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It's your choice to continue to ignore me, or choose to believe that my comments bear no merit as I don't post pics myself, but I bet if you stripped away the artifice and got bare, naked honesty from the vast majority of regular and highly rated posters on SF most would agree with me, that when you keep thngs simple or limit yourself to ONE accent piece such as your beloved Black Watch blazer, you can mix it up among the best posters on this forum and since you admit to...
Well you could start by never wearing a scarlet red bow tie and burgundy socks.
Yeah great pic Timo. I was ready to pull the trigger on that same suit a couple of months ago and it suddenly vanished from all SS media as they made room for the new AW stuff. I'm sure there's a warehouse full of them somewhere but it remains a mystery to me.
You couldn't even shave for your wedding day? I think you may one day in the future live to regret this.
Those aren't reverse pleats and I can't tell what lapels are on the waistcoat. Great pic all the same.
I'm usually not a fan of windowpane but that is one of the best I've ever seen Mr. B - well done!
Double post.
OK - sorry i couldn't add more, you seem to be at least as informed as me. I haven't used him for tailoring, just several very nice ties!
I spoke to him last week - what a lovely old bloke he is. He still does tailoring, he wouldn't cal it bespoke its sort of extreme MTM as its cut to an individual pattern rather than fitted to stock forms and of course with the personal touch and customer service you'd expect. He was telling me about some tussah silk fabric he had in for summer sports jackets. Hope this helps. Call him for details I have no doubt he'd love to discuss your options. Good luck.
... And from me too. Absolutely top drawer AS, good luck to you and all your family.
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