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PSA to all lupo wearers out there. That placket button is there for decoration - no need to button it! The placket is deliberately cut to overlap in a way that stops it from opening and exposing too much chest. Buttoning that button changes the line and shape of the collar.
If you're a 48 the m should be good.
A little fall 16 preview from our Milan showroom.
It should be noted that the retail cost of the Carlo Barbera piece goods here is nearly cost of what this is listed for. Its also one of a kind.
What new cut? The bathazar? The balthazar and tip are the exact same block. The o ly difference is the balthazar is 1 cm shorter with a slighty more narrow, bellied lapel.
I don't see why not. It's waterproof and has a game pocket in the back. My brother is a hunter and was the main impetus for this jacket in the first place. When working on the collection he asked me to make one that he could actually shoot in ( tightly woven, water repellant face that would not get snagged in brush but still really warm). This is where we landed.
A quick and dirty preview for you guys of what will likey be coming to NMWA next fall from Eidos: EIDOS maremmana hunting jacket made for hunting...Chocolate japanese weathercloth lined in chocolate shearling. Stay warm and dry my friends. (It should be noted that this coat is one size smaller than Q would wear.)
Casentino was originally developed as a foul weather fabric.
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