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Do they look like this one:If so, ithey're the Augusto. I'm fairly certain they are as that is the model of jacket we sell to our sportswear accounts.Regarding sport pants, in true Italian fashion, they have yet to deliver. Or do you mean proper trousers? If so, we have a strong trouser business with NMWA and Marcus who both ship internationally. Going forward, you will find that the only places carrying "Napoli" style product like the Ciro, Sal, Lupo polo, etc. will...
Fairly certain that is an Isaia sweater Agyesh designed while he was there.
In Eidos (and most Italian brands I know) size EU50 equates to M, EU52 to L, etc. FWIW, I am 6'3" and change, 185 lbs, wear EU50L for our tailoring and the 52 fit me best here.
For me its a problem, for Tin its a sickness. Thankfully his illness has been keeping me in check for close to 10 years.
The Saks suits are Tenero. The "slub" suit on the bloomingdales site is a seasonal fabric but the model is the same.They work with nearly all the same mills we do (They are Vitale Barbers Canonico's largest account) when it comes to tailoring.
Always been my problem.
I haven't taken a Suit Supply Jort apart, but from what I understand the quality is comparable in that both styles are full canvas and both are sewn mostly by machine. The biggest differences in cost have to do with country of origin and business model. Our tailoring is sewn by Italians that I know are paid a fair wage. I can't speak to the specifics of Suit Supply's Chinese manufacturers, but I have experience in far east production from my days at RL from what I saw,...
For the last few seasons bloomingdales has been running a basic program for suits in the two button Balthazar model (our version of the Isaia gregory model). We have it in navy and charcoal in an Angelico 4 season worsted cloth. I believe it retails for $1450 and doesn't go on sale.Jort is suit supply's machine made fully canvassed line, correct? I think that the biggest difference here is country of origin, with our tailoring being sewn in Italy and Suit Supply's in...
Sadly, Marc went to Bergdorf and we are still in the process of finding a replacement. As soon as we figure that out I will let you all know.
in true bloomingdales fashion - that is mislabelled. Its not the lupo, Its a new polo model called the ladro.
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