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I like 'em too BTW.
I stand to be corrected but I think they're C and J?
Consensus? On the SF? Are you mad? Looks awful without a tie but in the interests of full disclosure I don't think they look good with a tie either. Moderate spread is the best of all worlds both with and without a tie unless you go button down and tieless.
Coxie that's two very high quality outfits within four hours or so - did you run home and change at lunch time? Like the use of Chelseas in the second one - great choice.
Somehow I ended up with two shantung burgundy-navy striped ties as pictured above, so if anyone wants to make me an offer please PM me, (with apologies if this is poor etiquette hijacking Conrad's thread, just trying to help out anyone needing one, I don't plan to make a habit of this!). It really is a beautiful tie!
I really like e shirt - unconventional of course - but makes a pleasant change from the usual,business light blues, and serves to 'tame' some of the flashier aspects of the ensemble.
I used to think a lot of your outfits were just too far out there SS, but more recently you seem to have retained your personal flair but with a little more restraint than in days of yore, and the result is a great balance of unique style which still has a bit of flash - certainly not CBD - but much more cohesive within a theme. And you're wearing socks too! Bravo!
The way you always contrive to,stick your elbows out does you no favours in presenting your pften very nice suits. Betel shows here that the dreaded robopose can be photographed in such a way to show off his excellent outfit optimally, and he actually looks more natural in this pic than you usually do in yours. All IMO as usual, take it or leave it.
Not so much 'hate' for centre vents from me Coxie, just surprise to see one on a DB, although judging by the other responses maybe they aren't as rare as I'd thought. I'll keep my eyes peeled for further examples in the real world.@ Anden I really like your 'low contrast' pic, (and the navy on navy from the other day too) - you have a good habit of putting together well fitting items that aren't screaming for attention but make for a very cohesive fit.
[[SPOILER]] Good looking DB there Mossie.I saw the weirdest thing the other day. In the airport there was a Delta pilot wearing a black DB blazer with gold buttons and rank braiding on the sleeves ... with a single centre vent. I didn't think such a thing existed, pretty sure I've only ever seen DBs as either ventless or double vented. He was wearing it unbuttoned so couldn't evaluate fit but I can't imagine that this could look good on anyone.
New Posts  All Forums: