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Errrr ... Both? You decide!
Either of these shirts would be fine IMO. They are both appropriate for a tuxedo so go with the one that fits you best or feels most comfortable. Hope you have some nice formal studs and cuff links to go with.
Have your tailor re-cut these trousers, I'm pretty sure he could make two pairs out of them.
No love for regatta blazers J?Good luck with the venture. As you can see I don't even know how to get an avatar so would be less than useless to you, but applaud your efforts to edumacate us with illustrations. Please keep persevering.
OK I'm in too.
Why? Does he also light cigars that are already lit and part smoked?
That outfit is painfully let down by your shoes Coxie.
Those greens are fighting each other, and the PS would look better with the open edges facing out IMO.
It's true isn't it. The more outrageous the colour, the less versatile they are. I dunno what occasion I would wear those Lobbs for, or what I would wear them with but they are great looking shoes. Bravo!
And yet it got twenty thumbs???I'm assuming the thumbs were because he seems like a nice fella and hasn't posted in a while, and not for the quality of the tailoring, which has once again failed to account for his dropped right shoulder, so everything looks off balance and asymmetrical.
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