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I just bought a Sony A6000 as an open box for $400. It is a pretty cool little camera and definitely has the quality that you would want from a full size dslr. The only real drawback I see is the kit lens, but if you want to invest in some glass down the road there are definitely options. It's small enough to be convenient which was a big plus for me when I travel. There is also the A5000 which is more in your price range and also very capable.
Very impressive! Although the lack of railings makes me wonder what kind of building laws they have.
I am going to be in Ireland in January. Does anyone have any suggestions for good beer or whiskey activities?
That is creepy as hell….but the house is awesome.
Nice haul!
^Nice write up. I am looking forward to going back to hit Buffalo Trace. We didn't make it there this time around. Luckily I am only 2 hours away!
Just got back from bourbon country after visiting a few distilleries this weekend. Was really impressed with Woodford Reserve and how they produce their bourbon with their own wells and creating 5 summers in their storehouses. My wife loved the double oaked and she usually hates bourbon so that's good:)
^How much? The Party Source has it for $50.
These are still available!
I am looking for some used Original Wayfarers or Clubmasters in tortoise. I would be interested in any lens but I really want them to be tortoise. I need a 49mm for the Clubmasters and whichever the smallers size for the originals are which I think is 50mm. Let me know what you have and how much you are looking for. I also have a pair of new Mosley Tribes Branston if you are looking for a trade.
New Posts  All Forums: