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That would be my guess too. If you look closely you can see Jimmy Cooper shuffling up the beach next to the pier!Edit: Aha! I was right! Check out the Bell Boy, he might look familiar.Is that Jump The Gun? I've had some stuff from there. Adam is a great bloke.
Maybe its my monitor, maybe its my 'special eyes', but I don't see any yellow at all in Holdfast's tie.
... and shoes too I hope.Interesting fit today and a bit of a departure from the norm for you. Reminds me of a Betelgeuse-ish kinda outfit, which of course is no bad thing!
May I ask which church/ denomination imposes or infers such restrictive rules of dress?The church I grew up in used to be somewhat conservative but attendance is so low these days I think they'd be happy if people came in wearing flip flops and depends, just as long as they came at all.
I'm pretty sure both Butch and I were referring to pics posted right above our comments, by AAS. (I know I was !)I had to go looking for your pics which are two pages back, so why would you think we were on about you?
Also a Hollywood waist innit? I've seen pics of Sinatra et al wearing such trousers. I had a pair in the eighties in heavy gaberdine with pleats that were meant to be worn with both belt and button on braces. I realise this is frowned upon almost universally these days, but in my defence ... well, it was the eighties!
Exactly my thoughts Butch.
Don't trust manufacturers, shops or magazines to get terminology right. I have a book from Nordstroms which considers the gorge of a jacket to be the buttoning point. And I'm sick to death of seeing just about every garment worn for inclement weather, including a pullover cagoule with a hood, referred to as a 'trench'.
Me personally, I would never wear any knitwear under a suit ever, partly cos I live in a hot place, partly cos I hardly own any knitwear and partly cos my name is not Cyril Figgis. But as HF demonstrated with his later photo, although I'm not a fan, his roll neck works much better than the grandad shirt.@HF I have NEVER seen a band collar shirt at a wedding. On the odd occasion I see one worn formally, like Samuel L Jackson with a black version and black tie at the oscars,...
Sorry HF, but no. It's completely at odds wi the formality level of a navy DB suit. Not even sure why you would try this, the likelihood for success was slim to none at the concept stage.
New Posts  All Forums: