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social work for a hospital...sure, i agree. social work for CPS.... different story.
I'd take a waffle over a pancake any day. To get this thread back on topic, I have no interest in sausage.
BNWT 5EP X SF. It's likely that you won't ever again get a chance to own a brand new pair of these jawns. I once tried selling these on the forum before, but school life got in the way of completing the sale. Now, I am in a selling mode and would like to get these in the hands of a lucky forumite. Out of respect for the previous would-be buyer, I shall list them at the exact same (rock-bottom, money losing) price as last time. $100 shipped. Here's a link to details...
Hi there. My girlfriend is coming home from being abroad for quite a long time. As such, I'd like to make a bit of $$$ and show her a good time. These are brand new. Some have tags, some don't. These were acquired in Dallas, from Life Fashion Terminal (LFT), when it closed down. Some real gems in here. Almost everything is being sold at cost. A couple of items will be sold for the slightest of profits. As such, please do not lowball me. You won't find any of these...
^ please, do go on
but...but...obama eats at five guys!
+1. crazy people go SUPER CRAZY on regular old pot.
only several kittens.
wow, i dunno if i can watch that...*click*
Sounds like a pretty shitty nation, the way the article tells it.
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