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We're going to a Nationals game on Sunday and a Nikki Minaj concert in July so there's two possible options.
lol going to Rasika for the first time this weekend. Any good?
Thanks bruh. She knows I talked to her parents -- she doesn't know I've bought a ring and she doesn't know when I'll propose(bc I don't know either lol). I kept it in the box it was shipped in, so its a bit discreet. We don't live together(yet), so it's unlikely she'll find it.I spent literally months obsessing over what ring to get, so I'm glad that part of it is done. Now just gotta find a nice spring day in DC and do a little additional planning.For wedding planning,...
Oh also on another note I bought an engagement ring and had the talk with gf's parents. Now just looking for the right time/occasion to propose.
tbh I have no idea why anyone would want to be friends with their exes(beyond just being casually friendly towards each other). What are you wanting to do...hang out or something?
Between 3-6, depending on how tired I am. Obvs as I keep dieting it's getting harder and harder. Yesterday 275x5 on bench almost pinned me.This is a slower cut than my previous ones, so the stength losses have been more manageable...but they still suck lol.
I'm 5'10" King Manlet Master Race No idea what my 5RMs would be but lately I've been repping 275 on bench, 405 on squat, and 465 on deadlift for my working sets.
Potato quality and lighting, but here ya go. I didn't take any before pics this year(oops). [[SPOILER]]
Sup guys. Down to 185lbs from 210 in November. Also if anybody here wears Epaulet and wants to swap my medium shirts for your large or my sz 32 pants for your 34s hit me uppppp
Sup bros. Been cutting. Down to 195 from 211. Starting to see some evidence of shredz. Strength has gone to shit but meh.
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