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Just a guess between climate and - when I was in Lilburn - my memory of ATL is vast trees everywhere!
@ Roy Al - I almost always admire your pics. The bright red trainers look out of place in being too casual with that first pic. In the second pic your trousers look suspiciously in dispute with your shoes. Either you've hiked them too high or you might consider adding an inch to the length to get them to hit the top of your shoes. @ Kulata - one of the most consistently good posters IMO, bold colors but always classy, and like chockie you are a big-chested fella who has...
Perhaps you're new here and not familiar with HM. If an article is not splattered with the maker's logo to announce conspicuous expenditure, then he's generally not interested. This is a man who confessed in here to going to the mall to buy some Louis Vuitton item (or something) early in the day so he could spend the rest of the day walking round with the Louis Vuitton bag making sure he was seen with it. All efforts to influence a pivot away from this kind of behavior...
Noodles, dip a cotton ball in hydrogen peroxide, available at a pharmacy for less than a dollar. Rub it into the blood mark and it will disappear with no damage to your suit. Trust me.
Agreed CM. I like that inky blue blazer and it goes well with shirt and jeans. Shoes are too formal. Also, strangely your shoulders look about even but your right arm appears significantly longer than your left. This could be just the way you're standing, but if it's a natural trait it can be mitigated by lengthening the blazer sleeve.
There's a company called Charle Tyrwhitt. They do a variety of white shirts. You should check them out.
Are you really expecting these fellas to reply to comments about posts they made eight years ago?
Shave. Or grow a beard if you must. I can hold back no longer Clags. The outfit is up to your usual high standard but that ginger fungus is 'orrible! It's one of my pet peeves that somehow going about in this demi monde state has become acceptable in today's world. Maybe I'm just a grouchy old pest (probably) but with history in the military this would never be allowed, nor was it seen as acceptable by many / any of the classic menswear dudes we revere and often aspire...
You have the right to defend yourself but I don't think any comments so far have been out of order or have crossed the 'personal' line. I'm sure both you and your client, along with us onlookers in the peanut gallery, are all hoping for a happy conclusion.And while I expect most readers have a working knowledge of the difference between MTM and full bespoke, this may be an opportunity for you to clarify, if you so desire, exactly what it is that you do. As stated, you've...
I have a rust coloured Tie Bar grenafaux I'll sell you for $10 shipped so about half price. Barely worn. I also have a nice very dark blue garza fina grenadine from Holland and Sherry with subtle grey horizontal stripes for sale. PM if interested!
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