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Simply, lupo translates to wolf in Italian although the meaning is a somewhat long story.My father grew up on 13th St. in South Philadelphia. At that time (the 50s & 60s) all of the men in his neighborhood treated the corner of 13th & Wolf Street as their village piazza, congregating there daily. I spent my own childhood listening and loving stories of his youth on that corner. He described it as the cross section of the old world and new America. Its where he opened...
You should check out the tailoring selection on carsonstreetclothiers.com - they carry the nero model which is essentially a tipo short - The 52R Nero will fit like a 52S Tipo.Lawrencecovell.com and stanleykorshak.com have short sleeve camicia polos and Lawrence Covell has lupos.
Nope - they bought the short sleeve camicia polos.
Their buy is so amazing. I hope they put the whole thing online - we did a ton of exclusive things for them like our spring peacoat in the cotton shantung garment dyed in a deep, inky navy, our picasso jacket in a heavy japanese indigo dyed canvas, and so so many more amazing things.
Were the polos online??
As a general rule of thumb (and 1000% for the tipo) I strongly suggest buying your normal size if you are shopping online for Eidos and cannot try it on. I go out of my way to make sure that the collection is on the closer to the body but not skinny and tight side of things. This can be a little unpredictable with our washed garments as every fabric shrinks slightly differently and Italy is allergic to prewashing fabrics to control shrinkage (it is seemingly an epidemic...
theyre converting. You should call and ask them how they are sizing it.
Like it or not, the irregularity was deliberate as I wanted it to look like patchwork.
The names refer to collars, not fits!Aldo is the name of our buttondown collar (it was father's nickname in college and the collar itself is based on one of his original 1963 brooks brothers oxfords), marcus is the name of our spread collar.
Its a short sleeved sweater (fully fashioned, not cut and sew) knit from loro piana linen yarns. I sampled them long sleeve but, oddly, many of the retailers wanted to buy them short sleeved.
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