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It seems similar to Alden's Barrie, leaning more towards the formal side
What's eh about the Newbridges?The Heschung's are beefy yet a bit too pointy like many of the options.A docs with shitty leather would be fine
Sup @Tirailleur1 and what's his name on the front page of GQ today
Heschung Arum in Commando
[[SPOILER]] JC Cole (looks like TheShoeMart's in-house brand) has a plain toe blucher. Looks a lot like Alden's:
Never worn, brand new with tags, Apolis Standard Issue Blazer in size M. The Civilian Blazer is a versatile piece developed in a downtown Los Angeles tailoring shop. The pairing of a durable, lightweight fabric and traditional details makes this blazer great for work or travel in warmer months, or for year-round wear in a mild climate. The blazer is unstructured yet lined, with three front pockets and one inside pocket. - Durable, lightweight 6.5oz cotton twill -...
Some LS UI Kudu pics I can shamelessly plug here:http://www.styleforum.net/t/508048/alden-kudu-ultimate-indy-10-5d-by-leathersoul
Can't even tell what might be wrong in the 3rd pic
You guys are solemates
For sale is a pair of Styleforum approved Alden Ultimate Indy boots in Kudu leather from LeatherSoul, in size 10.5D (Trubalance last, size down .5 from true size). w/ a Commando sole. http://leathersoul.com/2009/09/10/alden-shoes-kudu-ultimate-indy/ Worn about 4 times which doesn't mean much to these tough, beautifully crafted in the USA by Alden boots. Pretty much no wear on the soles. Have always been shoe tree'd. The Horween Kudu leather is very durable, great in the...
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