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Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Oh my god! Whats up stranger.. how things been? Still kicking ass? Everyday, my friend.... everyday Actually, I'm on leave (wore the suit to a fancy local political function I attended with my mother)... other than that, just relaxing at the beach, getting more tattoos and simply enjoying the fact that I don't have to salute anyone for a while
I'm sure some will hate the scarf, but I got it when traveling through mexico and central america at 18. Sentimental factor, you know
I really like all of those... I'd wear the middle one if this was going to be for suits and more 'formal' settings. I'd rock the other two (especially the 3rd) in more casual clothes
Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del hmmmm.... looks like the cover of The Crow with Brandon Lee
how thick are we talking?
Quote: Originally Posted by landshark We should not be able to see the borders and outline of your penis. The trousers are too tight My thoughts EXACTLY Quote: Originally Posted by jbharris88 It doesn't matter what pants I try on, this always seems to happen. Even my hammer pants it looks like you're going commando... invest better fitting underwear or loosen the pants other than that, the suits look...
I do both SWD and what's acceptable here... chukkas or loafers but other days it'll be Palladiums, fresh chucks or sneakers Some here pull it off well, but I usually feel 'dressing up' denim looks silly.
the glasses in the first pic aren't the same as the others, but they all look like your standard issue RayBan, Burberry, Prada, Vogue men's glasses
Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger My son's first birthday party...I can't believe its been a year. Go back to work on Tuesday and I'm incredibly sad (a LOT more than I thought I'd be) to have to leave my two kids at day-care after spending two whole months with them, watching them grow. Really going to soak up this last day with them. Last year was hard with one, but now with two its even worse. I guess I should be thankful that I have a job...
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