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Bump for a great seller - the gators are a friggin' STEAL!
Drops on rugger pants and denim.
Pricing slashes across the board. Would really like to move everything in the thread TODAY. Open to reasonable offers!
Added rugger trou...
Added Cantarelli SC and Gant rugger trousers. Open to reasonable offers!
Drops on remaining sportcoats and shoes. The Kiton is now below my cost and a full on steal....
DROPS on remaining GANT by Bastian SCs and shirts. Buy both shirts for $145 shipped CONUS! EDIT: shirts and suit SOLD.
Hey fellas - I've got a bunch of NWT Gant by M. Bastian SCs and a suit up here: http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=240687 They're a crazy deal when you consider that the construction is on par with his main line and he's using the same fabrics (mostly subalpino).
Drops on the Kiton, Herno and Gant by Bastian shirts.... The Kiton is a giveaway for what it is. nbernie - Depends on the tailor but if you live in NYC I have a good one that has done it for me before and is very reasonable...
My brothers and I have a few of these as well. However, ours weren't thrift store finds but gifts from the man himself to our late father. I used to work with a card carrying member of the Italian communist party and that tie really drove her crazy.... Quote: Originally Posted by cpmac7 Evidence....... Listening to offers
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