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That feel when you check your credit report and you have 8 accounts with serious delinquencies because you're stupid fking undergrad institution apparently forgot to tell your loan company you were in deferment for grad school. FFS now have to file all kindz of disputes and shit.
Why do you choose to be the way that you are?
Fuji that shirt reminds me of this she-douche at the Gold's I've been going to. She is always decked out in stupid shit like that but she's like a twig without really any noticeable muscle. The other day she wore a tank that says "This is why I squat" and an arrow pointing down to her non-existent ass. If her boyfriend wasn't twice my size I may have considered going up to her and saying, "Well at least you're self-aware."
Pulled 500x3. BW = 196lbs Gonna start trying to up the weight over the coming weeks. Would like to see if I can get up to 545 or so by the end of August.
WTF I get like 10% of that out of my paychecks.
lol day after first full night of sleep in the last month I hit a PR and pulled 500x2.
Finally off of micu and now doing chill outpatient pediatrics shit. Time to make some serious gains again.
Frog squats aka twerking
Pretty much -- things like existing lumbar stenosis, possessing certain genes that lead to a weak intervertebral disk, or previous injuries.TBH the whole belief that everyone who touches a weight is at serious risk of a lumbar disc herniation seems unwarranted to me. That's typically a process that happens in middle-aged people due to age-related changes in the disc. While it certainly can happen from improper lifting, it's not something we routinely see.Also I went ahead...
Also fml thank god only one more week of this:
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