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I don't own any but have seen them in discount places like Nieman Last Call, and they always seem to me to be a cut above the rest of the stuff on display, decent price vs quality from what can be seen, and they walk the line between conservative styles with a bit of an edge that you don't see in more stolid brands in a similar price range like AE.
Great outfit Don. That's the kind of jacket that often gets negative reviews for looking like an orphaned suit jacket by SF but I think it has enough texture to make the grade as a summer SC.
That book was useless without pics. Also the bit alleging that the success or lack theor of various presidents being a factor of their level of style while obviously tongue in cheek was a waste of ink IMO.
Striped tie? I predict 40% wearing the navy Hober grenadine with white and brown stripes, 40% wearing the Conrad Wu navy and burgundy shantung grenadine, and the remaining 20% with others!They seem to be the (un)official SF club member ties these days!(Oops - forgot Orge, sporting his BB red with navy and white multi stripe!)
I got one from CT in really pale blue which I've never worn. Bought it as part of their multi deals and just always reach for another. If you can't find one from CT let me know your size and I may be persuaded to part with mine.
Hands out yer pockets Clags. The Funky Chicken pose is so very unflattering and does nothing to let us see how well the jacket fits.
What place is this? Does AC not exist there?
Nope. I do t like vents and often get vented jackets closed. No visible remain of said ventedness.
Very nice Don. Always love to see pics of well executed POW suits. Good choice of accessories too.
You lot are all really shit at Haiku.
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