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Simply put, I have been extremely unhappy with our sportpant manufacturer for the last three seasons. The product they have made has been inconsistent at best and I have been trying to change but its difficult to find someone in Italy that will produce washed and dyed casual pants with the complexity of detail I put into the garment. This has forced me to try and design around the problems ie: doing yarn dyed styles instead of garment dying, simplifying the internal...
. My factory doesn't want to make them in shorts and longs.
We've played with the samples of this cloth a lot (we sampled it in two colors and have dressed and undressed mannequin many times with them) and its held up really nicely so far.We didn't show the Sal in the presentation but the cloth is the same fabric we used to make up the belted field jacket in the second look.
If it makes you feel any better that Solbiati barre striped seersucker fabric is a FORTUNE and thus the cost. You won't find another one like it anywhere.
I would say that, more than anything, the draw of the Smith solaro is that it is the original. The fabric quality was invented by Smith and they own the rights to the name. The color is also completely unique and different than all the Italian versions I've seen. I used to own the cotton version made by Ormezzano (I believe the Cacciopoli one is run by loro piana) and I didnt love it because it had a gabardine-like finish that didn't to move with the body. It almost...
Hi All - a few things. 1. Both the ghurka shorts and the drawstring shorts have a wide waist and are meant to be cinched down so theres is flexibility in sizing for both styles. That said, I wuld say that if you are a 48 in our sal trousers than you should order a 32, etc. 2. The seersucker fabric on the shorts is from Solbiati, not Japan. 3. The Japanese nailhead weathercloth fabric (from Shuttlenotes) uses natural indigo yarn but is water repellant and is truly...
. Tailoring hasn't been the focus of our collection since the 3rd season.
EIDOS SS 2017 - Bar Palladio to Bagru
Greg noted this in 1 button shawl today.
They were his own juti - the brand is Bata. Basically every man we saw Rajasthan was wearing a handsewn camel leather version of them, although they were very, very difficult to find in large sizes. I managed to track down a brown pebble pair for myself and have worn them like crazy since.
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