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Some staples I just picked up for cocktails. Are these pretty good bottles for this price range?
What have I started...
^Is the rate the same as a secured loan?
Thanks, I was too lazy to do it again.
Hopefully this hasn't been posted before... Architects: PK Arkitektar Location: √Ārborg, Iceland Area: 256.0 sqm Project Year: 2010 Photographs: Rafael...
First time trying KC. Their write up said that it is 11 years 8 months old.
^Do you know when that was? Is that something companies still do?
Is there anything in Spokane, WA that highlights his work? I will be driving through there next week and I would love to see some of his stuff.
I agree, it's a heavy looking piece.
Give me one example that is worse than half of the house being open to a 10 foot drop off...
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