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Welcome to the club my friend.
Seibert's shoes.
true story. We are taking a break from pitti and instead doing a live model presentation during new york fashion week.
nope - I wear a 48 EU and the size 48 fits me well both over a suit as well as over a sweater.
Absolutely not. This coat is definitely one you want to buy the same size as your tailoring as it is cut shapely but roomy.
You can try but the sport shirts are pre washed so they've usually shrunk as much as they're going to. If you like the fabric I would see if alterable because it was definitely a one and done kind of thing that I don't anticipate being available again in the future.
The tenero is 1cm shorter than the tipo.
That's me.
Are you saying I look like a K-Pop star?
Not surprisingly, We didn't sell a ton of the Ciro to stores but we do it almost exclusively in MTM. Greg is really the only retailer to get behind the idea of a fuller lapeled jacket. The Ciro came from me wearing the Lorenzo and finding things I wanted to change about it i.e.: closing the quarters, giving it the long Neapolitan chest dart that runs to the bottom of the coat to clean up the chest, etc. As it is now I love it but I wanted to make sure that Greg had...
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