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+1 to all this, square / squares is/are horrendous (are you wearing two?), the rest is good.
Pliny and Pingson - excellent pics. Arglist - like the colours, trousers fell a bit weird there, especially in the first pic, might just be the pose.
Interesting.I posted earlier in this thread and somehow the post vanished. I was objecting to the inferred hierarchy in formality between jodhpurs and Chelsea's, as unless someone is paying close attention they look very similar from ten feet away. Jodhpurs being less common and thus more 'exclusive' I would suggest if any difference does exist that they are slightly the more formal.
They had the ability to manufacture nylon / elastic gussets in Victorian times?
Just playing Devil's advocate here Mimo, what do you think of NOBD? IMO he does an exemplary version of jeans and a sport jacket. Do you see anything to admire in his pics or do you maintain your position thta he would still look better in coloured twill strides rather than blu jeans?
A lot of people back home refer to this look as 'The Clarkson' named after Jeremy C of Top gear.And the reference seems to be more one of disdain than admiration, as he seems to be regarded generally as an obnoxious gobshite (= blowhard in US English) so his dress sense is as unpopular as his personality.
... and loafers?I'm not sure if I agree fully with your treatise PB, may take a moment to digest it all, but I certainly admire you for taking a forthright stance, especially on an issue which may run counter to the general consensus. I'm sick of seeing fawning praise for marginal outfits, we need more people to take a stand on issues they believe in or this board will continue on the road of back slapping concurrence toward further mediocrity. (Still some decent pics...
Love that suit Timo. Looked on SS website and the one I see is described as 'brown'. Not sure if that's exactly yours but yours looks gray to me not brown. Anyway, excellent fit. Did you go with black leather shoes or snuff suede? I reckon either would work.
Yeah so?Despite what men's magazines may tell you, there's always something of a trade-off between comfort and style, otherwise we'd all wear nothing else but plush onesies and Uggs.
New Posts  All Forums: