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You have the right to defend yourself but I don't think any comments so far have been out of order or have crossed the 'personal' line. I'm sure both you and your client, along with us onlookers in the peanut gallery, are all hoping for a happy conclusion.And while I expect most readers have a working knowledge of the difference between MTM and full bespoke, this may be an opportunity for you to clarify, if you so desire, exactly what it is that you do. As stated, you've...
I have a rust coloured Tie Bar grenafaux I'll sell you for $10 shipped so about half price. Barely worn. I also have a nice very dark blue garza fina grenadine from Holland and Sherry with subtle grey horizontal stripes for sale. PM if interested!
I'm puzzled by Reevesie. The pictures he posts in his thread look exemplary but this is not the first time I've seen real customers of his post pictures that ... well I wouldn't be happy with if I'd commissioned them.And you're right, those blobby shoes don't look good at all with this outfit.
I have two Thomas Pink marcella tuxedo shirts, one fly-fronted and one to take studs. I got them both BNWT off eBay for $45 each. Surely you have $45 in the budget and a bit of patience to make sure you look right on your big day?
My advice would be to concur with the above poster and if you want bespoke ties go to David Hober. He is a top pro, revered by the SF veterans and not without good reason. He has access to a ridiculous variety of fabrics and colours, and I understand that.he doesn't actually stock the ties, just the fabrics, so he can make your ties up as long and as wide as you like. Take a look at his website and take advantage of his personal service, I'd be very surprised if you're not...
The way I unserstand that, a seven fold tie is made by folding the silk in on itself seven times to achieve the shape and body, so there is no cotton or wool inner lining which is common to most ties. It's a point of construction that gets some clothing enthusiasts salivating, like having jackets fully canvassed, but just as with fully canvassed jackets, if the colour, cloth and fit (size) aren't what you want then no amount of fine construction can make up for that.The...
Nay, nay and thrice nay!
Yeah I get that. I bet some of that horde of Brits who emigrated to Oz in the seventies got a nasty shock if they landed down South during the winter. No wonder you refer to them as whining poms!
I'm always intrigued when I see pictures of posters in Australia all wrapped up in winter clobber. I thought the main motivation of so many Brits emigrating there was to escape the cold? I've heard it said that in Melbourne you can get four seasons in one day, but it always seems sunny on 'Neighbours' . Those further north in Sydney and Brisbane - does it really get cold there during the winter, or do you get so bored with the daily sunshine and wearing a t shirt and...
Leaving aside your abject failure to abide by the riules stitchy, I have to say that for a man with a stated aversion to pocket squares you have absolutely nailed the perfect compliment to your threads with today's adornment.
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