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Very well presented but errrr ... couldn't you have ironed your shirt?
Different film. I'm on about Goldeneye where I think they used Puerto Rico in place of Cuba for the big underwater satellite dish secret underground lair finale. Prior to him going I to combat he's in a tan suit and white shirt on the beach.I believe they filmed in Cadz for some of the scenes in Die Another Day where he first met Halle Berry??
Yes - the idiocy of 'sprezz' was made clear to me by none other than Brunello Cuccinelli who, in an interview in one of the men's magazine a couple of years ago, said that he has to tie his tie six or seven times each morning to get it to look the right amount of wrong ... or something!Folks like Timo and Phat Guido used to continually ruin (for me) otherwise exemplary outfits with this kind of gimmickry. Unfastened shirt cuffs, crappy bracelets, poorly tied ties ......
- perfect! I always liked that outfit and think it's held up well, and doesn't look dated. He wore a similar tan linen suit on the Puerto Rico / Cuba beach scene in Goldeneye but it doesn't look nearly as good with a white shirt.
iYes!For some reason I've seen saturated blue shirts get bad reviews on this site but I think they look great against pale tan / khaki suits and blazers, especially as you say to avoid washing out a light skinned dude.
Textures and colors - NOBD is a master at this!NOBD if you're looking in your presence is needed in that 'Casualising the Suit' thread. Your grey flannel with suede chukkas will fit right in!
Anyone who denies there's such a thing as 'SF Groupthink' should examine the crap trends that can grow on here like weeds. Deliberate mis-spelling like those mentioned above, also 'lurk moar', 'teh', 'mang' and 'threak'. Thankfully I haven't seen the despicable 'broseph' in some time. This business with the long back blade of the tie has been discussed at length - it might have been going on for a while but seems more prolific these days. When I see a pic like Clags'...
Exactly! If you can look good with 'non SF approved' labels like Jos A Bank or whatever, then extra points!It's often said that a well fitting well tailored 'cheaper' suit can look infinitely better than a poorly fitting 'haute' brand, and I believe this to be true.
Agreed. I like Panamas anyway but the proportions of this between crown and brim seem just about perfect.
Yeah but have you learned how to tie your tie? If so please help him!
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