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I thought everyone's calves were huge from playing soccer in high school
I don't think so: Serengeti's owned by Bushnell, which is now owned by ATK as of last year
Excellent LABIA fits everybody
You want to be careful w/ black trousers. You can end up looking like a waiter
Do they have the Comfort Jacket in any colors other than brown?
Oh cool, I didn't think the Lynch stuff was in the US
Also http://chucksconnection.com/buy-classic-54-inch-shoelaces-for-chucks.html#classic54inchGo for the Natural color (it's less yellow than the picture on there) http://www.styleforum.net/t/199000/fs-brixton-converse-german-army-trainers-gats-sold/15#post_3660763You might want 45"s depending on your shoe size
Well I'm no expert either, but it's typical to have 2 separate threads. Upper sewed to welt, then sole sewed to welt. Check out one of the many shoe construction videos (Allen Edmunds has a few on youtube) to see how this is done.A 360 degree welt'd shoe isn't going to have threads showing out of its 2" heel, anyway, that'd be silly. Heels are cemented/nailed to the sole after it's attached.This is neither here nor there though, as Johdus says, don't buy shoes from LEC =]
The stitching on the bottom is for attaching the sole to the upper, you're not going to see welt threads on the bottom of any shoe
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