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Keep it simple. White spread collar shirt, dark denim, suede loafers. If jeans aren't ok at the office, swap for a navy chino.
The shirt in the picture is 3 years old and long gone.
Nobody has bought the lorenzo model otr and i cant imagine it happening based on how stores buy our tailoring. Boots are going to be available at Barney's next season.Also - where did you find this image watermarked?
So glad you took these photos Mitchell. The factory that produced these made the button stance incorrectly (it was rediculous really) for Barney's only which was the only customer to order the model in a two button. When they produced it the made it with the top button and bottom button and no middle one! We noticed it right away and fixed it at the store level by adding a button and button hole in the middle, making it a 3/2 like it was always supposed to be. They...
I did.
It's hard to describe how awesome the hemp/silk quality from Tallia Delfino is without wearing it for an afternoon. Its a gusty cloth that drapes beautifully and folds in the wear spots (as opposed to wrinkling), yet its open weave allows it to breath really nicely.
Martin Patrick has in white and teal.
Thanks! Glad you liked what we put together. The hat is mine and it is old.If it was only this easy. Washed garment production has been the bane of my existence since we started EIDOS. I have tried everything possible with our current supplier. As of next season, we will be producing all shirts in a new facility and they seem to have figured out what we need.yes XL
That shirt definitely came in short - I would size up.
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