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@thegreatgatsby - prices are dictated by fabric. The jacket you saw at Carson is a Loro Piana fabric that would be retail for arounk 4k at Isaia. The goal is not to be the cheapest here - its about value. Im proud that we can offer full canvassed clothing (and sportswear to go with it) thats entirely made in italy using the best fabrics in the world for a price that is actually accessible. We offer a large selection of jackets for under 1K as well, you just may not...
Will be at Haberdash in the coming months!
Don't have the answer to that yet as they are both samples from my new fall collection that I am currently selling. Carson Street Clothiers noted the shirt jacket and the sweater has been noted by The Armoury, Pockets (Dallas), Steven Giles (Oklahoma City) and Martin Patrick (Minneapolis) so far. We shall see how it shakes out when the orders are placed.
Unfortunately, not at this time.
Overcoat, sweater, shirt jacket, polo and jeans are Eidos Napoli Shoes are RL
This is a beautiful suit.
Suit and shirt - Eidos Napoli Tie - Vintage Shoes - ROTM
I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! Jacket - NSM Shirt -Eidos Napoli Tie - 60's Brooks Brothers Trou - Isaia Napol=i Shoes - Edward Green
The "C" in CBD stands for conservative, no? That said, nothing with shine is particularly conservative, outside of formalwear. I think that ties with sheen are seen as part of the widespread business wardrobe lexicon thanks to the prevalence of the Brioni look in finance. That look isn't particularly conservative either.
Suit is a raw silk so the stripe is an uneven, slubbed yarn. Shoes are indeed suede - its raining in NYC!
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