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@Tirailleur1 FTW obviously.
All Eidos erraythang with Peal chucks.
All Eidos with Belgian hooves.
THIS HAT. THIS SCARF. Gray heather casentino ulster coat - Eidos Brown donegal Lorenzo suit - Eidos white/blue box check spread - Eidos Wool gun check tie - Cruciani e Bella Peal Chukks
The flex on that frontside disaster was rugged. Not usually a fan of people skating in tailoring but at least the guys know how to actually ride a skateboard.
From earlier in the week - just forgot to post. pine/stone/terra cotta/ brown guncheck Lorenzo SC - Eidos navy turtleneck and denim spread collar westernshirt - Eidos winter white 5 pkt. cords - Save Khaki Peal Chucks
Just me on a Thursday. PU coated slub cotton/linen raincoat - Eidos Wool/Cotton flannel DB windowpane suit - Eidos THIS SQUARE Navy turtleneck - Eidos Navy camica polo - Eidos Snuff Suede Chucks - Peal
http://vimeo.com/27397162Start at 0:40
Feeling fall. Army wool/silk/cashmere donegal herringbone jacket Unlined spread collar Japanese oxford shirt Wool/cahsmere donegal knit tie Moleskin pintuck trouser (an ode to Edward Sexton) All current Eidos fall with Belgian hooves.
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