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Sup guys new progress pic after a couple weeks of vacation. Dog's ass in the background as a bonus for anyone who might be into that. [[SPOILER]] Current stats 5'10"(), 184lbs
I mean -- it's not a particularly large loan given the field I'm in. Having debt itself isn't bothersome if it means I can retire earlier.
Nah she's also a doc working at a university hospital ty men for the advice
Yeah plan is to pay it all down within the next 1-2 years.
20 mins and an idea of what the fuck you're doing
Okay from now on instead of just giving out medical advice I'm going to recommend people go through 8 years of school instead so people learn.
I use excel to make grocery lists
403b is like the educational institution equivalent of a 401k. Or at least I think.
Okay finance brahs...I could use some advice if someone would be so kind. I owe 26k in undergrad debt at an interest rate of 6.50% Next year my fiancee will be starting a job with access to a 403b and a starting salary of 51k. If she contributes nothing, the university automatically puts in 5% of her gross income. If she contributes 3% of her pay, the university puts in additional 5% for a total of 10% My question is does it make more sense to contribute that 3% of her...
That gif is horrible lol Oh god I saw the video and the sound her legs make is even worse.
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