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The fabric isn't even remotely sheer, its just an open weave like fresco so when you hold it up to the light it passes through. I would take your normal sportcoat size. As the majority of my wardrobe has gotten more casual, the Augusto is all wear. Its not a jacket for ties, but for tees, polos, henelys, etc. Its a slightly more refined top layer option for any outfit that you might wear a field jacket or bomber with.Thanks for the kind words about the Mr. Porter...
Supply and advise in Miami actually bought that fabric as an augusto jacket and it is epic. I believe AK Rikks bought the shay in the discharge indigo too. Not sure where else. The vendor list is on the website though if you want to call some of the sportswear stores.You and I are the only ones with that one...its a sample that showed up the last day of market so no one picked it up. Its cotton/linen and I would dry clean only.
Its a super dense cotton but it is cotton. That said, if ai had to choose I'd go with the matera.
Yes. Not sure if many of you guys know this but I was a cut and sew knits designer for RL Rugby for years before I worked with Michael Bastian. The one piece collar was a fairly common collar/placket construction on many vintage rugby shirts. The original idea here was to make a woven rugby shirt with the lupo collar with barre striped fabric. That means that the placket (which would in turn become the under collar if you flipped it up) would be the same pattern...
Depends on how you plan to wear it. If you are going to layer it over tailoring than I'd leave it (use that waist cinch for more shape). If not and you want to wear it as a 3-4 season jacket I would absolutely size down.
He actually looked horrible in it. His stylist pulled it, he wore it once and refused to send it back. Its why it wasn't in the formentera campaign.Haha - I'm so glad you didn't! I cringe at this and the white and yellow version of this shirt. The factory screwed up and made the whole placket and collar white (only the collar was supposed to be white so that it looked like an actual rugby shirt). Probably my least favorite thing we've ever produced.
That's the exact same quality as the navy. I've worn it year round without problems. Fun fact, there are only two of those suits in the world and the other one is owned by Brad Pitt.
That car coat fabric is a Japanese indigo cotton that is discharge printed (like vintage bandanas). We did it inside out so it felt like a lining. Really great outerwear piece for lighter climates.Glad you like the new branding! I created it all myself from scratch and it is what we are running with from now on.
The pattern was completely overhauled this season and I am very happy with the results.
You mean this?It's an Albiate donegal denim and it is awesome. As I said, every button down collar shirt this season has this collar/placket construction. This one was one of my favorites as well. I custom developed a super soft flannel check with Grandi and Rubinelli and then overdyed it navy.One of the things you'll notice when all our offerings drop is that there is no white in the collection this season. We overdyed most sport shirts that had a light ground for a...
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