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A little preview of tomorrow's NYFW:Mens presentation tomorrow.
Shipped from Italy today.
It has a wider leg than the Sal, although not substantially so.
That pant is actually the lorenzo trouser - it was developed before the sal and has a wider leg. No store has ever picked that up although we do offer it in MTM.
I'm pretty sure the NMWA tuxedo comes with Sal formal pants.We do not tape the seams on lined jackets.As it stands now, we are showing the spring Eidos collection in New York on July 14th. That may change by a day or two though since the CFDA moved Robert Geller on top of our confirmed time slot after he was already confirmed for the 16th.
I am strongly in the "no boat shoes with anything made by Eidos" camp. Have you thought about suede driving shoes?
Just a heads up guys - Eidos will be included in the Isaia sample sale next week.
The Armoury brought in two of our woven Lupo shirts from the first spring collection. We stopped after this season as the other components of our brand never really made sense with the shop. They didnt need the tailoring due to Ring Jacket and felt they could cover our sportswear offering with Man 1924 and their own private label. More than that, I think their approach to how clothing should be worn is just different than ours.
Model - Carson's is shorter.
This.All our double breasted outerwear is cut with all interior buttonholes cut so that the jackets lapels can be fastened back on themselves and converted to a single breasted silhouette. The hook and eye allows you to close the jacket if you want.
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