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Just a heads up - these pants should be in before Oct. and they will also be available in more sizes in store in Barney's uptown NY, Barney's Boston and Barney's Chicago. All stores will take phone orders.
You know I am going to like this...I always appreciate a good reference.
It won't but it definitely would have fit you.
Just heard from Martin Patrick that its offically sold out.
Just to be clear, I have never once called these shoes Belgians.Its our crosshair loafer, just unlined with a thinner sole and a step-down heel. The idea with this shoe was to try and create something that felt like a hybrid between a loafer and a lace up.This makes me proud.
That was the idea. It's really a robe to be worn around the house.
Nope - only Barney's and Lane Crawford.
Same quality, different yarn colors this season. This time its a midnight navy, dark indigo and black mix.
Sport pants haven't delivered yet.
The Takihyo fabrics were some of our most popular so you'll see them at a lot of our retailers.1. The aforementioned Peacoat - Available in Barney's and others2. A tonal indigo breton stripe cut inside out so you see the extra pickup stripe which we made in our long sleeve tee with a vented hem - Available at Barney's, Unionmade, Gentry, Martin Patrick and others.3. A tonal indigo ministripe slub jersey which we made in our long sleeve tee with a vented hem (on the seated...
New Posts  All Forums: