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Weighed in at 177 this AM 6 days out. Last year was 176 on stage. I'm thinking I could step on stage at 174-175 shredded as fuck. Striated glutes, here I come!
It's alright bro we will lift
Ah bro when I say D.C. I actually meant Bethesda, MD. Where are you gonna be?
The first week, likely June 1st.
I'm moving to D.C. this June. Angus NOT peppered for commutes longer than 5 minutes and paying $1500 for a studio.
Joined a climbing gym today. Gonna become a self-righteous asshole now.
You look like you belong in The Outsiders.
If you are white/male/not poor, you are bad and you should feel bad!
Unrelated note can't wait to graduate and instantly de-friend all the annoying SJW classmates spamming my fb wall all the time with sob stories about black homosexual single mothers trying to make it by but can't because the man is holding them down.
My rep power says yes but my knowledge gaps say no
New Posts  All Forums: