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Hands out yer pockets Clags. The Funky Chicken pose is so very unflattering and does nothing to let us see how well the jacket fits.
What place is this? Does AC not exist there?
Nope. I do t like vents and often get vented jackets closed. No visible remain of said ventedness.
Very nice Don. Always love to see pics of well executed POW suits. Good choice of accessories too.
You lot are all really shit at Haiku.
Correct Suitmart don't routinely do sales but I was talking to Travis a regional sales rep not long after the last sale they did and he said it had been a huge success to the point that the website crashed briefly, and all by Internet word of mouth, so I wouldn't count out the possibility of another sale some time, just impossible to predict when.
Argh! Don't pich your Panama like that T - you'll break the straw! I found this out the hard way!
What's your size in US?
Don't like 'em at all. Pointless. And provoke unpleasant memories of that conniving arsehole Donald Rumsfeld.
In partial defence of Jamison, remember he has a day job and does HY as a sideline gig. Also, wasn't it Pitti last week? It's possible he was out of the country recently. This may not be acceptable to those with grievances but may at least partly explain the lack of communication.
New Posts  All Forums: