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Not this season but they're available in stone via Lane Crawford right now.Barney's also has them in army green in store for 50 off.
Yes they can for sure. I've been washing mine on cold and tumble drying on low and they've been fine.
No. We are retiring that model for a while and that fabric color was seasonal. we'll definitely have that fabric again though, just in different colors.
Nope. We are retiring this style for the time being but replacing it with something I think is even better. Same silhouette and fit (belted shawl cardigan) but different knit design. The new one will we a bit more simple with an English rib body and garter stitched pockets. Basically the cardigan version of this scarf (which we will have in the same yarn):
Normally I'd agree with this assesment but if there was ever a jacket that you could alter from the sleeve, its the Augusto since its shouder is constructed just like a shirt's (nothing on the inside, no grinze, etc.).
If you order that jacket online it will come as a tenero.Its our standard practice to ship all our jackets with basted sleeves. We did this for mr. porter and they actually sent them back to us and insisted we give them all working cuffs (its actually the readon the jackets took so lpng to hit their site).
The weight is much different on the twill knit versus the other 2. That said I think ou could size up and still be fine.
Both run TTS, I would suggest M.
Me too. The sample was completely different than production and I wanted the reference for my archive.This is the only suit I picked up this season. The fabric (Lanificio di Pray's classic, gutsy flannel quality) is one of my favorite we've ever run and the model (the new 2 button peak Ciro) is, I think, the most beautiful we've made up to this point. It's the kind of thing I imagine my great grandfather wearing.Woven shirts ran very large this season. I imagine you'll...
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