9thsymph Tie looks great!
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