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I'm sure you're preaching to the choir with this, but i find it hilarious, not annoying at all, that you (and a few others) presuppose that when I get into these kind of debates I'm annoyed / angry / bitter. Nothing could be further from the truth. It's pictures. Of clothes. On the Internet. Funny how come no one questions my credibility to comment when I'm lashing out compliments, (much more common for me than otherwise) only when it's something critical. So whenever you...
You keep trotting this out from time to time and I'm sure its riotously funny in your head, but for your own benefit you really should just stop. It wasn't funny in the first place and each time you repeat it, it doesn't get any more amusing, you just make yourself look ever more tedious and dull. If a 'joke' doesn't work the first time, do you really think it gets better with repeated telling? You originally posted this because you took umbrage at a comment I made which...
Randolph Elote with clip on option. Loads of possibilities there. Get the photochromic lenses and use the darker clip on when driving.
Totally concurred Mr. E. this is a man who looks comfortable and relaxed in well fitting clothes, no need for 'look at me' gimmicks.
Horrible story TC but we live and learn. Glad you didn't get too much shaft but I think they are relying a lot on a reputation that is clearly not being met by customer service.
I had a jacket made elsewhere that didn't work out. Took it to NL first to see if they could get cloth to match and make adjustments. His assistant CJ first acted like he didn't want the business, told me to come back in a few weeks as he was going on holiday. Went back, ordered a swatch to see if matching cloth could be bought. Never heard anything. Went back, asked again, swatch ordered. Weeks later called, swatch was in. (They didn't call me!) Took jacket in, match is...
Would that be NL? He's a very nice fella but the front office customer service SUCKS with incompetence.If you are still in need of an alterations seamstress give the lovely Diana a try at Angel Tailors on the corner of Chimney Rock and Woodway (just next to the Houston Eye Associates). She is a wonderful lady so say hello from Ian if you go, she did great work for me, never objected to my requests and always did stuff on time, usually in less than a week. I really miss...
All three would be perfect for your admission interview for Clown College. Guaranteed to be accepted. None of them have any place on the back of a grown man with a modicum of taste, unless for a fancy dress party or a seat on the bus for the electric cool aid acid trip.
Not directed at anyone specifically but Jesus Christ there are some fragile fuckers around aren't there?
You choose to imply bitterness in my writing when I assure you there's none there. It's opinion, pure and simple, with which you can choose to agree or disagree, but without opinions there wouldn't be much point in message boards. Sure my 'tone' may come off as harsh sometimes, life would be boring if everyone spoke and wrote in the same tone.
New Posts  All Forums: