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youThanks for this feedback. you get the guy's name?? Quinton is heading out there for a seminar shortly and I want to make sure he talks to him.
We increased the width of the sleevehead on all our models but the body dimensions didn't change at all. There is a production tolerance of 1cm plus or minus on any given jacket so the one you tried on might have been slimmer that way.
The model is not going anywhere, although I will not be sampling it going forward. I developed the Ciro in its place which is the essentially the same coat but with a full length Neapolitan darted front (running down to the bottom of the quarter). The end result is a coat with a slightly cleaner chest and waist. Both models will be available in MTM. Greg is the only retailer to really make a statement in this expression and I think that he wants to see how the Lorenzo...
That model of jacket was our best seller for outerwear. The brown donegal corduroy version of it is only available at Haberdash.
Fairly certain these are the only two in the world outside of the one I'm wearing in that photo.
The idea behind that suit was for it to be a winter version of solaro. Chocolate brown herringbone flannel with red in in the weft to give it a bit of that solaro feel.
In case anyone is interested - we just released our fall photo essay on glenallsopxeidosnapoli.com
That was the best selling outerwear piece we did in a navy flannel twill. I can'tt remember if we sold the brown donegal corduroy above but will check and PM based upon availability.
That chalkstripe is a fresco!FWIW I think your guncheck is the best swatch in the bunch. I wish I had ordered that myself.
That was the rule! I'm sure that there are plenty of others people think I broke as well...
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