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Yeah what he said! It's the 64 thousand dollar question really. There's a sweet spot at which legs look longer without shortening the torso but impossible to give a hard and fast rule and of course rise length migrates with the fashions.
[[SPOILER]] You've brought an interesting dimension to the board and I generally like the pics you've posted so far. The rise on your trousers seems awfully short, which may just be your personal stylistic choice, but where most of your other items seem to lean towards classic style, this feature is likely going to make your pics look very dated in a short time when the current trend for slim fit everything and very low rises cycles out of fashion.The pic you posted on the...
@ Isolation Please, for the love of god, do something about that prepubescent Juston Bieber helmet you've got on your head. I can't focus on any of your outfits with such abysmal looking barnet. I say this with genuine e-affection as I'm sure you're a good lad but its got to be done.
Pet peeve # 1: I don't get the hate for contrast white linen pocket squares. They can look OK to me. Maybe yet another silly SF trope that has gathered momentum.Pet peeve # 2: 'from whence' is tautological. 'Whence' does the job fine on its own!
I have a Jort which is now LaSpalla. Very nice silver grey nailhead fabric. You've got to like the shirring (pleats around the sleeve head) which is a stylistic nuance. Fits well, lots of what appears to be hand finished pick stitching and full canvas. But as the fella above alludes, fit is everything. If the fit of this works for you then the extra details will only enhance the look. If the fit is off and can't be easily remedied then your money is better spent on a...
Just give it up man.You asked for advice, you've been given advice. It looks shit. There aren't too many looks in menswear that are objectively universally shit but this is one of them.Now either accept that and come up with a different idea for your date outfit or just go on your date and look like shit, but please don't keep arguing the toss. Believe me, I lived through the seventies and that John Travolta bollocks. It's shit!
I like driving shoes and have a few pairs but always get the ones with the 'island' type soles with larger rubber blocks, than the tod's style nubs. I'm sure they are much longer lasting. It's ridiculous when people say they are meant only for driving not walking. At some point you're gonna have to get out of the car. I love them for weekend wear, going to the diner, shops, boardwalk etc. I don't expect to be hiking the Appalachian trail in them but they are fine for a...
Because this is STYLE forum not Comfy Forum. Otherwise there'd be lots of pictures of us in well fitting plush onesies. Footies optional.
Shirt and jacket collars are a mess. Sort it out!
Come on Stitchy admit it, you wanna see the original posts don't you?(PM me the details if you find them!)
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