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Business communication?I hope there'll be lots of mentions of out of the box, blue sky thinking as you step up to the plate and reach out to all your circle in order to keep them in the loop about the latest initiatives from upper level management.
Tommy Hilfiger ism a clothes designer, I wouldn't trust his watch making skills. Buy a watch made by someone who makes a living making watches, not designing clothes. If you're not ready to drop big bucks on a Rolex or IWC, there's a great 'poor man's watch thread' which discusses more moderately priced watches. Plenty of good avice and info there.
It's an awful affectation off his, those giant tie knots. Hard to explain why he would feel the need to make such an obvious grab for attention but the end result is gruesome.
Michael is spot on here. Clags this is a a habit of yours which really lets your otherwise excellent style down IMO, regardless of how nonchalant you claim to be about the results. You spend all that time, money and attention to get your suits and jackets made bespoke, but you can't afford the time, money and effort to get your ties shortened? I'm not buying it.
Your pic is too dark on my screen to see the details but the fit looks flawless!
Well done you. Nothing worse than pretendy porridge-munchers wearing checky skirts! As a rule, I try to NOT do what Idi Amin did!
The proportions look off to me. Looks like it the jacket's been shortened too much in length and the sleeves are definitely too short. Also I realise wearing clod-hopping boots for the incoming storm is wise, but they look like clown shoes coming out of such narrow tapered trousers.
@ Europrep - just recently came acros thoseNomos watches and really like the look of them, especially that dark blue one.
You forgot Adelaides!
Hard to tell with certainty due to the framing but that jacket looks like an absolute perfect fit.
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