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I say just stop being such a massive fanny about it. Do the shoes come off before crossing the threshold? Are they then inserted into hazmat bags before coming into the house? (Done wearing disposable rubber gloves?) Then the whole process in reverse before leaving the house? Yeah I get it. Shoes carry germs. Guess what? So does EVERYTHING else.
This is the perfect time to dig up Acridsheep's Noob Lifecycle Chart!
I like how Anden did it with a non conventional (not navy, dark blue or grey) jacket. Would like to see the bottom half - grey flannels?
What is this heresy?I wear an industrial grade HazMat suit over my suits at all times in case they get any dust on them. If its raining outside I just stay home.
"Is there life on Mars? Is there life on Mars? Is there life in Peckham? Is there life in Peckham?"
Ha Ha you're funny. I'll eat you last.
Stitchy if I squared up like that in kumite practice Hanshi would whack me across the legs with his shinai. See how you're leaning back and your weight is off your front foot? One kick to your front knee, which is unprotected, would hyperextend your knee joint, you'd go down like a sack of shit and you'd probably walk with a limp for the rest of your life. Domo arigato gosai mashita! OS!
Nah it wasn't Stitchy - he did that one time and I gave him shit for it! It was someone who appeared to be tall, slim, who would robo pose but with bent arms and fists clenched resting on the top of his thighs that looked so stiff and un-natural but after some encouragement from the regulars he loosened up and relaxed and turned in some top quality fit pics for a while.While we're doing nostalgia I miss Threadbearer and GregAZ, two fellas who posted consistently good pics.
Or as my hero Archer would say 'Phrasing!'
Excellent.Was it Alice Roosevelt who said ' If you don't have anything to say about someone ... Then sit right here next to me!'?
New Posts  All Forums: