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Don't like 'em at all. Pointless. And provoke unpleasant memories of that conniving arsehole Donald Rumsfeld.
In partial defence of Jamison, remember he has a day job and does HY as a sideline gig. Also, wasn't it Pitti last week? It's possible he was out of the country recently. This may not be acceptable to those with grievances but may at least partly explain the lack of communication.
The proper term for that style is harness boots. The best ones are made by Frye. The rings actually serve a purpose in protecting your ankle bones if you lay the bike down. Those ones in the pic look like cheesy imitation hybrid Chelsea boots with the covered elastic gores. Proper Frye boots are pull on without any elastic sides. Look fine with rough jeans but not much else. I've had a pair for over ten years and they are the most comfortable boots for both riding and...
Howard Yount is in midtown NYC.
There needs to be a law to prevent you giving your kids a faux hawk. Any more of that and I'm reporting you to the CPS!
Looks like there's enough material in those trouser legs to have them recut into two pairs. Not a good look at all. Sorry.
Did you use Angel for the alterations? We're you happy with him and the service?
Doesn't 'sound' good, but pics for a proper critique.
Agreed. I've seen it done well and even tried it myself in the manner you suggest.The other side to this is an older gent I saw at the airport recently. Structured houndstooth sports jacket with padded shoulders. Shiny black polyester golf style polo shirt. Black trousers. Running shoes. I gave him the SF death stare of contempt for such an aberration!
Love this pic Erik. Nicely bridging the casual - formal divide. Some good pics of Pitti too. Well done!
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