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I've got a friend who works at a PRL outlet, and thus can get the merchandise there at a significant discount (I think it's about 30% off the outlet price). However, I'm pretty suspicious of the quality of the stuff there, especially since I know some brands (BB and I think Banana, maybe JCrew as well) make lines of inferior quality specifically for their outlets. I've seen this discussed before, but never with a definitive answer; can anyone speak with authority on the...
Quote: Originally Posted by srivats Just ship your shoes to B. Nelson - I have done in the past and they did a FANTASTIC job. Did you have to email them directly in order to inquire about this? I'm looking over their site and can't seem to find anything specifically related to toe taps.
Quote: Originally Posted by politico Where do you get them at this price? Would also be interested to know this
Hi everybody, Fairly new to SF so forgive me if this has been covered extensively elsewhere -- I'm looking for a pair of functional but not garish winter boots, ideally something pretty flexible that can be either dressed up or down. I don't need anything too rugged or outdoorsy; trudging through snow will be more of a last resort than a hobby. But I do need something that can at least function in snowy/wet conditions without becoming damaged. I'm a southern California...
Awesome seller--- just received some shoes today exactly as described in great condition!
Endless cashback worked for me, just searched Bing for "endless" and it came up as a sponsored link at the top of the page
excited for this, thanks for the notification
A really big iPhone case
Versace pour homme I think my girlfriend would walk out on me if I tried to change it
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