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Made in Thailand. Here's a shot of the inside of the sleeve:
If that's the case, all the better --- I'd rather not have to change the order at this point!Regardless, I will likely be ordering a cross body purse for my girlfriend's birthday. Now just to decide on the color....
I would be really interested in a His/Her bundle with the Soft Briefcase and the Crossbody Purse!I actually just ordered a cognac briefcase like a week ago to take advantage of the last round of pre-order discounts --- if you end up offering such a bundle, would it be possible to work something out in order to add the purse to my order as part of this bundle? (again, only if you end up offering such a His/Her bundle)
Thanks for your review --- I would certainly be interested in seeing photos and your thoughts on the tie, and especially the suit. Did you also get monogramming on the suit jacket?
It's actually not a big watch, only 38mm, my wrist is just small
Just swapped my Hamilton Khaki's beat up leather strap for a brand new one from Crown & Buckle
Filson 257 (Large Briefcase/Computer Bag) Color: Tan Retail: $345.00 $280 shipped CONUSA Bought this new about 2-3 years ago, it is in excellent condition. As is often said, Filson products look even better as they age, but this bag still has years to go before it begins truly aging. Zipper and storm flap closure 4 stow pockets, 10-slot interior dividers Base is reinforced with Rugged Twill to handle extra-heavy loads Interior laptop divider -- fits a 15" MacBook...
Purchased these on the forum a few years ago and only wore them a few times. They were always a bit small for me and now my feet have outgrown them entirely. These are beautiful shoes, with lots and lots of wear left in them. Along with the shoes, I will include two shoe trees and the original Peal & Co. shoe bags (see picture). $325 $295 $250 $220 Price includes shipping to USA. Can be shipped international at buyer's expense.
Vintage Nikon FM2 SLR Camera + Lens This is an *original* Nikon FM2, produced between 1982-84 by Nippon Kogaku K. K. (Nikon Corporation) in Japan. It is a gorgeous, classic film camera with an extremely durable copper-aluminum-silicon body. Read more about the history and technical specifications of the FM2 here and here. I inherited this camera from a relative who used to work as a professional photographer/journalist. It in very good/excellent used condition; there is...
Waist fits like 33-34. 6" inseam. Two side pockets and one rear pocket. Drawstring fasten. Signature polo player on left calf. Price includes shipping to USA. Can be shipped international at buyer's expense.
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