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IMO no waist covering is better than a poor waist covering - hideous silver satin waistcoat, or high buttoning like what James Earl Jones is wearing on those Sprint commercials. Last time I wore black tie was a New Year party in the Hyatt. I never unbuttoned my jacket so no one could have known if I had a waist covering or not. The 'turkey triangle' of white cloth beneath the buttoning point is either due to a poorly cut jacket and/or low cut trousers, and/or hands in...
No never. I didn't know they existed but I suppose you can get silly about anything - cars, guitars, watches, wine, cigars, coffee, thousand dollar trousers. (I've never drank coffee and I've never been to Starbuck's!)
Someone please buy my 'as new' wine one so I can swop it for a colour I will wear more often.
There's that word 'artisanal' again. Never heard or read it in my life outside of menswear retailers' blurbs. Ambrosi making an appearance? Isn't that the bloke who ripped off Foo for ten grand's worth of strides? I hope they have bulletproof glass! +
You wear jeans for one occasion and suits for another - why would you think that one pair of shoes would be appropriate for both? The AEs are a decent staple shoe grnerally approved by SF (all but the snootiest / richest / most jaded!) but I hate dress shoes worn with jeans, especially closed to oxfords. The colour and broguing step down the formality a notch or two, but nowhere near enough to be worn with jeans. Chukkas and desert boots are fine to be worn with jeans...
Timo is your suit Suitsupply? Nice looking POW but can't see it on their e site u less its the Havana which is really hard to see the pattern on in their pics.
In black suits? Wash your mouth out with soap sir!
Go with what you like. 90 percent of the public don't even know the difference. 5 percent more know the difference but don't care (me!) Leaving 5 percent (snooty SFers,) who will silently criticize you for your choice. Are you dressing for yourself or 5 percent of the strangers out there who may disapprove?
You are John Oliver from The Daily Show and I claim my $5.
A few years before you I reckon. The Victoria was a nice pub and the Warehouse was my joint, occasionally the phonographic if we were slumming it. I loved Leeds and would have been happy to stay there but moved to Texas for grad school and I'm still here!
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