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This is called the Janus, it is based on the Shay but with straight side entry pockets instead of mitred. Its part of a series of new woven models we developed this season with our knitwear manufacturer for a sharper pricepoint. Really happy with how they turned out.
44 is but 45 is not.
Odd sizes dont exist and the jackets are meant to be worn the same size.
They run large. I would size down 1 full size.
Unionmade is down to an extra 40 off. The most slept on thing they have there is the house slippers. At that price the fabric cost more thaan the shoes!
Palermo fit (along with many others) has been totally overhauled and is now based on Isaia's "colorado" model which fits on the slimmer side of TTS with the sleeve issue being completely resolved. If someone is a 50 in formosa I imagine the 52 will be just right.The fit issues have been my biggest challenge with the brand but it is looking like they are mostly resolved starting with what is delivering now.
Sizing is TTS (Quinton is wearing the 50). Sorry but am too swamped for measurments at the moment. I will say that this is the best parka we've done so far. Shell is an indigo wool blend herringbone from Faisa (A new mill for us, based in Prato and specializing in innovative indigo based textiles). Heavy goose down fill and lined in Japanese gray heather cotton jersey. Waist cinch is applied on the outside of the coat and feeds inwards to hide the ties. We did this...
Exactly the same sweater.Most our stores will have the outerwear and knits as this is steadily replacing our tailored business. If you are looking for something specific let me know here and we will try to track it down for you.Re: the belted coat - It is a riff on a WW1 US army field jacket but with a nod to old belted moto jackets. The collar is a band collar but it can be folded over to look a bit like a lapel (I don't recommend this).Re: the vest - Sadly didn't make...
Belted field jacket is here. The whole look will also be available at Bloomingdales.Silk and linen.
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