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The 70s Bruce Springsteen look continues. Suede fishing vest and inside out shawl sweatshirt are Eidos prototypes I am wear testing. Denim and polo are current season product.
Absolutely they do. There's a great assortment in 36r and 36s.I love how andy and doug bought the collection - they are probably my favorite specialty store. The width of the sleevehead on the tenero made up slim this season which is making a lot of guys feel like they need to ssize up. I increased the width for fall and i think you'll find it a lot more comfortable. I also tightened the buttonstance as it felt high to me as well! They should be able to adjust that in...
Rainy day - blue kit. All Eidos. Also nice little bit about what were up to over on Lincoln Center's blog, The Coda today. Sorry for the shameless plug, the blue steel shot and the sh***y pics today.
I basically live in our long sleeve polos. Haberdash bought the most aggressive cut we offer and were the only store in the world to do so. In retrospect we probably should have pushed them towards our middle fit which seems to work well for most guys. Let me know when you are in the city - I'd be happy to take you through the collection at Bloomingdales!
To me its all about context. Socks are more of a necessity in a more classically professional environment (like a law/medical/financial setting) than they are for a clothing designer who could very easily wear a tee shirt and jeans to the office every day. I wear tailoring because I love it. That said, there is always going to be a much more casual approach to how I dress every day, even when wearing a suit and tie.
Socks are a winter thing for me unless I'm wearing lace ups, which I rarely do once the weather warms. I favor loafers with a lower vamp and I don't think low vamp shoes look good with socks. Feel free to disagree.
The tailoring you see here is made to measure for me with the occasional salesman sample that I've made up in a model that fits me well.
Willing the weather to turn and wearing denim even when I'm not. One of my favorite swatches from our spring season, our denim blue/army raw silk/linen glen plaid made up as a DB suit, box check spread collar and army linen knit all Eidos. Alden hooves that could use a trip to the cobbler.
Liverano is Florentine and Isaia has not produced private label goods for an outside brand in years. Our factory (called Michelangelo and owned by the Isaia family) produced Liverano RTW in the past to the same standards of make that the Eidos line is produced at.
Started the weekend early. Sorry for the lack of tailoring in the fit - had planned on something else but wanted to wear test the white Eidos military pant I picked up at Carson yesterday. Sweater and shirt are Eidos too. Jacket is an old M65 and shoes are Venetian friuli.
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