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Trotted out my navy flannel Eidos field today - worn over a suit.
Those are all pre-Me so remember to check the code on the inside - if it says bazar on the inside its full canvas. If it does not, then it isn't.
Very easily done.
We can do both shorts and longs for all outerwear.
No but the navy and white are available online here.
This is not true. The Lorenzo has a slimmer half waist than the Tipo.
There has been no change whatsoever to the Tipo. Different fabrics tailor differently, drape differently, etc. There is also a 1cm +/- tolerance on all measurements for our garments as well so some individual jackets may feel a tad more snug or loose in some places but we haven't changed the Tipo since it has worked so well.What we did tweak was the shoulder on the tenero as the width across the sleeve head was far too tight. We gave it a much fuller sleeve head which...
OOutside of shirting, I don't really believe in year round fabrics. Most people eat seasonally these days, I think you should dress seasonally as well.
Nope - The style is constructed in the same manner as the nearly all military coats I have seen, without canvas or fusible.
I think we have covered that what we are doing isn't your taste. You said previously that you don't like a nipped waist. With that said, you will like nothing we do.
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