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We need some context Beach wedding? Church? Extinct volcano? Indoor / outdoor Why in the second photo have you buttoned the bottom button of the jacket? I hope you realise this is a Style Forum capital offence! My two cents - true navy is almost black and a bit dull to my eye, I would go with a lighter dark blue. Ask yourself what kind of wear you want to get from the suit after the wedding - high days and holy days only? Future weddings (not yours I hope) and funerals...
Great execution of 'northern lights' here. I also love the saturated colour of the shirt against the pale jacket, but seeing your close up I suspect that is a more true to life colour.
Bargain! Nice looking bit of kit there BD. Some purists might get snooty that it's 'just' a Seiko, but it does the job and is a very versatile style to boot.
Nice pieces here but everything looks too short.
Interesting, cheers fellas. I've seen those Loake Kemptons I think,suede chukkas with a dainite sole that look like a nice crap weather boot. I also do a pair of burgundy scotch grain chukkas in BB that would do nicely too. Clark's dessies are awful as the sole gives you zero traction.
You have an enviable collection of suedes there Cleav, how do you get on with the crappy English weather? Do you douse them in CREP or do you drive right into your work building and never have to deal with puddles?I swore off suede for years after being caught in the rain too many times, now I'm edging my way cautiously back in.
Concurred. Careful you don't outshine the groom CTP - he's gonna have to bring his A game to do better than this!
What a load of bollocks. If you could be bothered (I'm sure you can't) to divest yourself of some self-fulfilling prophesy you'd see that I praise a lot more pics than I criticise. There was even plenty of praise in my comment about AAS but your mind is already made up that I'm a troll filled with negativity so you chose to ignore it. Carry on.
It's your choice to continue to ignore me, or choose to believe that my comments bear no merit as I don't post pics myself, but I bet if you stripped away the artifice and got bare, naked honesty from the vast majority of regular and highly rated posters on SF most would agree with me, that when you keep thngs simple or limit yourself to ONE accent piece such as your beloved Black Watch blazer, you can mix it up among the best posters on this forum and since you admit to...
Well you could start by never wearing a scarlet red bow tie and burgundy socks.
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