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Don't remember that - we tend to do cottons, linens and tech blends in the spring.
We bought 4 or 5 pairs when we went to India. I've been trying to find similar ones in the US with zero luck.
The cardigan is only available in the blue. It is definitely available at other stores, I just can't remember where at the moment.
George Cortina - he's a stylist that used to be on the sartorialist quite frequently. He has been a consistent reference throughout the EIDOS design process as he has a knack for wearing simple things (often classically rooted silhouettes with little to no pattern or bold colors) in an interesting way. While I don't cosign all his looks or styling tricks I tend to be really inspired by his style.Some good examples:
This is a good one - super lightweight stone colored cotton twill from Thomas Mason. Reminiscent of a khaki drill military shirt, but simplified (no epaulets) and softened (desaturated the color, smaller unlined semi spread collar). This is the image I had in my mind when sketching the model and choosing the fabric:We narrowed the pocket shape and gave it double needle stitching throughout so when you wash it the seams will pucker beautifully. The model is also soon to...
I believe so.
We are just doing a better job of shipping now! First drop should be hitting all our retailers any day if its not there already.
Sam is no longer offered although there are some amazing things that have taken its place.
This has been my experience as well. I would recommend taking the same size as sal (bottom opening on the 32 should be 19cm).
Shirts we cut large and on the shorter side this fall. We've advised everyone to size down at least one if not two sizes from their normal size. Thankfully, this issue has been resolved and the shirt fit should be really good for spring.
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