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[[SPOILER]] Good looking DB there Mossie.I saw the weirdest thing the other day. In the airport there was a Delta pilot wearing a black DB blazer with gold buttons and rank braiding on the sleeves ... with a single centre vent. I didn't think such a thing existed, pretty sure I've only ever seen DBs as either ventless or double vented. He was wearing it unbuttoned so couldn't evaluate fit but I can't imagine that this could look good on anyone.
I would hazard a guess that SF is pretty much unanimous in its condemnation of bicycle toed shoes. Some of the SF 'rules' are baloney, but this is on with which I heartily agree. Like Hugh above there says, I too have never seen one shoe of this style that I liked, and I struggle to imagine why they were invented and who would buy them as they really aren't flattering at all. Sorry!
I like that wide-spaced pinstripe suit Cleav. You've inspired me to give it a go with my navy pinstripe and black Chelseas, unfortunately my suit has the stripes spaced much more narrowly which looks a bit more routine than yours.
Exactly! I hate this shit. Look at me pretending I don't care. Studied nonchalance = oxymoron!
Ah but that doesn't seem very Oxford Don-ish!
Why? Just because one CAN, doesn't mean one SHOULD.
@ IMG you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. What you are proposing sounds like some noobs who come on this board and buy a poorly fitting jacket from a thrift shop or eBay thinking they've got a huge bargain but even after money spent on alterations it's still not right, but they hang on to it cos it was such a bargain. That trilby is way below the standard you have set yourself for your other lids (and I'm not gonna get into the other soggy thing you bought...
I love the colour and overcheck pattern on your jacket Don. I wonder if there are others who, like me, scrolled down and were a little disappointed that it wasn't a full suit?
We need some context Beach wedding? Church? Extinct volcano? Indoor / outdoor Why in the second photo have you buttoned the bottom button of the jacket? I hope you realise this is a Style Forum capital offence! My two cents - true navy is almost black and a bit dull to my eye, I would go with a lighter dark blue. Ask yourself what kind of wear you want to get from the suit after the wedding - high days and holy days only? Future weddings (not yours I hope) and funerals...
Great execution of 'northern lights' here. I also love the saturated colour of the shirt against the pale jacket, but seeing your close up I suspect that is a more true to life colour.
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