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I agree and disagree!I hate the hands in jacket pockets look, elbows out, do the funky chicken while pulling the line of the jacket every which way.But I totally agree with the 'pulling it off' bit. "That's a loud madras jacket, but you are pulling it off" - what in the hell does that mean? You're gonna wear a loud madras jacket then shuffle along looking at your shoes all day? If you have the balls to wear a loud jacket in the first place then surely you already have the...
A polo under a suit? I got derision from SF elite for even mentioning such a thing but this proves it can be done well.
Philip Seymour Hoffman is alive and well:D!
Good answer.Like it or not we have to accept that a wedding day is largely, but not completely, about the bride. But that doesn't mean you have to hand over your balls along with your input in how you dress on the day. Ask her what her thoughts would be if you chose how she dresses on the day.
So your debut post was a non-sequitur insult to a post necro-ed from over seven years ago?Well done. This has to be some kind of SF record.
You need a better belt than that, and preferably brown if not to match your shoes then at least to be in the same general colour range.
... And it's not exactly Black Watch but close enough.
Gray for some contrast. Definitely not black as you'll look like Dracula, and most true navy suits look almost black in all but the best light, so go with mid gray.
You don't need a tailor for shirts you need a good seamstress. The beautiful Diana at Angel Tailors used to do all my stuff, always exactly as I asked and always ready when promised. Her shop is on the north west corner of Chimney Rock and Woodway.
I don't own any but have seen them in discount places like Nieman Last Call, and they always seem to me to be a cut above the rest of the stuff on display, decent price vs quality from what can be seen, and they walk the line between conservative styles with a bit of an edge that you don't see in more stolid brands in a similar price range like AE.
New Posts  All Forums: