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The proportions look off to me. Looks like it the jacket's been shortened too much in length and the sleeves are definitely too short. Also I realise wearing clod-hopping boots for the incoming storm is wise, but they look like clown shoes coming out of such narrow tapered trousers.
@ Europrep - just recently came acros thoseNomos watches and really like the look of them, especially that dark blue one.
You forgot Adelaides!
Hard to tell with certainty due to the framing but that jacket looks like an absolute perfect fit.
Tremendous effort for posting these Eric. For me, the standout item of clothing in the entire batch is pic 2 from Day 2 - the Asian fella with the off white hat and top coat. That coat is pure perfection! Some nice looks in among the inevitable car crashes.
Well I agree with your first point if you are wearing them with buttons or links that look a lot like buttons, but when worn single-cuff style with cufflinks they always look a bit weedy to me. There's that famous pic of Michael Caine wielding a shotgun with wimpy looking single cuffs. Horses for courses I suppose, I like the 'bulk' of French cuffs with suits, and I suppose over time I've ended up with a lot of staples in both French cuffs for wear with suits and button...
Don't do it with the convertible cuffs Iso. They are neither fish nor fowl IMO.
Co-signing this one Clags. Not to mention 'pents'. Interesting to ponder the psychology behind the sheepish nature of people who jump on these bandwagons.
There's a (rare) SF consensus on this topic, and one with which I tend to agree, which states that you can 'get away' with wearing certain suit jackets as blazers but its not optimal. Partly because you may provoke uneven wear between your suit jacket and matching trousers, but mostly because they just look too 'suity'. You have to look for some non-suity details in the blazer to make it obvious its a blazer and that you're not cheating with your navy suit jacket, such as...
New Posts  All Forums: