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Those are sal trouser samples (from the spring season where Isaia produced our sample set and made them with a narrow waistband accidentally).
If you're talking about the Ragosta then I'd really advise against sizing down this season. The fit was conpletely overhauled this season. It is shorter and has substantially more narrow shoulders.
I'd keep the same size.Thanks. The pricing on the indigo knits is due to a combination of factors. First, the fabric we are using is mostly Japanese yarn dyed natural (not synthetic) indigo, like you would find at 45rpm. This doesn't run cheap (about as much per yard as many of the loro piana tailoring fabrics we use in the collection). Secondly, there is a cost inherent to making things in Italy that I just can't get around. We obviously try to make our garments...
Definitely not a style to size down on. If anything I'd say size up if you are planning to wear over tailoring.
And we are live at UNIONMADE. I believe there are a few more things trickling in but this is a good introduction.
Yep - Supply and Advise did the vintage printed slub cotton as a ragosta for just this reason as they are in Miami.http://www.supplyandadvise.com/products/eidos-ragosta-printed-slub-cotton-jacket-navy?variant=30430973892The matera is cotton as well.Nope - the lorenzo is the double forward pleat model. everything else is flat front.
This. Marcus isn't a fan of beltloops so we developed the UAB (our mid-rise slim waistband trouser with a 20cm bottom opening) with side tabs just for him.
Marcusmalmborg.com is now officially live with Marcus' first drop. Lots of Ciro, Sal and lorenzo trousers, overcoats and 8 different colors of lupos.
Come through if you are in the bay area!
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