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Double post.
OK - sorry i couldn't add more, you seem to be at least as informed as me. I haven't used him for tailoring, just several very nice ties!
I spoke to him last week - what a lovely old bloke he is. He still does tailoring, he wouldn't cal it bespoke its sort of extreme MTM as its cut to an individual pattern rather than fitted to stock forms and of course with the personal touch and customer service you'd expect. He was telling me about some tussah silk fabric he had in for summer sports jackets. Hope this helps. Call him for details I have no doubt he'd love to discuss your options. Good luck.
... And from me too. Absolutely top drawer AS, good luck to you and all your family.
... Unless its a dark green label 'Lauren' suit which is a brand made specially for outlets like Marshall's and is likely to be of questionable quality.
Don't bother trying to get too clever here. A dark blue / navy suit, white shirt and wedding tie are unimpeachable. You may not 'stand out' in a garish, attention-seeking way but that's not your job as a wedding guest. You will certainly get noticed in a more subtle way if your togs are well fitted. I wouldn't bother with the waistcoat.
Errrr ... Both? You decide!
Either of these shirts would be fine IMO. They are both appropriate for a tuxedo so go with the one that fits you best or feels most comfortable. Hope you have some nice formal studs and cuff links to go with.
Have your tailor re-cut these trousers, I'm pretty sure he could make two pairs out of them.
No love for regatta blazers J?Good luck with the venture. As you can see I don't even know how to get an avatar so would be less than useless to you, but applaud your efforts to edumacate us with illustrations. Please keep persevering.
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