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UPDATE: sorry everyone, let me be clear about price. I also have one more pair, which i'm adding to the list. I have the following available: 1. JL Special Edition 2007 - Size 7E. $650 ($1500 new) 2. JL Chester's - Size 7.5E $425 ($1000 new) 3. JM Weston Monkstraps - 7E $275 ($600 new) 4. JL Lopez - 7E $425 ($1000 new - pics on request) All are lightly worn, well cared for, and in good shape. Willing to consider offers that are win-win for the buyer and...
i have the JL Chester in 7.5E, parisian brown, lightly worn. Let me know if interested and I'd be happy to post pics
I have the following available for sale: black 2007 vintage, size 7UK, black lopez loafer, size 7UK, chester loafer, parisian brown, size 7.5UK. All are in great shape, lightly worn and well cared for. Happy to send pics.
I have a pair of lightly worn John Lobb oxfords in black. the model is their 2007 special edition. They're in great shape, but unfortunately the fit is sub-optimal for me. Happy to send pics.
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