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2nd place fuck it im doing powerlifting
Okay guys brb winning pro card
Ophtho is pretty bro as well. NSGY is usually filled with a bunch of anorexic Aspergers cases -- not at all bro.
Shitty, lol
Hard to say. I'm way carb depleted and no pump so I can't really tell. I'll have stage pics after next weekend so will have a better idea then.
Sup dudes homo progress pic [[SPOILER]]
Sup dudes. I'm still alive, just getting ass kicked at work. Lifting like three times a week at my poverty geriatric gym and barely eating. I weigh like 184lbs and feel like a bitch.
So anyone whose competed before have recs for peaking programs? I have 21 weeks before the meet. Btw it's in York, PA if anyone wants to do it too.
So guys, I finally did it. I was a little nervous but I decided it was worth it. I asked a gym bro if he wants to do a meet together and he SAID YES!!!!! It's official. Gonna shoot for Oct-Nov after we check out the schedule.
I hate whites which is why I'm opting out and marrying brown.
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