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On dat 5pm to 7am grind for the next two weeks. Expect all gains to disappear and come out as a 180 pound shriveled up raisin of what I was before.
Awwww yeah finally progressing on bench again
Well, you could probably hit her up for methamphetamine if you decide to go on a cut..
Massive icloud leak today with tons of leaked celeb photos
And Aubrey Plaza coming too
And Aubrey Plaza coming too
Also apparently there's vids coming of JLaw lolllll
Thought it was gonna be a shit labor day weekend until Celebgate. Ariana Grande hnnnnnnngggggggggggggggg
Naw can still easily wear most 44R jackets
Chest 45", arms 16.5", waist 33", thighs 25"
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