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Howard Yount is in midtown NYC.
There needs to be a law to prevent you giving your kids a faux hawk. Any more of that and I'm reporting you to the CPS!
Looks like there's enough material in those trouser legs to have them recut into two pairs. Not a good look at all. Sorry.
Did you use Angel for the alterations? We're you happy with him and the service?
Doesn't 'sound' good, but pics for a proper critique.
Agreed. I've seen it done well and even tried it myself in the manner you suggest.The other side to this is an older gent I saw at the airport recently. Structured houndstooth sports jacket with padded shoulders. Shiny black polyester golf style polo shirt. Black trousers. Running shoes. I gave him the SF death stare of contempt for such an aberration!
Love this pic Erik. Nicely bridging the casual - formal divide. Some good pics of Pitti too. Well done!
No it's not its bloody ridiculous!
This was a look that was popular among the smarter skinheads / suede heads in England during the early to mid seventies. Usually a 'Crombie' (not a real one) very waisted Melton wool lightweight overcoat with ticket pocket and obligatory red spotted handkerchief in the breast pocket, worn with a Ben Sherman button down, sta prest or two tone strides, clip on braces, red socks. and brogues or doc marten shoes. I think it was a great look for the time but was definitely an...
The whole idea of white tie is that is SUPPOSED to be a uniform, with absolute minimum latitude for a personal spin. If you must put your own stamp on it, consider a red or white carnation.
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