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no that is not correct. Slimming a sleeve is a fairly standard alteration, one that I did on every jacket I ever owned before Eidos.
Saying our jackets are structured would be misleading as they are not what anyone would think of when you say "a structured jacket" or a "structured shoulder."I think padding has a huge deal to do with a definition of structure - not just in the shoulders but through the chest as well.Many people go to Naples for the sole purpose of getting full canvassed jackets that feel soft and unstructured. That's kind of the point.
No padding in the shoulder at all in the lorenzo. The only thing you feel is the canvas that runs up to the shoulder seam.
This feels really fresh.
Chilly and rainy in NYC. Time to trot out the fall stuff (and socks!) Brown donegal suit in Lorenzo cut with Lorenzo trouser (highwaisted with double forward pleat, side tabs and a fuller leg) - Eidos Denim shirt - Eidos My father's vintage Atkinsons repp tie ROTM beat to sh** suede Chukkas
So glad you like it! To my eye I would take the waist in slightly and slim the sleeves a hair but its really all about what you are comfortable with.
Back in the office from a month long business trip and embracing the last days of nice weather navy puppy tooth fresco suit - Eidos Ciro model ice blue co/li spread - Eidos Linen plaid tie - E. G. Cappelli Square - Christian Kimber Belgian hooves
Happy to say we are receiving our fall MTM books next week.At this point, we only ship our MTM garments to the retailers that we sell it through.Eidos MTM is more like a highly customizable MTO program. You pick your model and base size, your fabric and trim (buttons, undercollar, lining, suede for elbow patches if you want). Then we take measurements to adjust the following:1. jacket point to point2. jacket length3. jacket half waist4. jacket sleeve length5. trouser...
No button fly. Ever. On anything. Including denim. Huge personal pet peeve. Sorry.
Have been getting a tremendous amount of positive feedback regarding the suit trouser so we won't be changing it any time soon. That said, the way to go for you will be mto with the next size up or one of the other models.
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