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Just wanted to give a shout out to a wonderful old gentleman and perhaps among the last of a now rare breed, Mr. Winston. I have done business with him over the phone and in person and he is a true gent, always has time for an anecdote about the old days and of course, purveyor of perhaps the cheapest garza fina grenadines around. Great service every time. I was at his tiny shop today on 44th street and he was his usual charming self, (wearing a whimsical emblematic tie...
Hmmmm. Probably the SF anti slim lapel bias in play, despite the disclaimer about fit / style not being a factor in the ratings a due to subjective preferences. I'm always amused how slim lapels seem to get universal disdain on SF (too fashion forward?) while wingspan lapels seem to get all round boners from the regulars.
Hilarious! This man is a lunatic!
Nice pic of you both - I like how you've done traditional black tie then glammed it up with contrasting festive antennas.
Fantastic find. Not only a great looking overcoat at a bargain price but it nicely covers up the car crash cacophony of colour beneath. (Ooh Mr. Bradshaw my O level English teacher would be impressed with that alliteration!)
This is an excellent fit Anden, straight out of the box? Well done!(p.s. hope you get the BB gun this Christmas!)
Thank you for this.I (used to) love this forum but shit like this and mister fucking black watch, and the ridiculous praise from all corners, has just about driven me off. I think I'm in the wrong forum. I thought this was called classic menswear not classic clownswear.
Nay, nay, and thrice nay!
Suspenders and waist coverings are mutually exclusive. Braces keep your trousers up. Waistcoats and cummerbunds cover your waist. Wear your braces with pride whatever you decide about waistcoat , cummerbund or neither. I don't understand your next questions. If you have a plain shirt then you have no need to worry about studs. Studs aren't mandatory anyway, there are plenty of evening shirts available without studs - either with French / fly front to cover the buttons or...
I think this mpression is mistaken.
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