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Coincidentally, Vox posted this on tumblr today:I think anyone that tries to argue against the elegance conveyed by the silhouette of the Nicholas brothers' jackets (typified by an extended shoulder and narrow waist) is fighting a steep uphill battle.
I had first-time walk through with a very prominent online retailer last week who knew nothing of the collection outside of the fact that we were part of the Isaia group until they walked into our showroom. After I took them through it the first question they asked was about my distribution, citing that they tend to align themselves from a brand perspective with Bergdorf Goodman and would be more inclined to pick us up if we were sold there as well.
Also, I think Antonio has been in the clothing business for some time, right? Although I wouldn't consider myself in the fashion business, I had some taste of the trade in the 90s, when I worked in magazine publishing (where we had a "fashion spread," like everyone else). One of the interesting things, I think, was that lookbooks were pretty much only for industry-insiders back then. They were passed out at tradeshows, given to store and media reps in order to build...
Not sure if it is fair to equate your self-proclaimed taste with what is dignified (as you stated previously) or acceptable as you state above. While those things may not be your taste, there is most certainly a historical antecedent for them (as the Flusser so articulately demonstrates in the video above) that shows them to be both.
IMHO the brown and cream shepard's check is the 2nd most versatile jacket a guy can wear after a blue blazer as it is equally at home with denim, chinos and flannels.
First off, its important to note that this is all subjective. My opinions on evening wear are my own, although I do pride myself and the collection on a strong understanding of what has come before. Many designers do things just because they think they are "cool." I make an effort to consider the historical antecedent and ground our clothing and silhouettes there. Great dinner clothes are descendent of white tie and tails, which has broad shoulders and a waist so...
For the record, I sampled tons of navy.
Agreed - It definitely works. That said, I'm inclined to think a chocolate grenadine or linen knit would knock it out of the park.
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