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Give me one example that is worse than half of the house being open to a 10 foot drop off...
^Curry would probably be really good too.
How aware are you guys of the bottling date? I have been drinking Union Jack and it's not nearly as good as the first time a bought it. I look at the date and it's over 4 months old. I have been buying from Total Wines which I assume has a quick turnover. Now I need to spend more time looking at dates to make sure I don't get duds:(
I am really digging this house right now. Hillsden House Salt Lake City, Utah Lloyd Architects
Lately I have been drinking a lot of Union Jack and Bale Breaker.
I still enjoy a Mcdonalds double cheeseburger every once in a while… Sometimes it just hits the spot. 5 guys does a good job of recreating the juicy goodness too.
I am interested, but what kind of prices are we looking at? How much do the barrels cost and would that just be divided by how much the yield is?
^Are there mechanical fasteners that would create as strong a joint?
I have recently decided I need a cardholder in my life. If you have anything, preferably less than $50 let me know!
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