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Don't do it with the convertible cuffs Iso. They are neither fish nor fowl IMO.
Co-signing this one Clags. Not to mention 'pents'. Interesting to ponder the psychology behind the sheepish nature of people who jump on these bandwagons.
There's a (rare) SF consensus on this topic, and one with which I tend to agree, which states that you can 'get away' with wearing certain suit jackets as blazers but its not optimal. Partly because you may provoke uneven wear between your suit jacket and matching trousers, but mostly because they just look too 'suity'. You have to look for some non-suity details in the blazer to make it obvious its a blazer and that you're not cheating with your navy suit jacket, such as...
Yes thank you FM, although on reflection they are both nouns, just the way I understand the term, it describes the person, not the content of their speech! Anyway, back to pictures of titters, eh?
Nope, gobshite is an adjective not a noun. It describes a person who is loud mouthed but doesn't have much substance. I suppose the US translation would be 'blowhard'. I've never heard the term used as a noun, as an alternative to 'a load of bollocks' - maybe that's a Strylian thing.
25% I think.
Been waiting for this for a while, only to find there are only select items on sale.
Coxie if you don't enter this pic into this week's FC I'm flying down to Sydney especially to slap you upside the head!
This conflation brought to you by Baileys Irish Creme!
Interesting question.Some possible answers ...Those who wear undershirts probably aren't so bothered about cloth rolled on the thighs of virgins as it will not touch their shin beyond their lower arms. I don't want to kick off the whole undershirt / no undershirt debate again, I never wear one myself, but I'm also not THAT bothered about feeling a silken sheen against my torso. As long as its not like a gunny sack I can probably live with it!Some have hinted at a sacrifice...
New Posts  All Forums: