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Good to see you back Pandy 'Still smokin that shit?' (Stetsasonic:D)
I don't always agree with Fuuma, but when I do, I agree emphatically!
Hamilton shirts in Houston are supposed to be very good. Sorry don't know their website - google is your friend!
Possibly, but ... They didn't have a sale at the end of the SS season (at least not in the US) so it really is anyone's guess at this point.
Good post. Top half good, bottom half bad!
There's a photo of Brosnan as Bond in 'James Bond The Suited Hero' where he's wearing a gray PoW suit, white shirt and matching royal blue tie and square. I don't think he ever wore this in a film, it was either edited out or a publicity-only still, but it doesn't look bad. Not to say it looks perfect, but it doesn't look bad. After the first four Connery Bonds, Brosnan is the most consistently well dressed of the entire canon IMO.
Harrington jacket. You're in college man. It's not a fashion parade. Relax, have a beer and enjoy perving over the fit coeds. Nothing wrong with looking decent but trying too hard to look good in the massed poly sci lecture theatre is ... Well ... Too try hard!
C'mon Stitchy, like it or not the hair is part of the overall presentation / fit. You used to get stick for an unkempt beard IIRC, and I notice that along with upping your threads you upped your grooming game too.
Don't cut your head out next time Iso - post pics of your next outfit along with a decent haircut and I promise I'll redress the balance by showering you with praise!
On the AO versus Randolph debate, I have some personal experience. I understand that the US military contract flips back and forth between the two, something similar to how Victorinox is the 'original' Swiss Army Knife and Wenger is the 'genuine'. I had a pair of AO square aviators with paddle arms. They felt flimsy, didn't last long. They were black coated ones and the black coating wore off soon revealing the blue oxidizing beneath, and the hinges were very loose. Some...
New Posts  All Forums: