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Because this is STYLE forum not Comfy Forum. Otherwise there'd be lots of pictures of us in well fitting plush onesies. Footies optional.
Shirt and jacket collars are a mess. Sort it out!
Come on Stitchy admit it, you wanna see the original posts don't you?(PM me the details if you find them!)
Some more details might help: Afternoon / evening Summer / winter Indoor / outdoor Church /registry
Nice spring time look.Say hello to Raj, Sheldon and Howard. And especially Penny of course.
Sea on the right means east coast?Really?If he'd taken the picture on the other side of the balcony the sea would be on the left, does that mean it would be the west coast?Brighton is on the south coast, just about directly south of London.
That would be my guess too. If you look closely you can see Jimmy Cooper shuffling up the beach next to the pier!Edit: Aha! I was right! Check out the Bell Boy, he might look familiar.Is that Jump The Gun? I've had some stuff from there. Adam is a great bloke.
Maybe its my monitor, maybe its my 'special eyes', but I don't see any yellow at all in Holdfast's tie.
... and shoes too I hope.Interesting fit today and a bit of a departure from the norm for you. Reminds me of a Betelgeuse-ish kinda outfit, which of course is no bad thing!
May I ask which church/ denomination imposes or infers such restrictive rules of dress?The church I grew up in used to be somewhat conservative but attendance is so low these days I think they'd be happy if people came in wearing flip flops and depends, just as long as they came at all.
New Posts  All Forums: