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too high - cant handle trying to read this.
Quote: Originally Posted by Alter I forgot about this thread. <3
herban cowboy
Going out for a “fancy” night out on the town? Try a sharply tailored jacket in a dark neutral fabric, like this charcoal wool by Loro Piana. Layer it with a matching vest – worn open here – for added warmth and visual interest. As a general guideline, eveningwear should have a darker, more subtle color palette – which is why I like the pop of these white jeans (which I wear year-round). Charcoal peak-lapel jacket +waistcoat (part of 3-piece suit), and black/white...
You should try to go for a more rugged masculine romantic appeal with the suits. Dark.
northwest apple cider soogood
and yea wear hats on the daily.
Quote: Originally Posted by javyn More BS from the Telegraph UK, and I'm saying this as a conspiracy theorist. QFT
Quote: Originally Posted by GlenCoe don't you know Nasa is ruled by Jews? Ohhh...this is a good thread.
Quote: Originally Posted by Arrogant Bastard In other breaking news, I heard we put a man on the moon. The fucking moon! Hot damn, I tell ya. Suck on that, you pinko Russkie bastards!
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