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I have recently decided I need a cardholder in my life. If you have anything, preferably less than $50 let me know!
haha this is good banter, proceed.
That price would generally be all inclusive. That is what the article is about. Architect can build themselves a house for a reasonable amount of money. $300 a square foot is still very expensive in most parts of the country. Semi custom probably starts at around $150 in the midwest. The houses that they are building for $500 to $1,000 are super expensive when you consider the size they usually are.
I really enjoyed Woodford. It's also in a beautiful area.
I love this house. And I really like it's size (Weekend home?). I agree with the budget comment as that thought was the first that came to mind when I looked at it. There was a somewhat interesting article in the WSJ last week on architects building homes for themselves for $100 - $200 a square foot. Especially the weekend getawaythat Steven Harris built for himself in the Hudson River Valley looked impressive at, iirc $100/sft.  This one looks similar to that budget...
What are you planning on using that hammer for? I can't imagine driving many nails on a big project but maybe small things?
I appreciate attention to detail and theirs is over the top. They truly make clothes that move with you. The arms on my Beta LT are so well articulated it's crazy. I also like that they work really well together. I also have a Gamma MX jacket that fits perfectly under the Beta. I am looking to get their Atom jacket because it's pretty warm and so lightweight.
I just bought a Sony A6000 as an open box for $400. It is a pretty cool little camera and definitely has the quality that you would want from a full size dslr. The only real drawback I see is the kit lens, but if you want to invest in some glass down the road there are definitely options. It's small enough to be convenient which was a big plus for me when I travel. There is also the A5000 which is more in your price range and also very capable.
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