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Definitely soak em before you hem em. I actually didn't soak mine for the first time until around 6 months of wear, and I'm glad I did before I brought mine to the tailor.
+1 ... I have a pair of the Kurabo denim that have been in constant wear for almost a year now, and my recently acquired cone mills pair are noticeably larger in the leg opening. Not sure if it's a deal breaker or not yet.
Ya'll have any plans to make some lightweight jackets? Like baseball, bomber, etc? Have a gift-card but always hate anticipating the next weeks release Also, LIGHTWEIGHT DENIM
Anyone pick up the Denim Telegraph jacket and have thoughts?
Can anyone tell me if the bomber jacket is TTS? I'm wondering if the sleeves are on the long-ish side or not.
So If I decided to place an order tomorrow... what's the probability of it getting to Arkansas before Christmas? :-/
Got mine in today too, I agree completely on the sizing detail. Mine's probably too big to wear on it's own, but as a shirt jacket it works perfectly.
When you post some pics could you post ya size and specs? I'm beyond excited to get mine
Same here. Emailed them at around 2, and my USPS shipping notification came at about 2:15. Rad
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