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^That looks spot on to me.
Krusin Lounge Chair Vela Lounge LP
That after picture looks like it was taken in 1972...
^I like the look of that. Skinny, how much would you charge to build something like that with your attention to detail? I am sure it's pretty well made but I feel like 3k would go a long way with a local craftsmen too.
I would spend some time on Houzz trying to find something you like. It's far easier to replicate something you already like than spend all of the time and money and then decide you should have gone a different direction.
I just bought my first pair of Flyknits and I sized up 1/2 a size.
What do you guys look for at The Party Source? They have a large selection of bourbon, but it's all easy to find anywhere.
How are these sock liner things not getting nasty with sweat? Are they supposed to replace socks?
Looks great Pio! What is your pizza recipe? Anyone have a good relatively easy recipe they like?
I have never had a problem with moths and live in a pretty janky house in the country. I would be more concerned with making your living room look cluttered. Is there a wall in your bedroom that you could put racks?
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