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I wish I could dislike. On that note was looking at meets in January before I need to start cutting and saw a lot of them have strict curls as an event? WTF?
Guys, Got both a 315 bench and a 1300 total today.
Sup guys. Got a 1300 total finally. And a 465 squat(wraps). Also I weigh like 209 now.
Fuji makes me want to cycle.
Any tips? Been reading on the 4Cs and have an idea of what to go but wondering if there's any pro tips. Also been looking at lab made diamonds and they seem like a really good deal but wondering if it would be tacky.
Whats the word on lab made diamonds? Tacky or a good deal?
Any of you bros ever buy an engagement ring?
I just don't see much of a point given the numerous other exercise that hit rear delts.
GN that sucks bro. Weren't you talking about switching jobs recently anyways, though?
Brahs over the past week I've done nothing but give epidural steroid injections all day errday so I can give them to you guys when you snap your shit up. I do it because I care. Cash only.
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