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For those of you that wanted the Eidos field coat but missed it in your size its available in a navy twill flannel and an emerald casentino at bloomingdales We are also doing it with Greg again as a special project!
Our factory sells Michelangelo-branded garments all over Italy but the feedback we've gotten from our Italian agents is that our jackets are too long and too expensive. What's worse is that the stores we do sell to don't pay for anything they order. Its more sad than anything else.As we grow we will be able to focus on Europe more in general but at this time Quinton and I barely have time for the US market. That leaves the EU in the hands of our factory's Italian agents...
Nope. Every store we've shown it to in the EU says its too expensive and would rather I lower the quality and sell it cheaper. This is not going to happen while I'm involved. That said, there is a lot of the collection online at this point via Bloomingdales, No Man Walks Alone, Carson Street and Etonshirts.com
I don't actually agree with this Greg - I wore mine over a suit or sport coat about 3 days a week last winter. The cut is fairly straight without cinching the waist (its a drawcord like on an M-65).
Just so you know, Isaia doesn't make private label for ANYONE. Any time you hear someone saying "this is made by Isaia" it is made by Michelangelo, our factory. It is a completely different facility. This is true for close to the last 10 years and includes makers from Arny's to Liverano RTW.
.Those are the SAND model (See where it says that on the label? That is the model code), which is the half canvassed version of the BAZAR. These were all created before I joined the company. When I started. I created all new jacket models that are fully canvassed (except the lavato which is washed and cannot be).If you are looking at OLD Eidos product, the only model that is fully canvassed is the BAZAR. As for more recent product that is bound to start hitting the...
I get into town Wednesday morning and will be at Pockets that afternoon. Quinton is coming in Thursday and we will be splitting up to service both stores. If you live in town please stop by either one. We'd love to meet you.No can do sir. Flying back on Friday (although Q will be stay until Saturday) for my wife's birthday
no that is not correct. Slimming a sleeve is a fairly standard alteration, one that I did on every jacket I ever owned before Eidos.
Saying our jackets are structured would be misleading as they are not what anyone would think of when you say "a structured jacket" or a "structured shoulder."I think padding has a huge deal to do with a definition of structure - not just in the shoulders but through the chest as well.Many people go to Naples for the sole purpose of getting full canvassed jackets that feel soft and unstructured. That's kind of the point.
No padding in the shoulder at all in the lorenzo. The only thing you feel is the canvas that runs up to the shoulder seam.
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