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Sup dudes. I'm still alive, just getting ass kicked at work. Lifting like three times a week at my poverty geriatric gym and barely eating. I weigh like 184lbs and feel like a bitch.
So anyone whose competed before have recs for peaking programs? I have 21 weeks before the meet. Btw it's in York, PA if anyone wants to do it too.
So guys, I finally did it. I was a little nervous but I decided it was worth it. I asked a gym bro if he wants to do a meet together and he SAID YES!!!!! It's official. Gonna shoot for Oct-Nov after we check out the schedule.
I hate whites which is why I'm opting out and marrying brown.
Nah those are 1RMs. I'm thinking about doing a meet. Might take a break for BBing for a bit while my schedule blows during residency.
Offseason goals: 345 bench 475 squat 585 deadlift all under 200lbs Currently: 315 bench 435 squat 515 deadlift at 185lbs
Is it normal to feel emotional about switching gyms?
Any tips for preventing your ass from coming off the bench during leg drive? It only seems to be a problem at max effort but would like to eliminate it.
Personal favorites:Chicken 65Chicken tandooriPaneer SaagGoat or lamb rogan joshFish or shrimp malabarPalak chaatAnd of course any type of samosa or dosa
Yeah and gonna have a giant fucking wedding to go with it.Expected guests from my side: 40Expected guests from her side: 300+
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