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They've at least put him on a one-button jacket this time, so he doesn't have to get confused over which one to fasten like before.
Aesthetically there's not much in it, go with your preference. Reliability / quality wise, I have a sporty Victorinox weekend beater which is a couple of years old and doing fine.I have no personal experience with Hamiltons but I understand that they have a good reputation Mechanism - If the Victorinox is a wind-up, that might be a deal breaker as I personally couldn't be chewed to remember to wind it up every day. And to the point above ... Black is a neutral colour...
Yeah great looking B3 there. Don't like the business-y shirt with it, should be more dressed down IMO.
This theme has come up a few times before. Its an interesting question and the general consensus (of which I too have been guilty) is that the biggest mistake is rushing out and buying too much too soon. People think they have reached some sort of end point in acquiring their sartorial knowledge and taste, and that they're ready to charge off into the mall or e-shop and load up on a load of swag. In time they often realise that their judgement was off, and as tastes (and...
I like 'em too BTW.
I stand to be corrected but I think they're C and J?
Consensus? On the SF? Are you mad? Looks awful without a tie but in the interests of full disclosure I don't think they look good with a tie either. Moderate spread is the best of all worlds both with and without a tie unless you go button down and tieless.
Coxie that's two very high quality outfits within four hours or so - did you run home and change at lunch time? Like the use of Chelseas in the second one - great choice.
I really like e shirt - unconventional of course - but makes a pleasant change from the usual,business light blues, and serves to 'tame' some of the flashier aspects of the ensemble.
I used to think a lot of your outfits were just too far out there SS, but more recently you seem to have retained your personal flair but with a little more restraint than in days of yore, and the result is a great balance of unique style which still has a bit of flash - certainly not CBD - but much more cohesive within a theme. And you're wearing socks too! Bravo!
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