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You know what Shawn, that button is rather close to the patch pocket. Good eye. Luckily it'll never be in use. Thanks for the thumbs up!
Hi Claghorn, This jacket is surely cotton. - Sabir
It's been a while since I've posted, but, here's something from the weekend: Custom Green DB Blazer - #Indochino Custom Gingham Shirt - jjthreads Linen Pocket Square - armstrongandwilson Calf Skin Loafers - paulevansny
I've seen a few threads on here about Dragon Inside Suits, linking back to me, so I thought I show you the flannel one that I'm wearing this winter (all featured here): Custom Flannel Three Piece Suit - Dragon Inside Green Parka & Gloves - H&M Rubber Sole Hughes Longwing Shoes - Beckett Simonon
So I hopped into the office over the weekend and pulled out the SUPER Cardigan by Onassis Clothing. Ended up shooting for my Cardigans As Outerwear feature HERE. Shirt is by Ratio Clothing Waist Coat & Trousers by Indochino Knit Tie by Nautica Wingtips by Fin's For Him
I meant to post the full three piece a while ago Three piece Olive Green Corduroy Suit by Cooper Brogued Wingtips by Plaid Tie by From this feature:
Hi StyleForum Community, I've teamed up with Bespoke Post to Giveaway their October #BoxOfAwesome that is filled with: 7 pair of socks by Etiquette Clothier $75 to Alton Lane Custom Clothiers To see the full feature and enter the contest click HERE, which closes on Sunday, November 4th at 11:59pm. Here is the full link to the feature:
Corduroy Suiting from this past weekend. via
Thanks guys. The flower lapel is one thing I do sparingly. The maroon center really complemented the magenta striping and eggplant trousers. So I just said, what the hell and gave it a go. What would have thrown it off is if I tried to tie in the green.
Same Blazer, but different set: featured here
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