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It might be interesting for some people to adopt an I-tunes-esque tally of how often they wear certain items, which would be a bit more accurate than their brain's ability to remember / guess. This way they could see how much they spent and how much wear they get out of a certain item, and thus judge if it was worth it, if it needs replacing, if its lack of use merits flogging it on b and s etc.
Me too. I have an excel spreadsheet that just lists what I have, when I bought it and what it cost. Just to satisfy my occasional curiosity about how long I've had certain things, how long they last, and if I ever get round to selling anything, what kind of profit / loss I would make.
Have a snoop on www.pediwear.co.uk for English shoes shipped to the US. They deduct VAT (tax) and often throw in shoe trees, polish and shoe bags to sweeten the deal.
Not sure about the shoe quality but I advise you to call the shop before going to be sure they have your style in your approximate style. The main shop in Times Square is closed due to fire damage and I can't believe the other two in NYC will have much room for extra stock of shoes. I enquirerd about a suit in the Masison Avenue shop and everything they had was out on the racks, they didn't have anything behind the scenes and shoes are notoriously greedy for stockroom space
As usual, its just too much. Too jarring. Spots, stripes, squares, paisley all fighting for attention ...If a waistcoat was necessary at all, something like a burgundy / wine coloured knit cardigan or sweater vest (don't you have one AAS?) would have been perfect for this.
Dbl pst.
@ Terpo Both of those look like they are hanging off your shoulders to me. Try a size down and see how they fit. Taking in the sides of a jacket to narrow the chest or waist is not too complex but when you have those vertical folds at the back of your shoulders it probably means an expensive alteration. @ SFA Not the clearest of pics but looks decent for OTR.
Come on now AAS. Surely you've been around Styleforum long enough to know that it's against the law to question Tibor's giant cartoon chapeaux. And whatever you do, don't mention the word 'costume' or he'll put a hit out on you!
Odd grey worsted jackets are impossible (especially when worn with navy strides,) One that boils my piss is whenever someone (like Clags, on occasion) posts a pic of an obvious hard three button jacket, some numbskull will reply telling him to unbutton the top button. ALL of my jackets are ventless. If they didn't come that way I have them closed. Suck it haters!
This ^ I spring for shaped hangers for all my suits / SCs, but I'm quite happy to hang shirts on cheaper flat hangers. As long as you don't squash them too close to each other they will retain the three dimensional collar shape fine and not get flattened.
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