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Unionmade has 3 left - a m, l and xl.
A quick preview from yesterday's fall 16 shoot with Hooman Majd. For those you who don't know Hooman, he's basically the real life version of the world's most interesting man. I am honored he agreed to participate. The full edit will drop mid to end on next week on the Eidos site.
I know I am in the minority with this opinion but there is no mathmatical equation that yeilds great style. If you like the coat and want to wear it over tailoring because you feel like it then go for it. My tailored jackets are longer than many of the field jackets I wear. I like the juxtaposition of rugged and casual and mixing two seemingly unrelated things. That's what I like and life is too short to worry about what is "correct" all the time.
The cloth is a Japanese replica of a vintage US military whipcord - super rugged. We used the same cloth here and I wore these samples a ton last winter . They did not dissapoint.
You guys look great Mitchell and the one button cuff looks proper!
The textured weave of hopsack makes it a casual fabric that is ideally worn with similarly casual bottoms like chinos and flannels.
The ragosta is an unlined field jacket so its obviously not as warm as somethin with a doen or poly fill. That said, the wool/cashmere cloth is hearty, not delicate at all. If you are looking for something really rugged I'd suggest the matera, which is essentially bullet proof.
God no. And if anyone here says yes they are wrong.
Nice! I hope you got a version of the trousers as well...ilthat one of those things that you'll regret down the line if you don't. Just ask MossRocks about the brown trou he slept on...
The Japanese whipcord we used on the Sam pant this season is incredible.
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