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Not directed at anyone specifically but Jesus Christ there are some fragile fuckers around aren't there?
You choose to imply bitterness in my writing when I assure you there's none there. It's opinion, pure and simple, with which you can choose to agree or disagree, but without opinions there wouldn't be much point in message boards. Sure my 'tone' may come off as harsh sometimes, life would be boring if everyone spoke and wrote in the same tone.
Seriously hurt feelings? Get a grip man, its the Internet, its not real life. SF is a pleasant distraction for me, which often provides some interesting debates and inspiration to help me dress better, but unlike for some people around here, its not the be all end all of my life.
This part is particularly true and probably explains a lot - when someone relentlessly posts their particular style which is objectively bad, the board as a whole gives up on criticizing after a while and that look becomes enfolded as part of the SF universe no matter how much it may be derided by all but the member in question, who may be emboldened by the odd compliment.
You're spot on with this comment and its something that bugs me too.Some people on here establish themselves and get a following of groupies which makes them largely untouchable.One member once grew a ridiculous unkempt straggly beard and nary a word was said. When he shaved it off there were all these comments like, 'looks much better' etc. but no-one dared to call him out on it when it was there.I always say that while SF can provide a wealth of informed knowledge and...
Is this an Oxford / bal or a derby / blucher? If the latter I would be interested in copper suede.
I was aware of this Butler, that servants were deliberately dressed 'wrongly' for reasons you state. Which makes me wonder when watching Downton Abbey, if they got it 'wrong' by having Carson et al dressed in formal white tie for evening events and thus exactly matching the family and guests, or if this was all de rigeur for house staff at that particular timeframe of the show. I seem to remember watching 'Lord Peter Wimsey' and noticing his butler in tails, wing collar...
Quoted for truth and advice many on here would be wise to follow. Me included. That's a nice pic of some great looking quality jackets and good subtle variety too, but a lot of them are just not 'me'.
You have to judge your own context so I apologies if this comes off as overly acerbic, but as a once and possibly future teacher / professor its my view that teachers are constantly banging on about the lack of respect and salary they get compared to any of the other old and established professions. The thought of a teacher of any sort in hoody and jeans makes me shiver and wonder why the aforementioned complaints exist. Would you respect a lawyer, a doctor, an accountant,...
Aye but with kitonbrioni if you clicked the link on his posts it would lead you to exhaustive photos of his daily outfits.
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