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At small shows there's always guys that look like the ones at either end of that lineup. Usually there's only 1-2 who are actually stage-ready.But it's so variable. Bodybuilding comps are more about who shows up than anything else. You can be as prepared as possible but if you get a strong showing you might not even place.
Which one? I thought if the guy second from the right had dieted for two more weeks he woulda taken it easily.
I think maybe the dude who uploaded it put that on top?
So this is from the show I'm doing this Saturday last year: Skip to about the 17:30 mark. Obviously the guy in the middle won.
Decided to go rock climbing followed by a jog so I could eat more food.
This is relevant to my interests.
Right at around 2000. The progress just over the last week has been insane. I'm getting ab veins all over the place and my legs have really leaned out. Can't wait to see what I look like after a carb up and dried out.
That feel when it's 330 and you're out of calories for the day FUCK
On the note of jeans: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/04/22/barbell-apparel-denim-jeans-for-athletes_n_5192767.html
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