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Mine is slim cut. I find it fits the shape of the suit better.
AFAIK you are not suppose to be charged VAT if you are shipping to an non-EU country. You however might [will] get hit with import charges. Though sometimes they will charge you VAT and there is a process to get it recouped - it has never happened to me, so I have never done this. Nor do I remember which department you have to contact. I just remember someone complaining about it while back and said it took him months to get it back.
Ribbing on the shoulder, bunching up behind the collar. Could just be the stance though. But the skirt is too tight. You can never close the 2nd button. Even with it open your vent will not be closed. The sleeve is also too long but that can be fixed easily. The others won't be so easy.
The width of the french cuff differs from maker to maker. There is also the single cuff, you don't have to wear double cuff
Few years ago there was a post of a beautiful indigo blue coat of that type posted. This was the closest picture I have on hand.
Some overcoats are peak lapel-ed. But I don't remember ever seeing one with just 2 buttons.
Anyone know what these type of coats are called?
Morning coats are great Wish there are more occasions to break them out in the States.
Does anyone know of any tailor that can do working buttonholes in the Pasadena/San Marino Area? It is a suburbs of LA. It seems all the really good tailors are either in Downtown or on the opposite side.
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