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This is a size 50 in the updated Palermo, the model is roughly 6'3"
We did two this season. The first is a black pebbled leather with natural shearling flight jacket. The second is part of our collaboration with Vanson and is a rough out suede and American sheepskin Grizzly jacket. More details later.
For those interested, just posed a piece about our AW collection. The full lookbook:
My comments about the updated Matera aren't meant to be a slight on the previous iteration (which I own, love and have worn to death), or anything else we've offered in the past. Its my job to try and make our product better each season. Often this means updating existing silhouettes based on new textile and trim developments, customer feedback, my own continuous wear testing, etc. In this particular instance, we received some specific feedback that coincided with my own...
The pattern has been revised substantially for next fall and I can say with confidence that it is now my favorite thing I've ever designed.
This.I don't think we sold it.
It's this one.
Spring details
This is called the Janus, it is based on the Shay but with straight side entry pockets instead of mitred. Its part of a series of new woven models we developed this season with our knitwear manufacturer for a sharper pricepoint. Really happy with how they turned out.
44 is but 45 is not.
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