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What I did was go to, search for "endless," and then click the sponsored link at the top of the page that has the Bing Cashback logo next to it.
Quote: Originally Posted by JamesX I don't think Bing has 40% cash back for Endless anymore. At least I couldn't find it when I tried earlier today. I just tried it right now and it seemed to work for me, gave the 40% rate
Quote: Originally Posted by modernminimalist If you use bing cashback (40% currently) for you can get the PA's for $220 and then $88 back from Bing Cashback (which you can have transferred to your bank account or spend on That puts them at $132 with free two day shipping and no tax. FWIW, that price is not for every size of PAs; they range from $219.90 - $324.95 with the actual price depending on your size and width....
Forum affiliate Cedarville Store ( has some, think they offer a 10% discount with "styleforum" code as well. Seems like a good deal, can't speak to their quality though as I've never ordered from them.
Is it possible for me to get just the box?
Definitely would be very interested in a particular few of these, but all of them are quite attractive
Can anyone with experience with both the Custom and Slim Fit polos (or even just one of the two) comment? I'd be interested to know if people have found the fit to be significantly better on one versus the other...
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