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Pretty much every retailer that sells full canvased tailoring carries the tenero at this point except bloomingdales.
That's true indigo...Its always going to transfer until its light. The good news is soap and water usually takes it right off what it transfers to.
This model is true to size but deliberately cut a bit short as it is a sportswear model mean to be worn casually.
Its only available in one size as it cut to be full and cozy like a robe!
Just call them - they'll be happy to ship!
After months of battling with our suppliers, I'm happy to announce our Ajrak medallion cardigan has finally arrived. The knit jacquard pattern is based on tradtional Rajasthani indigo textiles that are block printed by hand in the Ajrak style. We spun together four different colors of cotton yarn (navy with black and cream with ecru) to give the pattern a suble depth of texture. You really need to see it up close to appreciate how beautiful it is. The garment is knit...
I'm glad to hear you are happy with them and sorry you had a bad experience at the sale. Further - Looking back I see that you had asked if we were going to have things in your size. Sorry I missed it - I do my best to answer the questions that I see but things do fall through the cracks sometimes (this goes for the pant QC question as well).
No one is getting testy and I'm glad to get feedback regarding the inventory for everyone here, particularly guys who may be travelling. Further - I passed along your comments about Isaia's Intern (Not ours, FWIW Grahame doesn't have a lot of experience with our product as he doesn't work with us) to their team. That said can we keep the talk of punching people to a minimum?As I said, I'm not currently in NY and didn't see the inventory so when I saw your post I reached...
This is amazing. I'll be sure to tell Grahame, the Isaia intern you said hi. I have not been to the sale since I'm in Italy working on the next collection but this is direct from Quinton, who set up: "We have two racks of suits. Two racks of sport coats. One rack of outerwear. One rack of cut n sewn. One rack of shirts. A handful of pants, extra shirts, and sweaters laid down.". Most of the things there are actual samples which means sizing tends to be 48R-52R. That...
Simply put, I have been extremely unhappy with our sportpant manufacturer for the last three seasons. The product they have made has been inconsistent at best and I have been trying to change but its difficult to find someone in Italy that will produce washed and dyed casual pants with the complexity of detail I put into the garment. This has forced me to try and design around the problems ie: doing yarn dyed styles instead of garment dying, simplifying the internal...
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