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Too bad I'll be long gone by then!
Uhhhhh, you sure about that one Ace?
You can meet me in person at Uniqlo tomorrow afternoon
Top ones are fine, a modern take on opera pumps with silk bows but much more manly. Pass on the other two.
And the high end (Jort / LSpalla) are full canvassed for $999
Ha! Last week I was in Miami, walking through the hotel lobby and a random girl walked past and said 'what's up President Obama?'(For the record I am White with blonde hair!) :D
The past is another country - they do things different over there.
SeaJen are you a stats expert? Cos I could REALLY use some help for my doctoral dissertation! Seriously!
I think its a worthwhile discussion luvvie, and I think you've stated your case well. You didn't want to name names but for me one of the worst offenders for this USED to be In Stitches (stay with me on this Stitchy!). He used to have every excuse in the book on a daily basis as to why his pics were absolutely fine (they weren't!) BUT - A few months ago, not sure what happened but he started to act upon the criticism (ten million SF members can't be wrong!) and the result...
Ha! I thought it was a great pic too, and the navy trousers didn't even register with me as I suppose my eye was drawn to the more bold unconventional teal colour of the jacket. Anyway I am one of those in agreement with you, that in the right outfit there is definitely a place for navy trousers. And odd grey jackets. The loose SF consensus around the prejudice against navy trou is bollocks IMO, and here is exhibit A m'lurd!
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