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Long sleeve and short sleeve are cut the same and the knit pique lupo polos are all the same fit at every vendor.I am weary of broadly advising people to size up here because, this has not been the majority of feedback we have received. IMO they are form fitting but true to size and most people that have bought their normal size have been happy with the results.Its obviously hard to tell from the photos you posted but the short sleeve polos look bigger on you than I would...
The sal pant is here to stay although NMWA is the only vendor to pick it up
Once most guys try natural waist trousers they don't go back. They are so. much. more. comfortable.Like Greg said, don't over think this. i wear snuff and sand suede shoes with my brown suits. Really dark brown calf works as well.. From looking at these two photos I would definitely say not to size up. I think its a keep or return thing but FWIW I think it looks great.
Nothing planned for this spring and probably not fall either.
Scoop doesnt have it online but cottage does via farfetch.
Yep - We would just reduce the point to point measurement.
Here is the complete vendor's list for this spring. It will change for next season.
Its not a design style - its a specific maker that actually has a patent on the design due to its innovative "inside-out" construction that makes them incomparably comfortable. It is a huge part of the reason that people are so devoted to them and, until recently, travelled from all over the world to their tiny shop on the upper east side to get them. Various different companies (Rubinacci via Farfalla, Bowtie, Fabio) have copied the look without implementing the...
No. They are real Belgian loafers. Why would you buy the fake ones when you could get the real ones?
Supposed to be in the 80s today in NYC so linens are making their debut. Eidos "Ciro" DB suit in a khaki/tobacco linen from Ormezzano. Eidos Lupo polo in White pique Belgian hooves.
New Posts  All Forums: