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The tweed from Molloy? Nope. That was a one and done. The vast majority of what we do is seasonal with the idea that it should be limited and special. If you see something you like, you should jump on it.
just so you all know - this is a lavato - which is our washed and dyed jacket (not full canvas). It runs substantially shorter and slimmer than the tipo.
I'm incredibly biased about what to look out for as I designed the collection and think its all great. One thing that we did really well with that will be available this season only is our "Dickie" shirt. Its a version of the woven lupo shirt the armoury offered the first spring but with a full placket, short sleeves and a mitred, extended waistband style hem. Full disclosure - The style is 100% lifted from Dickie Greenleaf's two tone Janzen beach shirt in The Talented...
MTO means you can order shorts!
Yes - all NMWA models are available MTO but not necessarily the same fabrics.
True story and we have some amazing fabrics available.
The reality is that there is not a single other RTW brand that offers this quality/value ratio at full price, let alone on sale.
That was one of the fabrics from the small Japanese mill we work with. I love that flannel quality - so gutsy but still soft.
I do - its one of the few shirt samples I held onto from this fall. Thomas Mason twill in a beautiful terra cotta orange and green bold tattersal. The collar is soft, unlined and based on a brooks brothers OCBD of my father's from 1963. The shirts are, I think, the most underrated category we offer. If you don't know much about them I can quickly summarize that the price here is insane for what you are getting. I was just at the manufacturer last week where I saw them...
I wear the same size as I do in tailoring for the blouson.
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