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I have two evening shirts by Thomas Pink - both marcella bibs with turn down collars. One is made for studs, the other has a fly front. Got them both off eBay BNWT for $45. If you have time I suggest you get looking, there are bargains to be had and if you need a nip or tuck to make them fit perfectly it shouldn't cost you much more.
Well this is going well!Aha! Pics at last.Hard to give definitive advice as its hard to tell how accurate the colour is but on my iPad it looks like a perfectly acceptable blue that could work in the office or for a semi formal function such as day time wedding. Fit looks good too at first glance.Shoes are almost invisible so can't comment. Tie needs close ups. Mid blue shirts don't get much love on SF but I don't mind them.
@ Coldsalmon - suit looks entirely different colour in each picture so not sure which is more accurate. Either way it fits well and I like the dark blue but not as dark as navy especially in the warmer months. Clags displayed one of possibly similar hue recently to good effect. @ Anden - solid as usual, very nice take on the blazer and khakis look.
Good info here fellas. I have that exact same watch, bought in 1990. Still runs fine. I had a local jeweler / watchmaker replace the battery which used to last around five years. In 1999 I sent it to Tag for the full Monty which was around $100 but as stated came back with new dial, hands, glass, gaskets etc. I don't wear it any more as I've upped my watch game but it still has sentimental value as it was my first decent watch and first major present to myself after...
Ice cream doesn't travel well, but I'm in New York next week M - W so if you're back from your travels the gelatos are on me!
Tell you what - swop 'em for your president Mobutu leopardskin slippers in your next pic and I'll sing your praises to the heavens. Deal?
Aww c'mon man. If I seriously offended you then I apologise - was my comment really any worse than the oft used 'kill it with fire' comment we see on here?
But them yellow mules he borrowed off his Nana have got to GO!No amount of sprezz / don't give a toss / unorthodox quirky rule breaking can excuse them.
Yeah what he said! It's the 64 thousand dollar question really. There's a sweet spot at which legs look longer without shortening the torso but impossible to give a hard and fast rule and of course rise length migrates with the fashions.
[[SPOILER]] You've brought an interesting dimension to the board and I generally like the pics you've posted so far. The rise on your trousers seems awfully short, which may just be your personal stylistic choice, but where most of your other items seem to lean towards classic style, this feature is likely going to make your pics look very dated in a short time when the current trend for slim fit everything and very low rises cycles out of fashion.The pic you posted on the...
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