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Not only that but he grew a beard and tash in one day. Amazing!
I'll settle for one of your shirts!It's a lovely looking tin of fruit there and I'm not averse to a bit of flash myself but I struggle to think of an event in my life to which I could wear one as loud as that!
Of course - if you're Camp Freddie in 'The Italian Job'!
Dressing well is its own reward. Either get into then spirit of the occasion and do your best or don't bother at all. There's nothing worse than seeing people like Tarantino or the Slumdog Millionaire fella (Boyle?) registering their protest at the Oscars by showing up looking like slobs. For me, a wedding is always a rare excuse to get fully suited up but it seems like your blazer and odd trousers with an open necked shirt might be formal enough and easier to...
I've had both. RE may betwice the price of AO but they are more than twice the quality. My AO ones had slack joints and poor enamel, the RE ones seem much more robust and better built.I have a pair of blue flash RE Concorde aviators if anyone is looking to buy - PM me!
Selfie-time? More like shavie time.
I seem to remember seeing a picture of Sinatra wearing a light blue tweedy jacket with double patch chest pockets. I don't think it was a suit.
There's a very long thread entitled 'mod to suedehead' on the Streetwear and denim side which might be of interest to you. I always remember them as Doc Martens, but they had a heel tag embroidered 'with air-wair bouncing sole'. I'm not sure if 'air wear' / 'air wair' was a Doc Marten trade mark or if they licensed the soles from another manufacturer. I'm pretty sure you could get other brands than Doc Martens with either an air wair sole or something very similar, like...
I'm sure this will be seen as SF heresy by many, but since you asked, my OPINION is whatever you get, don't get that three button jacket pressed to two again. It's a sure fire way to guarantee a young fella like you will look like an old man. Either get a natural two button jacket or a three button with some roll. My $0.02!
I like Sander's pic too, but seeing it I feel a craving for some colour. Even just a dark blue or navy tie instead of black might satisfy that craving. I bought a black grenadine and I'm happy to have it for funerals but if I'm ever even tempted to reach for it I see all the other colorful ties hanging next to it and think - 'nah, not today!'
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