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For those who haven't yet seen it, below is our winter editorial, entitled Soul has no Gender. The concept for this was largely inspired Glen Allsop's wife and mine, who wear our EIDOS garments nearly every day. I'm so happy how this turned out that I actually plan on offering components of the collection as unisex styles for Fall market.
The only model we offer that has similar shoulders to the Balthazar is the tipo (which is more or less extinct at this point). Every other model we make has completely unpadded shoulders.
Sizing is the same - we don't offer different sizing for different markets. As for pricing, I'm not sure how its done but I am sure shipping and duties have something to do with it.
We offer many sport pant models in matching fabrics to the Augusto so they can be worn as casual suits. This spring we will have a Japanese natural indigo dyed seersucker with a matching ghurka trouser and also an indigo/black linen herringbone from Solbiati with a matching drawstring pant.
Barena's fabrics tend to be knit, which is great, but we have some really, really interesting things coming for spring and next fall is just bananas. Your comment about boglioli is the main reason why I can't get over the vent thing yet. Without vents, its almost a shirt jacket. Simply put, this is a jacket designed for an SW£D guy, not a CM guy.Finally, Bloomingdales will never have Tenero, if for no other reason than their frequency of markdowns. Its the only thing...
Barena does a good job in this category. I think the draw/opportunity for us is our exclusive and unique textiles.
Its not completely straight but it is a relaxed leg. Definitely not what I would describe as a slim chino.The fit should be the same.I appreciate the feedback and the point of view and I'm looking forward to seeing the vented sample. That said, the Augusto jacket was created to fill a very different niche than the one described above. The Tenero does the job of casual business needs and is already offered in many casual fabrics. We created the Augusto to be the purest...
Mr Porter has broken price for good at a rate of 40-50% off. There is some great stuff still there but it is moving quick. I myself bought the stone nonno chino since this is its last season in the collection and we never sampled it in the fabric they ordered. The other big stars, to me, are the two ls tee shirt options, which have a lot more detailing in the make than traditional tees. The natural indigo breton stripe is (along with the matera and navy cable knit) my...
I wish I had designed this coat. It is so, so good.
Sadly, the degree to which our fits vary from season to season has little to do with me. I would like nothing more than to have one consistent fit from season to season (for 90% of the collection). Isaia runs our production and makes decisions on who we produce with. Some of these suppliers have been better than others (our sweaters are very consistent, our pants not at all up to now). I've said this before and I'll repeat it again. Italy, as a country, is not good at...
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