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lol this ICU rotation is killing my sleep schedule. I downloaded a sleep cycle app and found that I'm spending on average 6:15 in bed every night and probably getting about 5:45 of actual sleep.
People still get in physical fights?
Uhhh no homo
Just failed bench. Was supposed to get 275 for 5/5/5 and ended up doing 4/4/3.
Strong dudes, what do you do if you fail a week in a program? Repeat the week?
That feel when everyone is blowing past you on #s. #nattyproblems
Risk of injury Higher risk of failing on sets Requires a spotter Not enough volume for growth Form breakdown
Internet forums draw in the worst fucking people. Studentdoctor.net is where pre-meds go to circle jerk and autofellate and seriously make it sound like if you don't have a 4.0 and a 38+ on the MCAT(which would put you at the 98.5th percentile) then you have no chance of getting accepted to medical school, when in reality even at the best schools in the country people have significantly lower grades and test scores than that.Point is those people are fucking pathologic...
Only time I really bother is when I'm going for a major goal like benching 300 for the first time or DLing 500. If I'm not anywhere near my next major goal I don't really bother with 1RMs.
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