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There needs to be a law to prevent you giving your kids a faux hawk. Any more of that and I'm reporting you to the CPS!
Looks like there's enough material in those trouser legs to have them recut into two pairs. Not a good look at all. Sorry.
Did you use Angel for the alterations? We're you happy with him and the service?
Doesn't 'sound' good, but pics for a proper critique.
Agreed. I've seen it done well and even tried it myself in the manner you suggest.The other side to this is an older gent I saw at the airport recently. Structured houndstooth sports jacket with padded shoulders. Shiny black polyester golf style polo shirt. Black trousers. Running shoes. I gave him the SF death stare of contempt for such an aberration!
Love this pic Erik. Nicely bridging the casual - formal divide. Some good pics of Pitti too. Well done!
No it's not its bloody ridiculous!
This was a look that was popular among the smarter skinheads / suede heads in England during the early to mid seventies. Usually a 'Crombie' (not a real one) very waisted Melton wool lightweight overcoat with ticket pocket and obligatory red spotted handkerchief in the breast pocket, worn with a Ben Sherman button down, sta prest or two tone strides, clip on braces, red socks. and brogues or doc marten shoes. I think it was a great look for the time but was definitely an...
The whole idea of white tie is that is SUPPOSED to be a uniform, with absolute minimum latitude for a personal spin. If you must put your own stamp on it, consider a red or white carnation.
As the title says. I heard this stuff is the dog's bollocks in suede protection (that means good!) but have never seen it over here. Would be interested to learn of any other members' experiences with it. I know there are other threads on suede protection with a variance of replies but haven't seen Crep mentioned on this board. Thoughts?
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