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I'm still struggling to see either what value your pictures bring to this board, or what value you expect to get from showing pictures like that. There have been a few females who have been welcome on this thread, including a very attractive Korean rock chick, but they got into the spirit of the thread by posting pics of full outfits and either inviting or providing critique. A head shot and a list of what we can't see is all just a bit pointless really.
Keep fighting the good fight Diggsy. Sensei says the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step! Os! Funny I was thinking about you as I'm re watching HOC to bone up on events before we start watching HOC2. Keep us informed with your occupational sartorial struggle and any other cameos we should be looking out for!
There should be some sort of SF annual award to people like you, who have not only bucked the trend to schlubbiness but inspired a policy change to uphold lapsed standards. Well done sir. Your next mission, should you choose to accept it, is to get a jacket and tie policy enforced in any restaurant in your city. Good luck!
Another nice pic Pingson. I like the slightly off beat colour of your trousers there, not sure what that's called but a nice change from more traditional gray, charcoal, stone, putty etc. and pairs well with the jacket.
A picture's worh a thousand words. That navy suit with the waist shaping is one of Sugarbutch's best suits - it looks great on him and I think he outed himself on here as being somewhat vertically challenged - nowhere near six feet anyway.
You didn't ask me Rudals but I can tell you that it's complete bollocks.
As stated, in English English we would just say 'tie'. I guess Americans use 'neck tie' to remind them where it goes, the same way as they go horse 'back' riding - is there any other part of the horse you could ride? (Don't answer that Derek!) And the English flag is white with a Red Cross of St. George. You're welcome.
There's a simple solution to the rumpling on a ventless jacket - don't put your hands in your pockets! I remember as a boy my Mam telling me it was bad manners to do so and I still don't do it unless I'm fishing for coins or keys. The number of Oscar red carpet dinner suit pics ruined by blokes standing with their hands in their pockets was really jarring to me. I also hate to see people posing with hands in jacket pockets. Prince Charles does it all the time which...
Was anyone else hoping the 'oops' moment was going to be recounting of a follow-through incident, or was it just me?
It might be interesting for some people to adopt an I-tunes-esque tally of how often they wear certain items, which would be a bit more accurate than their brain's ability to remember / guess. This way they could see how much they spent and how much wear they get out of a certain item, and thus judge if it was worth it, if it needs replacing, if its lack of use merits flogging it on b and s etc.
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