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I just don't see much of a point given the numerous other exercise that hit rear delts.
GN that sucks bro. Weren't you talking about switching jobs recently anyways, though?
Brahs over the past week I've done nothing but give epidural steroid injections all day errday so I can give them to you guys when you snap your shit up. I do it because I care. Cash only.
Too pricey brah
As far as fashion stuff this new pair of jeans is the only thing remotely expensive I've purchased in about 2 years. Dunno, maybe it's time to buy some new shirts or some other shit. I end up wearing shit from target most days.
Sup bros, I'm back from the dead. Went from nights on the wards back to outpatient Pain Med. Gonna be hitting peeps with the roids for the next 4 weeks and trying to recoup my lost gains.
Was really hoping this was the year of Kai Greene.
On dat 5pm to 7am grind for the next two weeks. Expect all gains to disappear and come out as a 180 pound shriveled up raisin of what I was before.
Awwww yeah finally progressing on bench again
Well, you could probably hit her up for methamphetamine if you decide to go on a cut..
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