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Frye harness or engineer boots. What size are you?
It's hilarious isn't it? Absolutely hysterical. The gift that keeps on giving. Gets me every time. Never disappoints. Always cracks me up. Deliberate mis-spelling of words - how can this ever be beaten? Pure comedy genius.
Nice looking suit but I'm always baffled by your compulsion to pose as if you are gripping an invisible rugby ball under each arm.
Interesting theory Ac, but sorry, I don't buy it.In the opening sequence Bond is very much an active agent and as such we would expect that he's in tip top shape, and yet that grey pick and pick fits him perhaps worst of all his outfits in Skyfall. It's only after his fall from the train and subsequent fall from grace that he lets himself go and fails the physical.Or are you postulating that the reason he failed in his mission to secure the list of agents in he opening...
I agree with every one of SBs points here.SVB, being so long and thin your are certainly a difficult task for a tailor and my scant frame of reference on such things won't be much help, but the picture posted more recently of you in the light blue checkered sport coat presents IMO a much more flattering silhouette than the cream suit. (Leaving aside the stacked lower pants legs).
Code:I'm glad you qualified with that clause about 'tailored clothing', as O/O was guilty in my view of posting some of the most laughably bad 'casual' fits I've ever seen on the Internet. Just really, really, inexcusably bad. Like leather biker jacket, jorts, white gym socks and flip-flops bad.I also think his example sorta makes G-Mac's point that as long as you demonstrate SOME level of sartorial knowledge and post often enough, sometimes by sheer force of volume and...
Can someone please do a quick summary as to what's the deal with Tag watches? I realise two things - they aren't Patek Phillipe, they aren't even Rolex, and if a punter is happy with watch and price then that can't be argued with. I thought they we're a reputable brand at the lower end of the 'name brand' continuum, but I've come to learn that Tags seem to incur more wrath than all but the worst knock off fake brands. I saw a few nice models in a Tag shop in the mall...
Church High was a bit out of my league but you might know my next door neighbour Keelie Lightfoot who could have been about that age. [Apologies for derailing the thread, living as remotely as I do this is as near as I get to a family reunion!]
My sister lives in Jackson Street right by The Chesters. I grew up in Ettrick Grove then my Mam moved to Alexanfra Road about half way between The Barnes and The Rosedene. I used to work in The Barnes when I was in school. Now I live in Florida! I bet if you're 'of a certain vintage' we'll know people in common. There was quite a group of us Mod-inspired spread between Bede and Thornhill but that was when we were teenagers a long time ago, and there wasn't much of a scene...
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