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Who produced this tie? We use the same silk supplier!Navy knit.IMO You are easily the most inspiring contributor to this thread.
Most Neapolitan shirtmakers I know deliberately cut shoulders their patterns with a more narrower point to point and a larger sleeve head so that your shoulder sits comfortably inside the sleevehead. Do you have any Ingress shirts? He does this as well.My worry is that you won't notice the shoulders being more narrow but will notice the roomier body.
I own this fabric as a regular washed sport shirt and have never noticed it to be particularly transparent. As for sizing, its sounds like you should be getting a 39.
1. Where it is made: we produce all of our shirts in a small workshop just outside of Naples. The space is actually the ground floor of the owner's house. There are 3 tables and 8 employees. Everything is cut by hand. They also produce for E. Formica and Liverano. While a Liverano shirt will run you about $375 to start these days, our shirts start at $250.2. How its made: Again, there is a considerable amount of hand labor in our shirts from hand-cut patterns to...
I've been dying for them to post this stuff online so I can brag on social media.In all seriousness, there outerwear selection was unrivaled and nearly all exclusive. The peacoat is an inky navy version of the japanese cotton shantung that we used for the blouson. The shawl collar toggle jacket is our take on Picasso's favorite painter's jacket that we cut for gentry in a gutsy Japanese indigo dyed canvas.Finally that SC is the navy version of the hemp and wool that NMWA...
This, my friends, is how it is done.
Call niece bloomingdales and ask for Marc Etlin - he'll sort you out.Tipo is our longest jacket at 76cm for an EU 50R. It is usually fully lined with a soft but slightly padded shoulder, closed quarters and our easiest fit through the waist. The tenero is completely unlined with no padding in the shoulder whatsoever. It is slightly shorter at 75cm on a 50, with a narrower half waist and more open quarters.IMHO, based on these two photos alone, the NMWA suits your build...
Nope - we didn't produce any sport bottoms for spring as I was not happy with the manufacturer we were using. New swim to come for next spring and it is incredible.The linen t-shirts are at bloomingdales but all the woven lupos were produced with white collars for spring. That is the first and last time that will happen.
You are going to get this back in spades. Trust me. You are going to be happy with what is included with your jacket once it finds its way back into your hands.
Long sleeve and short sleeve are cut the same and the knit pique lupo polos are all the same fit at every vendor.I am weary of broadly advising people to size up here because, this has not been the majority of feedback we have received. IMO they are form fitting but true to size and most people that have bought their normal size have been happy with the results.Its obviously hard to tell from the photos you posted but the short sleeve polos look bigger on you than I would...
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