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Quote: Originally Posted by constant struggle Dang, the length on your old jackets were spot on, but now these new jackets they are all too long. Seems that your old customers and your new customers for the jackets may be different Any plans on making shorter lengths? The old length was very fashion forward. For OTR, the new length is much more classic and will suit a much bigger client base. I think Jamison will find that the number of...
Quote: Originally Posted by T4phage and this is a case where some shoulder padding would help the extreme slope Shoulder padding has never helped anybody.
If Bijan can make it in the rag game, there's hope for anyone.
Quote: Originally Posted by chorse123 Not a lot to tell at this point. We're going to have some winter blazers, a windowpane or two, and a plaid or two. Some of the fabric I ordered is not going to be able to be fulfilled, so we're looking at adding some new things to the line. Two of my favorites are back in stock in 38, and I don't expect them to last long. Dang this went before I could even blink.
Quote: Originally Posted by xudisco07 Anyone have any idea about these made in England RL shoes? Polo made in England are Crockett & Jones, Purple label is Edward Green.
Can anybody ID the maker on this????
I'm after that basic navy in a 38, if anyone got one but its a touch long let me know as I've got a perfect and almost identical 38 SC in a loro piana wool cashmere blend from the swedish store Rose & Born that's just a touch too short for me and I'd be happy to trade.
Good lord, did you kill it Jamison. The new length is also SPOT ON. I can't believe I missed the navy blazer. Dang! BTW - If this hasn't taught you to front load 36s & 38s I don't know what can.
GANT SC, Rugger nanny red pants and black venetians SOLD DROPS on the remaining. EDIT: For the question below - they fit a 10 - 10.5
Last gant by Bastian item sold. Last round of drops before most gets moved to ebay for substantially higher prices.
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