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Supposedly you can customize a Stan to all white on miadidas but I've yet to see a finished product from this
Saint Ivwri
I thought everyone's calves were huge from playing soccer in high school
I don't think so: Serengeti's owned by Bushnell, which is now owned by ATK as of last year
Excellent LABIA fits everybody
You want to be careful w/ black trousers. You can end up looking like a waiter
Do they have the Comfort Jacket in any colors other than brown?
Oh cool, I didn't think the Lynch stuff was in the US
Also http://chucksconnection.com/buy-classic-54-inch-shoelaces-for-chucks.html#classic54inchGo for the Natural color (it's less yellow than the picture on there) http://www.styleforum.net/t/199000/fs-brixton-converse-german-army-trainers-gats-sold/15#post_3660763You might want 45"s depending on your shoe size
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