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For their first season, Bloomingdales chose a relatively safe buy because the product was untested. Thankfully it has been working on their floor. Next season, you will find some really fantastic swatches available there and at the other 20 stores that have chosen to pick us up.
It doesn't surprise me that all the Isaia retail associates don't know about it. We're keeping it entirely separate as its a different idea. There is no mention of Isaia anywhere on our garments. We don't want it to feel like a diffusion line because it isn't. I genuinely believe that our silhouettes stand up (and in many cases surpass) to the best things available in the market, at any price point.
I believe they do. I know or a fact that carson street does.
Michelangelo is the factory where the Eidos tailored clothing is produced. The factory no longer produces garments under the Michelangelo label but continues to make private label goods for many other brands at all different levels of make. All the non washed garments in Eidos collection are made with a full canvas construction.
Hi All - If this does work out, Roberto will be coming to NYC from January 16th-19th. Still waiting to hear about prices and will update as soon as I know something. Its really about whether we can drum up enough business to make the trip worthwhile for him. That said,if you are interested, please shoot me a PM and I can pass along his contact info. to set an appointment. -AKC
Didn't Vox have a navy suit made with open buttonholes and double sided, reversible buttons for this exact purpose?
Hi All - For those of you who don't know me, my name is Antonio Ciongoli and I'm the creative director of Eidos Napoli, a new project rooted in tailored clothing from the Isaia group. I'm currently in the process of designing next fall's collection, which is largely inspired by the city of Florence and its longstanding history of artisanship. With this in mind, I have been talking with one of my favorite Florentine artisans, the bespoke shoemaker Roberto Ugolini, about...
That's a comparison I've been using frequently to guys who know clothing. That said, obviously our pricing structure is very different. The name was one of the only things I was given coming into the project as Isaia already owned the rights to it for clothing and apparel.Just a quick aside - According to the higher ups here at HQ, the S in Isaia's widely available "S" body stands for Sirio and the three models have the same fit. That said, I have developed 3 new ...
L/S polos are $175 and shirts range from $175 - $350 depending on model and fabric with the high end being solbiati linens.From a quality level, our knits and wovens stack up against made in Italy product that costs 3 times as much.
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