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True story and we have some amazing fabrics available.
The reality is that there is not a single other RTW brand that offers this quality/value ratio at full price, let alone on sale.
That was one of the fabrics from the small Japanese mill we work with. I love that flannel quality - so gutsy but still soft.
I do - its one of the few shirt samples I held onto from this fall. Thomas Mason twill in a beautiful terra cotta orange and green bold tattersal. The collar is soft, unlined and based on a brooks brothers OCBD of my father's from 1963. The shirts are, I think, the most underrated category we offer. If you don't know much about them I can quickly summarize that the price here is insane for what you are getting. I was just at the manufacturer last week where I saw them...
I wear the same size as I do in tailoring for the blouson.
Welcome to the club my friend.
Seibert's shoes.
true story. We are taking a break from pitti and instead doing a live model presentation during new york fashion week.
nope - I wear a 48 EU and the size 48 fits me well both over a suit as well as over a sweater.
Absolutely not. This coat is definitely one you want to buy the same size as your tailoring as it is cut shapely but roomy.
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