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As AC said, this could work with Black Watch trousers if that's your thing. It would be better the other way around. Tuxedo trousers could be made to work with all manner of quasi formal jackets (ecru, black watch, Stewart, velvet, smoking etc.) but you are very limited this way around.
Any doctor who does get covered in all that is probably in the OR in which case he would be changed and scrubbed prior to going in.For every doctor covered in all that there are several who are office based and thus COULD dress as formally as they wish. Most of th eolder generation I know still wear suit or dress trousers, shirt, tie and lab coat on office days, although many (usually younger) are in the button down shirt, khakis and loafers now.
Have a look at last week's challenge for some POS inspiration.
":Aaaaaaaaay had a faaaaaaaaarm in Aaaaaaaaaafrica!" OMG get the oscars out.
Speak for yourself. It's not like the competition is usually deep. I can't stand the hook nosed old boiler, and since this is style forum she has to be one of the worst dressed multi millionaire public figures in the country. Almost as bad as Helena Bonham Carter.
Been looking at a very nice Poljot for a while but not sure if circa $700 qualifies as 'poor', and not sure if I could be bothered with a wind up.
What about the three pointer he scored in the NBA final? Or the schooling he gave to David Robinson in the division final, was it 94? UH alum here - Hakeem was the dog's bollocks, one of my favourite ever players. I lost interest in the NBA when he retired, its never been the same.
Sorry I missed you TC I just swung by there after work today. Saw a beautiful blue line Napoli in the $399 range but didn't have it in my size, hence my question about ordering and shipping.
Questions about shipping - About how many days from order to delivery within the US? And for returns do you have to take them to a post office or call for a UPS or FedEx pick up?
Hello other Iceman from Houston. There was an excellent series of pics posted on here by I think JRD, who took different coloured sports jackets one by one and posted pics of different trousers that worked well with said jackets. Sorry I can't be more specific but the search function might help you, or anyone else looking in who might have access to provide the link? Who's your tailor in Houston? If you want to go RTW I just got a pair of houndstooth strides from the...
New Posts  All Forums: