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I used to use Men's Wearhouse cleaners. Not often, but stuff came back looking good, they only charged a dollar for things like button replacement, and usually ready in 24 hours. Not cheap! This was for suits, jackets and trousers. I can do a better job washing and ironing shirts myself than the cleaners can.
Then why are you on this board?This is a place for people who generally love to 'dress up', and a one- off occasion like the Belmont gives you the chance to do something a bit more outré than you would for the usual routine events like work, barbecue, church, diner, etc.
Very nice Clags, and while the robopose may not be thrilling, it shows us how well your suit is shaped and fitted, which is mpossible when you have your hand in your jacket pocket, pulling it all out of shape, with your elbow sticking out like you've been caught in flagrante delicto doing the funky chicken! Well done!
:DThis wounds my heart with a monotonous langour!Who said Germans don't have a sense of humour?
Ah, but never pinch your Panama hat like that kids, as you will break the fibers at a critical stress point. Hold 'em by the brims only for longer life!
It's been a while JRD but I find your musings and illustrations on this sort of thing to be hugely educational. I know it must take some commitment for which I applaud you, thanks for putting in the time and please feel free to continue as I find these sort of threads to be SF at its best.
Since you're known for your thriftiness Reev, why not go to Macy's and take a look at Cubavera? When they are having one of their weekly sales you can probably get a pair for about $25.
I think I've got a set you can have. PM me your address and I'll see if I can find them. If so they're yours!
Come on David, he may be auditioning for Showaddywaddy!
@ Terpo- White would be perfectly fine for that outfit. As there's not much variance in colour, make sure everything fits perfectly.
New Posts  All Forums: