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You missed my point. I'm talking about a visual anchor so the collar points don't look like they just float in the shirt, which all point collar shirts look like no matter how stiff their collars are. To me it makes the wearer look weak.
Pointed collars should have buttons through them. Collar points need an anchor, whether its a button or a lapel edge.
If you took some clear photos I might actually buy this.
The boglioli was SOLD a long time ago.
Thanks. From what I've seen, the comments about Mina cutting everything too narrow are incorrect. My jacket is certainly more loose-ftting than I'm used to and that is something that Mina really fought me on (she wanted my jacket to have less of a waist, I wanted more).As for length, that was a tough one. Mina really wanted my coat to be shorter but at just north of 6'3", I was determined to have this coat cover my behind. I think where we landed was a pretty good...
Thanks Parker. Its a Subalpino sale e pepe donegal tweed (don't remember the exact quality). I have a soft spot for Italian-made fabrics that look English.
I wanted it to be a kind of hybrid between classic neapolitan and american style tailoring - two button cuffs, super soft shoulder, 3/2roll with side vents, a higher gorge and more open quarters. The set in patch ticket pocket is nice because its a great place to put glasses or a phone. I think next time I'll have Mina move it down more into the larger patch pocket so its not so prominent.
When you say new space do you mean showroom or retail store??
Picked up my first NSM commission yesterday and I think its a success. My brother will have to wait for one more trip as they had made some serious errors in length on the last go. Mina was extremely apologetic about this - she went and purchased the fabric at her own expense and completely recut the jacket.
Nothing looks tackier or more unrefined than a point collar shirt.
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