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Nope - because he played the fiddle while the city of Rome burned.
It's been a minute - largely due to the fact that its been a minute since I've worn anything resembling proper tailoring. That said, I'm (semi) respectable today because I'm headed to Bloomingdales NYC's tailored clothing event tonight at their 59th St. store from 6:30-8:30. If you're in the area and would like to chat please stop by and say hi. Deets : Eidos Shepherd's check jacket (tallia delfino) in the Primo silhouette Eidos blue/white multi stripe (albini)...
The nero was a model we developed for stores that didn't want to get behind a longer length. It's the tipo but 1.5cm shorter. Fun fact - the name Nero is significant here. Anyone know why?.Saying you prefer the the NMWA model to the Ciro is kind of silly as they are very, very similar.
Just so you all know - that cardigan is the spring version of our basketweave cardigan and it was our best selling sweater. It will be sold online through multiple vendors.
the fabric above versus the one you purchased are very different. The one above is an 800g alpaca and wool blend that is fully lined in shirting weight flannel. I felt that, in general, all our coats needed to be heavier and warmer than last season so I did this to most of them. That said, increased weight for both outer fabrics and lining raises the price. You get what you pay for.Regarding sleeve length, Our ulster coat has turnback cuffs (like you would find if you...
Aesthetics aside - handwork. There is substantially more handwork in an Isaia garment than an Eidos one.I'd say its mid weight (I can't remember the grams offhand but I would guess around 325 - 350).
All our 3 button jackets are 3/2 roll. I spoke withBloomingdales regarding the product shots last season but looks like the message was lost in translation. The biggest challenge with their selling online is that they shoot our samples ahead of time, which are NEVER sampled in the models they order, as opposed to waiting until they receive their own order. Its important to know this going in. For spring they ONLY have the tipo. This will change back to the balthazar...
Seems crazy to me that they won't.
All bloomingdales pants have belt loops. They are all also unfinished.
This suit was what I was calling "winter solaro.". Its a brown herringbone with a bit of red yarn in the weft (though not a true solaro in that its double faced). The idea here was basically to have a casual suit that could be easily broken up. The jacket is great with jeans, the trousers beautiful back to knitwear. As a suit it is defintely on the more casual side of things.
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