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EIDOS SS 2017 - Bar Palladio to Bagru
Greg noted this in 1 button shawl today.
They were his own juti - the brand is Bata. Basically every man we saw Rajasthan was wearing a handsewn camel leather version of them, although they were very, very difficult to find in large sizes. I managed to track down a brown pebble pair for myself and have worn them like crazy since.
I sampled it as a suit and made ot for myself that way but the stores bought it as a jacket.
They Peyote color is a stone/washed sand. Great summer color. You definitely want to size up in the 5 pkt model as they came out very slim.
No dress shirts at bloomingdalesNo eidos in any of those places at the moment.
No MTM outside of Stockholm planned for the near future.
Up to this point, the sport shirt fit has always varied because the shirts are garment washed each fabric shrinks a little differently. Its been an incredibly frustrating process trying to develop a consistent fit. Isaia has promised me that they will fix this for fall finally. Dress shirts are a different story because they don't come washed. They have always been consistent (slim but not skinny, long, undarted, exclusive fabrics from Grandi e Rubinelli, Canclini,...
UAB is our standard trouser cut - it is what is sold at bloomingdales. I think calling it a low-ish rise is a mischaracterization of the silhouette. Its definitely mid rise by today's standards.
You won't regret it.EDIT: You won't regret either choice as I think about it. The NR coats are beautiful, highly functional garments. I love ours because I like the idea of a khaki raincoat as something every man should own and I'm proud of our take on it. The fabric (a 60/40 Japanese weather cloth with a peached finish) is soft to the touch but still performs well and our subtle nods to vintage military uniforms (internal waist cinch, mitred patch pockets) lend a sense...
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