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Pontypool (Canadian thriller; very good, on Netflix stream) 2 Days in Paris Rabies (Israeli thriller) Waltz with Bashir A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints Attack the Block (British horror comedy; sort of like Shaun of the Dead) Mr. Nobody My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done London (with Bradley Cooper and Jason Statham in a non typical role; very good movie) Safety Not Guaranteeing
+1000Its a bit understandable that a plot that's mainly developed through recollections and testimonies could be a challenge to adapt into a screenplay and a film. Here though it seems that they re-formatted the book as a "im there in the action as its happening" story line, which makes it boring, overused and totally pointless.The whole appeal of the book was in the way the story was presented, and I am sad to see that no one in Hollywood could have come up with a more...
I think its more headed towards Peter being the first / original observer..
Mascherano is far from average; he's Barca's best central defender right now, and he's a def-mid in the first place. He has impeccable tackling, speed, and his short height is covered by his immense athleticism, determination and a lot of fighting. He reads the game extremely well and has some goal denying interceptions. Based on the last few games, he improved his long range passing and delivered some laser precision cross field balls to running attackers. Out of Pique,...
^^ The Tom Ford film is really good indeed! Only problem was that on 1 or 2 occasions I busted up laughing because he sounded too much like Mugatu..
I am selling a never before worn pair of Persol 3024S capri edition. This pair is 100% authentic, and comes with original Persol case, cloth and paperwork. COLOR CODE: 957/56 FRAME COLOR: Brown LENS COLOR: Blue polar internal anti-glare treatement FRAME MATERIAL: Acetate Price: $185US shipped CONUS / International shipping with be additional $25US
Thank you Dzagoev; I knew this is the tourney he's gonna shine at!
In Team name is Automatic
Hey guys, I need a black pair of dress shoes with laces. A pair I can wear both to a wedding, office and perhaps even out, with jeans. Ideally less than $400. Thanks in advance.
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