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ALL ITEMS SOLD.NWOT M. Bastian red down vest with tweed western yoke from Fall 10, size M (Eu 50), SOLD. [[SPOILER]] Loro Piana 100% cashmere gray flannel quilted vest - size S SOLD. [[SPOILER]]
The sleeves could easily be shortened over an inch at the cuff and as much as need be (by an experienced tailor) at the shoulder.
Gant jacket is like new but pre-owned.
Not a troll, not an idiot. I'm someone who just thinks point collar shirts have no place in a well dressed man's wardrobe. That photo would be dramatically improved by peak or shawl lapels and a semi spread collar shirt.
That does not look good.
The tag looks like Lardini to me.
Drop on the boglioli cashmere
You never know until you try.
The 48 (US 38) is still available.
New Posts  All Forums: