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Forum affiliate Cedarville Store (http://www.cedarvillestore.com/c-3-s...-products.aspx) has some, think they offer a 10% discount with "styleforum" code as well. Seems like a good deal, can't speak to their quality though as I've never ordered from them.
Is it possible for me to get just the box?
Definitely would be very interested in a particular few of these, but all of them are quite attractive
Can anyone with experience with both the Custom and Slim Fit polos (or even just one of the two) comment? I'd be interested to know if people have found the fit to be significantly better on one versus the other...
Quote: Originally Posted by aquatherm I saw that too. When it mentions 'original' is it referring to the classic fit? Because the custom fit also fits that description. I believe that refers to the Classic Fit, yes, but you're right that the Custom Fit seems to also meet this description. I find it interesting that RL chose to emphasize the "higher armholes and a shorter hem" of the Custom Fit while emphasizing the "narrower chest and...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mata_Leao I was actually wondering about this same distinction a few days ago when someone posted about a sale on RL Polos. From their website, it sounded like the "slim" fit polos might be slimmer than the "custom" ones, but it was not entirely clear. From the website: Custom Fit = "Short-sleeved polo shirt, cut for a trim, modern fit in breathable cotton mesh with higher armholes and a shorter hem than the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Exalt Black Fleece may have what you are looking for... http://www.brooksbrothers.com/IWCatP...=§ionsize= +1
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