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That jacket looks fantastic with stone or very very pale khaki trousers, as well as any white and raw denim.
That is actually a sample 48L in our slimmest cut.
Dinner at Rao's tonight! All Eidos errrythang except the hooves and Umbrella - thems is Michele Negri and Maglia.
Stone cotton pseudo solaro, with cotton/linen spread and brick/khaki cotton knit all Eidos. Belgian hooves.
Is that a Capelli tie from their outlet??? I wanted a similar one so badly!
I live this mang....but seriously - this fabric is a raw silk chalkstripe fresco and lends itself very well to casual wear in real life.
Head to ankles Eidos Napoli. Alden hooves.
I'm fairly certain it is not sold out. Did you ask them to check the back or call SF? I can see the numbers and we are sitting on a good deal of that coat.It will be next season.
That was basically my elevator pitch to Isaia and I believe wholeheartedly that you are right. We are ready to sell to Europe - but the stores have to want to buy it and so far all I hear from our European agent is how tough the economy is there and that nobody cares about how the clothing is made, they want inexpensive goods.
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