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[Begin SF Speak]Wow! Great lapels on EFV senior there! Who is the maker?[/SF Speak] :D
I just googled 'seventies men fashion ad' and after seeing the first few images I need some of that eye bleach. Off to look at the eighties to see how they compare ...
We're you there? Like a Vietnam vet, I was there (maaaan) and it was horrible. Every decade has its pros, cons and horror shows but you might be viewing the past through rose tinted glasses there. If you peruse 'typical' style images such as magazine layouts and clothing ads there are things from the seventies that have no business in any stylish man's wardrobe. Four button chest high waist bands, platform shoes, bell bottoms, huge lapels and shirt collars (and fat ties),...
Of course you're correct, but as someone who prefers slim-ish lapels it bugs me a bit the way someone dressed well with a wide lapel jacket (no matter the provenance or inspiration) is highly likely to get some comments praising lapel width, while an equally well put together pic of a slim lapel suit, if it gets any comment at all, is more likely to get a comment like 'nice jacket, pity the lapels aren't wider'.I don't really buy into the whole argument about a defined...
You're on a hiding to nothing with comments like this on the SF RTC. Saturday Night Fever lapels are almost universally jizzed over while anything than can remotely be considered 'slim' let alone ' skinny' is gonna be the subject of almost universal derision. That's one of the unfortunate maxims that have evolved on SF, mores the pity. I remember the seventies as the decade that style forgot, and we should not go there again!
Not only that but he grew a beard and tash in one day. Amazing!
I'll settle for one of your shirts!It's a lovely looking tin of fruit there and I'm not averse to a bit of flash myself but I struggle to think of an event in my life to which I could wear one as loud as that!
Of course - if you're Camp Freddie in 'The Italian Job'!
Dressing well is its own reward. Either get into then spirit of the occasion and do your best or don't bother at all. There's nothing worse than seeing people like Tarantino or the Slumdog Millionaire fella (Boyle?) registering their protest at the Oscars by showing up looking like slobs. For me, a wedding is always a rare excuse to get fully suited up but it seems like your blazer and odd trousers with an open necked shirt might be formal enough and easier to...
New Posts  All Forums: